Friday, October 24, 2008

2008 Atlantic Salmon Season Finished

Fishing report for the Main South West Miramichi River and Tributaries by Guide Rodney Colford for Oct 24th 2008. The fishing season is done for another year and anglers are hanging there rods up until the spring. The last couple days on the Cain's it was good and bad. Joel Kitchen landed 3 at Moores Pool and grandsons Adam and Joel had fish take there fly. The last day they did not hook up at all. Lower on the Cain's at Salmon Brook the last day just before dark Jay Earl of Fredericton had this to add.

Hi Rodney,
I did get out last night for an hour to close out the year. I went to Salmon Brook pool on the lower Cain's and when I walked down to the pool there was one guy there, as I approached I saw that his line was moving and I asked if he had a fish on. He said he had a big one on. I helped him out landing it and took some photo's for him. By the time we got this monster in it was pretty dark. Take a look this fish was about 40in long and very fat, Mark Steve's from Moncton is the guy who hooked and landed it. Jay.

With the fishing done and all the boats, motors, benches and gear put away for another season I would like to thank all the Anglers, Clients and Friends that took the time to read my reports for the season. I am looking forward to next season to help put the reports for the Miramichi River Reports and Tributaries to another level to help all Anglers with the best reports on the river they can receive. I am in the process of developing a new web site and will have it posted here during the winter or sooner. Until then I will be doing reports on this blog. I am in the works upgrading our Lodge at Hogan's Pool for more better service for our clients. I will have photo's of the Lodges in future post to come. Here is a few photo's of some fall fish below.

Thank you,
Guides Rodney and Gary Colford
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fishing on the Cain's River still going good.

Fishing report for the Main South West Miramichi River and Tributaries by Guide Rodney Colford for Oct 18th 2008. Fishing on the Cain’s River yesterday was great, I landed a small salmon about 7 lb’s and lost a grilse in the rocky section of Moore’s Pool. We saw a lot of fish moving but again they were dark in color. The water temperature was 46F with the water being clear. There were a few angler’s fishing and other’s were seeing fish at different places on the River.

I have some picture’s of last weeks fish we caught at Moore’s Pool by Bill Moore’s group. Ron Falusy’s big fish at 46 inches, Bill Moore’s fish and a grilse. Guides Gary and Rodney Colford and photo’s were taken by Barry Holst of Bill’s group.

Tight Lines,
Rodney Colford
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Angler's still enjoying the extra fishing on the Cain's.

Fishing report for the Main South West Miramichi River and Tributaries by Guide Rodney Colford. With the season ending on the Main South West Miramichi yesterday we still are enjoying the extra fishing time on its tributary river the Cain's. The last couple days were very good fishing with several fish showing on the Cain's River. At the mouth of Sabbies River, reports of several fish were jumping all through the pool yesterday. At the Six Mile Pool some fish were seen jumping as well.

I was fishing Hanna's Bend for a couple days and saw several fish, only rolled a few and they hit short to the fly. Christeanne Gervin of Seattle Washington landed a 10lb and a 15lb salmon on Tuesday using a glitter bear and a same-thing-murray. Christian Stathis of NY had no luck the last couple days and was hammered fishing by his fiancĂ©e Christeanne. Peter Beresford of Moncton rolled a few at Moore’s Pool but had no hook ups.
The water temperature was 46F in the morning and 51F by the evening. Most fish we were getting were old fish that have been holding or moving from pool to pool. We have been getting some brookies from 8 to 12 inches. I have no reports of any new fish (salmon) to date. I will be posting some pictures of the big fish that Ron Falausy landed at Moore’s Pool last week when I receive them.
Tight Lines for today,
Rodney Colford
Phone: 506 843 6031

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall pattern's working on the Cain's River

