Monday, October 5, 2009

Heavy Rains Hits the Miramichi Area But Not before the Fish are in the Net.

Colfords Miramichi Fishing Reports For Oct 5th 2009 by Guide Rodney Colford. Its been a fun few days on the Miramichi for David Jap of Germany and Christian Stathis of New York. They both arrived in some of the lowest waters we had this 2009 season to leave to some of the highest in years for fall fishing on the Miramichi. It was a very good week fishing and the catching was not bad too, as you will see from the photo's. The above photo is davids 1st for Sunday of 4 fish hooked for the day.
This is Christian with a 15 plus salmon at Moores Pool on the Cains and 1 of six salmon for his week.
This is a photo of us having a cook-out on the Cains before the heavy rains struck us.

In route to a pool on the Miramichi and some happy fisherman at that.This is Christian casting a single hand rod.David Jap holding one of his 13 fish he landed over the last several days in Canada.He is releasing it back to the Cains, this fish was hooked at Moores Pool on a Ally Shrimp.This fish was caught above the Mouth of Cains River and gave a ver good fight and was out into the backing a couple times before I netted it for David.This is the only grilse we got on a dry fly, and it was a brown bomber orange hackle.This a grilse Christian got and it had sea lice on it and a tag. Caught on the lower stretches of the Miramichi.
Christian Stathis with a male salmon and a great fighter too.
This is a photo of the Moore's Pool on the Cains at 8:30 am Monday morning today. Notice the other pictures of the same pool and after just the night the seat in the photos. The water was raising almost 1 foot per hour all day for a while.Looking down stream this morning on the Cains River.
Last night David with his 3rd fish of the day.
This is me holding Davids 2nd fish of the day. And we caught all our fish on a Ally Shrimp.
This is Randy of Wades fishing in the home pool.
This is some fisherman canoeing before the 2nd raise in water.

.The famous Green Machine and also a beat up one after landing a few fish.
A photo of the Cains before the rise in water.
The home pool in front of the lodge.
Here is a tube fly called a Willie Gun. A very productive pattern.

This is a picture of our Lodge from the Hershey Club on the Miramichi.
This photo of us on route to the Cains. This is guys dad was guiding from Country haven. They were from Maine and were enjoying there fishing on the Miramichi and Tributaries.

The weather over the next few days looks like more showers for the Miramichi area. Lets hope it does not amount to much and maybe things will pick up again.

I have this report from Bob Wallace: Good Morning Rodney, got back from my trailer at Hennessey's on Friday. With the rise of water from the Rain Sunday and Monday, made fishing better, then what it had been. I took a big Salmon on Monday Night on a #6 Cain's River Special and then took two more on the same fly Wednesday night. With the luck that I had, I thought with the rise of water, there would of been more Fresh run fish in the river then what we were seeing. I stopped before the bridge at Quarryville, to see how many fishermen were fishing, and there were a pile of them, so there must still be some fall run fish still in that area.

Another report from Larry Vanperson of Salor Haven fishing club: they were hooking fish and he landed a salmon. Another guy landed a 52 inch fish with them, he said they may have photos on a disposable camera. I will keep you posted if I get the photo.

My father Gary Colford landed a salmon last night on the Cains as well and in the lower parts of Moore's Pool.

The rain brought some high water to us and until dark this evening it was still raising. At times today it was rising at least a foot per hour. It must have raised 8 feet! I expect without rain and debris we may get into fish 24 to 48 hours. Or maybe in the morning EH! ha ha! You got to think positive!! My grand father always told me that? The river was very dirty all day with almost every cast hooking grass and sticks. But towards the end of the day things did look better.

I also want to note that most of the fishing is being done by Spey Rods and anglers are finding it so much easier in the high water conditions to cast. So when coming fishing if you have a Spey Rod please bring it with you and a single rod as well. I do not mention on my web site much about bringing Spey Rods to the Miramichi but I will update that information soon for the 2010 season.

All for tonight and I hope every one enjoys the photos of our beautiful Miramichi River and Tributaries.

Tight Lines,