Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fresh Atlantic Salmon runs are arriving on the Miramichi River

Fresh Atlantic Salmon runs are arriving on the Miramichi River as many fishermen are hooking up. Reports of salmon and grilse over the past week have been landed on the North West Miramichi, Little South West Miramichi, Sevogle, Renous and Cains River. Sunday started off slow on the Main South West Miramichi and then more and more fish were seen jumping through out the river as the week went on. Wednesday had runs of fish coming in covered with sea lice straight from the sea.

River conditions were very high for the past week but is starting to get back to a fish-able level. Depending on the area of the river you fish water levels are different. The lower stretch from Quarryville to Cains River is still very high. The middle lower stretch from the mouth of Cains River up to Blissfield has a few pools very fish-able. The middle stretch from Blissfield to Boistown is starting to get very fish-able and should be in perfect condition by the weekend. The upper stretch of the river is in perfect condition from Boistown to Juniper. 

Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn in Doaktown said the water is slowly dropping and are seeing more and more fish daily. Water has cleared up a great deal and the fish are on the move. Derek said most of his guest are landing fish with some being grilse and salmon. Average size is around 12 to 15lbs. 
Guides Andrew Anthony and sports landed a salmon 17lbs and a grilse on Tuesday and Wednesday using an Ally Cascade. Myself and Marc Bedard and Steven Palmer landed a 15lb salmon and 2 grilse. Dr. Bolie limit out on Tuesday with 4 grilse. Lloyd Lyons and sport landed a couple grilse and a salmon. Guide Vembrose Watson sports landed 2 grilse and lost a salmon.   

Country Haven Lodge are also hooking fish through out the river. Salmon and grilse are also being caught and pretty much the same sizes from 10 to 15lbs. They also hooked a salmon on the Cains at Salmon Brook. 

Wilsons Camps in McNamee said the river is still a foot above normal but the salmon and grilse are here and with the cool nights the river should stay very good. They are catching a few in the 30 to 34 inch range.

Black Brook Salmon Club near the Mouth of Cains River are also hooking a few fish. Guide Donald Colford said water is still very high and they are fishing from boats and wading. 

Fishermen should have a good weekend as many fish are running from the high tides we are having. One thing that always seems to play a good factor is the full moon in July always seems to bring a nice run of fish in. 

Flies for the week seems to be the old faithful  White Tail Green Machine, Undertakers, Glitter Bears and Alley Cascade and also a few bombers. Black and green flies are most popular this time of the season but always try a fly that just maybe will catch you that fish of your dreams. 

Until next week have Tight Lines.
Rodney Colford