River Report for October 13th 2008 by Guide Rodney Colford. The fishing for yesterday the 12th was a little slow for us on the main SW Miramichi in the morning. We canoed up to Turtle Island and fished our way back to the Lodge by 2:00PM. The canoe trip was great but the fishing was very slow. We fished several pools back to camp and saw a few salmon at the Sweat Pool, Pool 66 and the secret pool? Guide Gary Colford fished the Cain’s and managed to hook up with a grilse using a Marabou Pattern. There were a lot of fish showing in the pool at Moore’s. As the evening fishing approached we decided to head back to the Cain’s again. I tied up a GP on a #2 partridge hook, and some crystal flash and monofilament eyes. And did it work? Yes, the first trip down the pool Christian Stathis landed a beautiful grilse and rolled two more. Guide Gary Colford and Bill Moore landed two more using the Marabou Pattern at Moore’s Pool.
Today the 13th we fished the Cain’s all day and landed a grilse at Hanna’s bend. Joel Kitchen was using a LT Special #1/0 hook. Bill Moore landed a grilse using a Marabou at Moore's Pool. We saw a lot of fish at Moore's Pool and only 6 at Hanna's Bend. The water temperature was 52F this morning and the baromtetric pressure was holding steady. The Cain's is still falling a couple inches a day and the Miramichi is dropping 5 or 6 inches or better a day. The water is clear on both rivers. All for today.
Tight Lines Rodney Colford

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fish taking a rookies fly! on the Miramichi

Fishing report for the Main South West Miramichi River and Tributaries by Rodney Colford. With the season winding down for the Atlantic salmon season on the Miramichi there are great signs of fish still in the system. Last night a rookie to Atlantic salmon fishing Christiana 28 from NY landed a 18 to 20lb female salmon on a LT Special. It took her almost 35 minutes to land this fish in the fast water. She was using my 15 foot Loop Classic Spey Rod and a Snow Bee line, it really helped her to get a few extra feet in her cast with the wind and get that great salmon on the fly. I have it all on video and pictures of the fish jumping until the time it was netted. This morning on the same pool we had two takes but either stayed on. Also on the Cain’s River this morning Guide Gary Colford sports lost 2 salmon at Moore’s pool.

This report from a friend of mine that fished the Cain’s a couple nights ago, Jay Earle.
I fished the Cain’s up above the 123 bridge yesterday evening.
According to the local guys there were a number of fish hooked in the morning and afternoon
I hooked and lost two while my buddy hooked and landed a grilse.
The fish were taking small dark flies, right at dusk.
Headed home in the dark.
Tight Lines from Rodney Colford

Friday, October 10, 2008

Huge Atlantic Salmon on the Cain's River

Fly fishing report for the Miramichi & Cain’s River by Guide Rodney Colford.

Fishing on the Cain's River again this morning and had very good results. Ron Falausy of Pennsylvania landed a grilse covered in sea lice, then tightened on another that looked to be a grilse and then he hooked this whale of a salmon 46 inches long! I estimated it to be around 35lb’s. It was a huge female salmon. We have pictures of the salmon and I will post them in the next day or so.

Bill Moore hooked a grilse this morning as well about at noon.
Guide Gary Colford and sport Jim Messel landed a salmon on a lT Special.
Flies this morning were GP’S and LT Special‘s. A lot of fish were showing this morning on the Cain’s River. The water temperature was 49 F and it was a very sunny morning. The barometric pressure was rising all morning as well.

I checked a few pools on the lower stretches of the main Miramichi and it looked very fishable! We also saw some in the pools we were at. I hope they take tonight?

Tight Lines,
Rodney Colford
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fishing still good on the Cain's

On the Miramichi River for Colfords Guiding Services, Report by guide Rodney Colford. Still fishing the Cain's River with very good results. Guide Gary Colford sports landed a couple this morning. Jim Messel landed a salmon and rolled a couple more. Christian Staffas landed a grilse on a LT special on the Cain's as well. Guide Rodney Colford sports landed a 8 lb salmon on the Cain's and lost another using a GP #2 single. This evening sport Bill Moore lost a huge salmon 20 pounds or more and still growing!! Ha! He was using a GP again. Guide Gary Colfords sports Christian Staffas landed a grilse & salmon on the Cain's this evening again using the LT special. Jim Messel rolled one twice but could not get it to take.

