Monday, September 28, 2009

River Starting To Raise on Miramichi

Colfords Miramichi Fishing Reports from the South West Miramichi River. The last few days had been good fishing.

With the very cold nights and heavy frost made it very cold for fishing and put the temperature of the water at a low 51F. Also with the heavy rains last night and today that struck the Miramichi NB area it has the water starting to color and raise before dark tonight.

Saturday I fished with David Jap of Germany and we landed a grilse on a brown bomber with orange hackle. Sunday I fished with David and Christian Stathas of NY which Christian landed 2 salmon and lost another, while David landed a salmon and lost another. These fish were hooked on green machines with white tails. Monday we lost 1 salmon with 1 jump on a tube fly called a willy gun, and had 4 more good hits on other types of tube patterns.

My father gary Colford was fishing the Cains the last few days and landed 1 salmon at Moores pool about 14 pounds on a under taker.

These is a photo of Pete Mountain fishing the Nash Bar.

This is a photo of the cast before darkness setting in tonight at the Nash Bar where the fishing had been great the last couple days.

This is a photo of the Cains River a couple days ago and David Jap doing a snake roll. David is only new to Salmon fishing and doing very well for his 2nd year at it.

The Weather the next few days is rain for Tuesday afternoon and more close to the weekend. we were looking for rain so please do not complain. Lets hope some more new fish will come in on the rise of water or the full moon. Also the highs for the Miramichi area are from 11C to 17C the next 6 days.

Tight Lines,
Rodney Colford