Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Still lots of fish in the Miramichi system

With another week of salmon fishing in the wind, there are still plenty of fish in the river. And speaking of the wind, there was a bit of it the past weekend on the river. The high winds made it tremendously cold on the water as our finger tips and guides on the rod were freezing up a few mornings, and so was the Guide. Minus temperatures made slow starts to the mornings and long days on the water except the fish still kept taking the fly and kept us enjoying the cold temperatures, even though it was cold.

 Many fishermen are still having tight lines up river on the Main SW Miramichi and still seeing lots of fish. Anglers were also seeing and hooking lots of fish on the North West Miramichi river too. Chris Edmonds of Miramichi said his fishing was good for trout this week as he released several and landed a few salmon on the North West and Main SW Miramichi Rivers.

Water temperatures were around the 5 degree C mark (41 F) which is still very cold and may be why the fish are still holding in the river according to Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn in Doaktown.

 Many anglers I have talked to are still catching fish in the upper parts of the river. I fished up in the Blissfield area and Upper Blackville area and saw and hooked several fish the past week. Monday evening there was a bit of a hatch on the water and there were trout, grilse and salmon (one massive salmon that came up and took a May Fly I was watching as it was floating) taking flies off the top of the water as cold as it was. And to a dry fly fisherman it can really get the blood flowing when you see that happen for the first time of the season.  Most days we are hooking our fish on a cast and then there is days that it's just the opposite by trolling. Even though it's much more fun and more challenging by the cast to hook a salmon, that long line seems to get there attention as it swings across the current and tightens with a thud as it hit the fly.

Guides from Country Haven Lodge on the lower stretch of the Miramichi river on Tuesday said fishing was slow and was not seeing much.

Keith Wilson of Wilson Sporting Camps said the water cleared up and was dropping good and still at a very good depth for salmon fishing with still lots of fish in the area. He said it was windy the past weekend but fishing was still very good despite the bad weather. He said they are still hooking a lot of big salmon and on many different fly patterns.

Trout season opened Tuesday May 1st and many trout fishermen were ready to get at it. I saw a few nice trout caught from 12 to 16 inches over the past week so there are trout in the system.

There have been many talks this week about how one should release your fish. I always tell my guest to hold the fish as close to the water as possible with one hand under the front part of his belly and the other by the tail. Please to not hold them by the tail only as it can damage the fishes spin. Get your photo and release the fish as soon as it is ready to go with his head facing up river against the current, which this time of year they don't waste much time swimming off.
 Having a good net with a soft mesh is another safe way to release your catch. Many fishermen still use the old nylon nets which can really take the scales off the fish. Please be as careful as you can or get the fish as close to you and just grab the hook and release him. The hooks come out very easy this way with the barbs being pinched. Just a little tip to help you on the water. Many of the shops below carry the soft mesh nets or the mesh to replace the nylon net.

With lots of fish still in the rivers why not get out again for another weekend and enjoy a few tight lines on the water. Give your local Fly Shops a call at W.W Doaks in Doaktown for reports or some of the best gear on the market today. Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters in Blackville which has a sale on this week with very good deals on Loomis Jackets and great reports of the lower section of the Miramichi. On the North West stop and check out Trout Brook Fly Shop where there always on top of the river conditions and have salmon and trout supplies for your every needs. And Miramichi City Surplus highway 108 Derby Junction has super deals on salmon, trout gear and clothing and can give you very good reports for the tide waters in the area. And one could never forget to stop in and have a chat with George Routledge in Renous which has the best reports for the Quarryville area of the river. George has everything from hooks to waders so check him out in the area.

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May your lines be tight and your reels be screeching on the Miramichi.