The water temperature on the Cain's River was 45 F this morning and still only 47 F tonight. The water was clear today but very black in color. The water level is very good on the Cain's and there are fish showing in most pools up and down the river. The barometric pressure was dropping all day and stayed damp on the Miramichi area. Reports for the main SW Miramichi River are still slow in most of our pools with very few fish being hooked or seen. maybe tomorrow with a little more drop in water over night?

Tight Lines for today,
Guide Rodney Colford
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October fishing proving good for the Cain's

Miramichi Fishing Report by Guide Rodney Colford. Fishing on the Cain's has been very good on the lower stretches of the river. This morning we landed 5 fish, 2 salmon and 3 grilse. Flies were LT special #1/0, big flies. The water temperature was 47 F this morning, also it was very chilly after having a frost. But the warm fire by the shore was perfect after releasing a salmon back. Last night before dark we managed to hook up with 3 more fish, 1 salmon 2 grilse. Also another report on the Cain’s from Vaughn Anthony is the green slime worked well for him this morning hooking 5 fish. We also noticed that there was very few fish showing and only seeing them after they take. Nothing wrong with that I guess?

Back later, Tight Lines,
Rodney Colford

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Orange Flies worked on the Cain's

Fishing today on the Cain’s was outstanding! Guides Rodney & Gary Colford got into 4 fish this morning and had a 16 inch trout at Moore’s Pool. We also had several others take the fly but only bumped and was gone. The fly was a orange blossom special. One of the salmon caught was a 14 lb hen covered with sea lice fresh from the bay.

The water temperature was 45 F and was very clear. The winds picked up and made it very cool for the most part of the morning. So our fire made it very cozy to get warmed up by.

The main SW Miramichi River was slow today by the mouth of Cain’s. Still very high for this stretch of the river. Pool 66 was not producing any fish nor even seeing any. I think the fish are moving through very fast in this high water we have and when you get them up the Cain’s as far as we are with sea lice they must be moving through very quickly.

That’s all for now, I will try to report back this evening with the evening’s report.

Tight Lines,
Guide Rodney Colford

Monday, October 6, 2008

Atlantic Salmon takes on the Cain's

The Miramichi River Report for the 6th of Oct. It was a cool day on the river with sunny periods for the most part. The air temperature is 9 C. The water temperature is 47 F. There is a high tide tonight at 11:13 PM and is 1.35 meters high. The water was very clear today but with the normal dark color it looks dirty if you do not look closely.

Now for the fishing today! The Cain’s was fishing very well today at Moore’s Pool for the Colford’s with 6 fish hooked and 5 landed by noon. Then I hooked another at 3:30 on a undertaker #8 double. It was around 7 lbs male. We saw several fish jumping today so maybe they are starting to move up river a bit. The water was down by another foot on the Cain’s but is still very high for most pools in the lower stretches of the river. The Miramichi dropped a foot or so as well but I have no reports from the river as how the fishing was today. Then just before dark this evening Guide Gary Colford landed a 25 pound salmon in the middle of the Moore's Pool.

For guide Rodney Colford tight lines for today.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Miramichi Fishing Report

South West Miramichi River Report by Rodney Colford. Fishing today was slow for the Cains River area with guide Gary Colford landing a salmon and raising a couple more on a small black fly. On the Miramichi today Wintson Gilks of Blissfield landed a couple salmon trolling with a sinking line.The water level is still very high but with the cool nights we should see a fast drop in the levels. Last night and today we saw a drop of about 3 feet. The water looks very clear and anglers should start picking up more fish in the next few days. And with no rain in the forecast the season should be looking very good for the end of the 2008 season.