Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Miramichi Pools reopen and fish on the move

From the banks of the Miramichi River, fishermen are starting to hook a few salmon as some fresh fish are moving into the system.

Pools reopen today 25th July on the Miramichi system. Cooler temps made this possible.

River temperatures are holding steady around 65-68 (F). Which is ideal temps for the Miramichi river for late July.

We had a good steady rain on Tuesday on the mid to lower section of the river, but the upper part only saw 10mm.

Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn said fishing was improving. We landed over 20 fish and they landed one grilse with sea lice. Many of the fish landed over the last week looked to be fresh fish. He said some fish were over 15lbs and many were grilse.

Keith Wilson of Wilson Sporting Camps said fishing is looking up for the next week as weather is improving for fishing. Which means cooler temperatures. His guides are reporting that fish were on the move and moving from the cold water pools. River levels were up about 4 inches yesterday.

Byron Coughlan of Country Haven Lodge said there are lots of fresh fish. Most of the fish that were holding up in the cold water like at the mouth of Bartholomew River were high tailing it up river. River levels were very good on the lower stretch of the river. They were landing a few salmon with sea lice. Byron said with the way temperatures are now and the weather forecast for the next week, the closure of pools should be opened again for fishing.

WW.Doaks and Sons said there were a few fish being hooked. A few reports of fresh fish being landed. Cooler nights with the rain should be good for fishing.

So with a hot spell on the Miramichi river for the second time in two years in July. And having to shut down many pools up and down the river because of warm water. Lets hope the hot weather is behind us and that cooler weather is here for fishing.

Who knows we may have an August to remember for Atlantic salmon on the Miramichi. I have had very good fishing in August before and dry flies will be awesome to use.

Flies of choice over the past week were green machines, silver doc, bear hairs, black bugs and many different bombers.

Until next week may your reels be screaming on the Miramichi river.
Rodney Colford

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