Tackle Advice


One hand rods
8’6” to 9’ 6” rods for 8-9 weight lines is the standard fly rod on the Miramichi system.

Spey rods
12’to 15’ for 8 to 12 weight lines are also useful on some pools or wider parts of the river.

8 to 9 weight – Read more

Dry Fly Fishing for Atlantic Salmon
Dry fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon can produce large salmon. Dry flies work when the water is clear, usually low water. The Bomber is without question the most popular dry fly. Made from clipped deer hair, they float persistently.However, when the water becomes cold, 55 degrees or less, this dry fly has very little effect on the salmon at that temperature.

Bombers were developed in the 1960s for use on New Brunswick River and popularized by the late Reverend Elmer Smith. The usual practice is to fish Bombers dry (dead drift) or sometimes dragging (with a fast skittering motion).