Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Several fish in the system

Your Miramichi river report for the past week has had some ups and downs but there are several fish in the system to fish for if you decide to get out on the river.

Starting in the Quarryville area with Goerge Rutledge’s Fly Shop. George said fishing was slow except for a few guys hooking fish in early mornings. He also said this rain should pick things up again.

In the Blackville area at Curtis River Outfitters shop said fishing was average for this time of year and with the heavy rain yesterday it should start getting good again. Canoeing was very good last week and there are always extra canoes for rent.

Mountain Channel was still hooking fish in the mornings but only a few fish were running through.

Country Haven Fishing Lodge was hooking fish everyday in some of their pools. They were also doing well on the Cains River and Renous River.

Pool 66 near Black Brook Pool was fishing very well all week and yesterday in the rain it was fishing extremely well as many huge salmon were taking the fly. Danny Munn of Doaktown landed 2 salmon and a grilse by 10:00 am yesterday on a few of my bombers. My son Zach lost 3 on brown bombers and saw many more fish.

The Bridge Pool in Upper Blackville was fishing in the early mornings and the fly of choice was a green butt moose hair.

In the Doaktown area at the Ledges Inn fishing has been very good the past week in early mornings. Head Guide Derek Munn said the fish were getting more selective in the low water. Derek fished the past couple of weeks with Dr. Scott Boley and his wife Sanda (Sonny) Boley from the Bronx, NY. Dr. Boley said he fished here the past 53 years and can’t remember ever seeing so many fish. Scott told me he was to Russia several times and nothing compares to the Miramichi. Scott and his wife hooked over a hundred fish in 18 days fishing at the Ledges Inn with Derek.

The past week we had some very hot conditions at the Ledges Inn. We decided to take advantage of the cooler mornings and very late evenings. Most mornings we hooked or rolled fish, Andrew Anthony, Lloyd Lyons and I rotated the pools and many mornings we hooked up with our clients.

The River conditions were from 61 (F) in the cold water pools to 76 (F) in the late afternoon in the hot days. Now since the rain yesterday the water is starting to rise and fish are starting to take the flies. Last night the river temperatures were in the low 60’s (F). This rain is a great boost for the month of August. I have seen there be sensational fishing from the rains in August so get out on the river this August or call and we’ll see if we can take you out on the river.

Mathew Doak of Doaks Fly Shop said there were fish taking the regular flies like the green machines and shady ladies.

Cains River is still fishing very well for some anglers. Gary Colford hooked several fish this week at the Brophy Pool and Moores Pool. Tom LeBlanc of Moncton fished the Sabbies Yesterday on the Cains and had no luck. He then went to the Main Miramichi where he hooked a few salmon. Glen Keenan hooked a nice salmon on the Miramichi on one of my bombers.

Flies to take with you that worked the past week are Green Machines, Undertakers, Shady Ladies, and bombers. I also fished the Mighty Quinn, a fly I got from Ralph Goodwin of Minto, NB. Ralph has a Fly Shop there where he carries several fly fishing and spin casting gear. So if you’re in route for the Miramichi drop in and see Ralph at his shop. You can check out my photos of the past weeks fishing or send me your photos and I will add them to my Blog at

For another week on the Miramichi keep your lines tight and your reels screeching until next time.