Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Miramichi river goes into the alders

Heavy rains put the rivers on the Miramichi up into the alders as lots of debris and dirt was flowing down stream for the a few days over the past week. Since the heavy rains, conditions on the Miramichi and tributaries have got much better and some pools may be fish-able by weekend or before. Bright Salmon are also on the move, on the North West Miramichi and a few reports on the South West Miramichi. Though the majority of salmon landed have been on the North West Miramichi River which is usually the start to the run.

SW Miramichi, mouth of Cains River a couple days ago
The lower stretch of the Main SW Miramichi River is still very high with very few wading pools available. Boat fishing would be best to try and corner a salmon into taking your fly. The Blissfield / Doaktown area should be fish-able by the weekend for wading, but be careful just the same. Boat fishing in this area would still be good. The Upper stretch of the river should be very good and may have a few trout around as many would have high tailed upstream in this high water by now.

SW Miramichi looking at Doctors Island a couple days ago
Cains River is still very high as reports have many canoe runs set for this weekend on the Cains. It should be a great weekend for not dragging on the rocks for the canoers sailing the Cains but for the trout fishing it could be tough. The river conditions are also very clear with temperatures in the low 50's (F).

The Bartholomew River should be great for canoeing this weekend and should have some good runs of trout up in the higher part of the river.

Renous River was very high but has dropped down very good and should be very fish-able by the weekend.

The Lower stretch of the North West Miramichi is still very active with Stripe Bass as their spawning started last week. Many anglers were landing 40 to 60 fish per boat and some with numbers over 100 per rod, quite amazing. And while fishermen were landing Stripers a few fly fishermen starting hooking bright salmon and the odd grilse. Early for grilse but there was one caught on the NW Miramichi River. Yesterday a 43 inch salmon was landed by Andrew Cowen. Andrew had the measurement while at Trout Brook Fly Shop and Sydney Matchette said by the chart estimate it would weigh around 28lb. Way to go Andrew with an amazing catch.

Travis Quigley North West Miramichi May 24
Sydney also said fishing was starting to look better as a few pools were very fish-able. The river should be at a level by the weekend or before to get anglers back on the water. The Sevolgle and Little South West Rivers is still a little early and a bit high for fishing. The North West Miramichi has about 12 to 15 salmon landed for the start of the bright's this late May.

Greg Amos North West Miramichi May 24
Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters said its been a slow week for anglers as conditions on the SW Miramichi was to high to be on the water. Conditions should be better by the weekend. The shop is also having give-aways all summer long. Items from fly boxes to rods and reels. So stop in and enter for a chance to win.

Jerry Doak of W.W.Doaks and Sons Ltd. in Doaktown said angling was slow and not many fishermen fishing. He said he saw many boats on the river boating but not much sign of fishing. He said their would have to be a few salmon sneaking by in this high water. Jerry said fishing should start to pick up by the weekend. Doaks fly shop has Sage, Hardy, Orvis, Simms Gear and much more to choose from.

Tyler StoreysThe Glitter Tot

Last weekend I attended the Miramichi Fly Fishing Show in Miramichi. This show was to help raise money for youth fly fishing programs that have started in our schools. They had a very good student turnout and was it ever fun to watch the kids from all ages participate in fly casting, archery and fly tying. Ashley Hallihan is the guy that made this all happen and a big thank you for a job well done to him and his crew for putting on a great show for our kids. For more information on these outdoor pursuits contact Ashley Hallihan.

And if your fishing the Miramichi this weekend and catch your limit of fish, head out too the Tall Ships in Miramichi City. Miramichi will be the only Maritime port for the ships this year, so you will not want to miss them. May 31st to June 2nd you can see the beautiful sailing ships.

I can tell you what flies were used this past week but the easier way to tell you is. What should you have for flies on the Miramichi fishing. Well last week the majority of fish were taken on a green machine. So put a green machine on with a white tail, perhaps a bigger one in this higher water, number 4 or 2 will work. And for that second fly make sure you have another white tail green machine for a spare, that's just how good they are on the Miramichi River.

Until next week Tight Lines for now Rodney Colford