Thursday, June 28, 2012

High Water on the Miramichi

What a change from last week on the Miramichi River as we went from low and very warm water levels to high spring like levels. River temperatures have reduced and is now in the lower 60 degree levels which is much better for the fishing. River had stayed very clear with the raise in water and fishing conditions improved a little for the better.

Mack Giffin just ten minutes ago (Wednesday) at Kelly's pool with guide Rodney Colford of the Ledges Inn. The grilse was covered in sea lice and landed on a grey marabou pattern.
There have been a few anglers hooking up on different stretches of the river from Quarryville to Boistown. Scott Cormier landed a nice salmon on the lower stretch of the River on a green machine pattern and also a 24 inch grilse. Peter Squires landed a couple nice salmon and his buddy a grilse.

The Ledges Inn said they are finally getting the much needed rain we all have been praying for. Salmon fishing picked up some as they landed a few at Mountain Channel Pool and a couple salmon and a grilse at the Ledges Pools.

A nice grilse landed Tuesday evening by Sam ingram at mill brook with guide Rodney Colford.
Wilson Sporting Camps said fly fishing conditions on the Miramichi near McNamee can breath a sigh of relief now that the water is up a fair amount. They had a grilse landed after the raise but fishing was still very slow.

This is a photo from the Wayerton Bridge taken by Chris Edmonds.
Country Haven in the Blackville area had some luck this week after the rise in water as guide Gary Colford landed a salmon with his clients and raised a few more. Byron Couglhan  also said they were landed lots of Stripped Bass and some as far up as Upper Blackville.

There were also a few fish landed in the Mouth of Cains River area and two salmon reported at Black Brook Pool being landed with sea lice.

Lets see after all this rain if our salmon runs will improve, lets hope this rain and higher river levels brings them in. The levels will be very high after all the rain the head waters got so be very careful this weekend on the river. There have been over 90 ml of rain on Tuesday alone in the head of the river so the Main River and a few of the tributaries should rise into today.

Tight Lines.
Rodney Colford