Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Closures to salmon fishing pools on the Miramichi

Atlantic Salmon Fishing on the Miramichi River for the second year in a row gets hit with hot weather and closures to salmon fishing pools. 

Yesterday Wednesday July 17, Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) announced the closures of certain stretches of the Miramichi River system until river levels raise and cool down. This includes all types of species of fish by certain method. 

I am sure these decisions are thought over very well but closing it may not be the answer. It is too hot to be fishing though that's a fact for sure, with water temperatures from 74 to 83 (F) at times. But most places that get closed are cold water pools or brooks that are well watched over and protected very good by guides, anglers and lodges.  Many include using smaller leaders and barb-less hooks, that do attempt fishing in this heat and only in early mornings, let alone using only dry flies. Now those stretches will not be patrolled by these resources and unprotected when DFO is not around. Its a tough decision for DFO to close the river and is a hard decision to make. 

Closing the river down causes loss of work for many as well. Many people on the Miramichi river hurt from this and having it unprotected is hurting their livelihood. Fly shops, guides, lodges, grocery stores, restaurants, chefs and cooks are all effected by closing it down, not only the angler.

 Wilsons Sporting Camps said the water is still a good height but becoming very warm. Fish are all in the cold water this week and we are hooking no fish at this point. Even though salmon usually do not take a fly in this weather it is important to remain vigilant in your practice of safe fishing , hooking and releasing salmon. Wilson’s promotes very small flies and especially light leaders so one can break the fish off quickly. Please support conservation and poacher patrol by keeping our river open to angling even though we will not likely hook any salmon for the next few days. Even if the salmon will not take a fly under these conditions there are many of us that depend on still being able to go to work each day.

The Ledges Inn in Doaktown said fishing is slow and water is very warm. We have fish holding in our cold water pools. We are fishing very early mornings and late evenings weather and temperatures permitting. We landed a few fish the past week but only early mornings on small flies. A few grilse were landed by Sylvie Malo-Clark using a smurf and one of her husbands Burdock patterns. Dr. Scott Boley landed 3 fish the last on Blue Bomber, Black bug and a B.H Special. George Fraser landed a 14lber on a green machine, David Wilson landed a few grilse. Al Putman landed a few salmon at Mountain Channel. Jason White and Danny Bartlett landed a salmon and grilse on a WT Green machine. 
George Fraser

Nora Fraser 

Guide Chris Edmonds of Miramichi Fish And Game Club of the North West said river conditions were very warm and was looking like it would hit the low 80's again on Tuesday. Angler's were hooking a few fish on purple bombers. 

Byron Coughlan of Country Haven Lodge said fishing was very slow and only hooking a few fish in the mornings and a few in cold water pools. They were hooking a few on the lower stretch of the Cains River too. Flies of choice were mostly bombers on light leaders. 

Sean Dolan said hey Rodney. Enjoy reading your fishing reports every week. Hooked this bright salmon on a tributary of the Miramichi. Hooked on a brown bug with natural deer tail fished dry #6. 
Sean Dolan

Sean Dolan with same fish

Dry Fly Bug #6

Well fishing will be slow for another week or so but cooler temperatures are in the forecast with some rain. So lets hope we get it for the fish and all you anglers that enjoy fly fishing.
I will keep you posted on my blog on the river conditions. 

Until next time keep your feet wet and your reels screaming on the River.

Rodney Colford

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