Friday, May 31, 2013

Silvers in the net on the lower Miramichi

Even with high water fish were hitting the fly hard yesterday on the SW Miramichi.

I fished yesterday with my kids Zachery and Laura and we got into some beauty's!
Laura raised one twice on a bomber (dry-fly). Then it was quite for around 20 minutes before I raised a salmon 6 times. It may have been a few fish because the fish grabbed the fly a couple times before I changed to a black ghost pattern with arctic fox wing and hooked up. I landed a salmon about 18 to 20lbs.

My next pass through the pool on my very first cast I hooked into another beauty! 12 lbs of toughness though as she gave me a very good fight before Zach netted my 2nd salmon of the evening.

The river is very clear on the SW Miramichi but still very high. We never even had to wade in last evening. The salmon were very close to shore and is not unusual with this height of water to see them in close.

Anglers are still landing many stripe bass on the NW Miramichi. Marc Madore landed several on flies yesterday.

I threw in a photo of a beaver that was very friendly while the kids and I were fishing. He decided to swim very close to us.

Just a quick post to fill you in on some fresh fish!

Tight lines.
Rodney Colford

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Miramichi river goes into the alders

Heavy rains put the rivers on the Miramichi up into the alders as lots of debris and dirt was flowing down stream for the a few days over the past week. Since the heavy rains, conditions on the Miramichi and tributaries have got much better and some pools may be fish-able by weekend or before. Bright Salmon are also on the move, on the North West Miramichi and a few reports on the South West Miramichi. Though the majority of salmon landed have been on the North West Miramichi River which is usually the start to the run.

SW Miramichi, mouth of Cains River a couple days ago
The lower stretch of the Main SW Miramichi River is still very high with very few wading pools available. Boat fishing would be best to try and corner a salmon into taking your fly. The Blissfield / Doaktown area should be fish-able by the weekend for wading, but be careful just the same. Boat fishing in this area would still be good. The Upper stretch of the river should be very good and may have a few trout around as many would have high tailed upstream in this high water by now.

SW Miramichi looking at Doctors Island a couple days ago
Cains River is still very high as reports have many canoe runs set for this weekend on the Cains. It should be a great weekend for not dragging on the rocks for the canoers sailing the Cains but for the trout fishing it could be tough. The river conditions are also very clear with temperatures in the low 50's (F).

The Bartholomew River should be great for canoeing this weekend and should have some good runs of trout up in the higher part of the river.

Renous River was very high but has dropped down very good and should be very fish-able by the weekend.

The Lower stretch of the North West Miramichi is still very active with Stripe Bass as their spawning started last week. Many anglers were landing 40 to 60 fish per boat and some with numbers over 100 per rod, quite amazing. And while fishermen were landing Stripers a few fly fishermen starting hooking bright salmon and the odd grilse. Early for grilse but there was one caught on the NW Miramichi River. Yesterday a 43 inch salmon was landed by Andrew Cowen. Andrew had the measurement while at Trout Brook Fly Shop and Sydney Matchette said by the chart estimate it would weigh around 28lb. Way to go Andrew with an amazing catch.

Travis Quigley North West Miramichi May 24
Sydney also said fishing was starting to look better as a few pools were very fish-able. The river should be at a level by the weekend or before to get anglers back on the water. The Sevolgle and Little South West Rivers is still a little early and a bit high for fishing. The North West Miramichi has about 12 to 15 salmon landed for the start of the bright's this late May.

Greg Amos North West Miramichi May 24
Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters said its been a slow week for anglers as conditions on the SW Miramichi was to high to be on the water. Conditions should be better by the weekend. The shop is also having give-aways all summer long. Items from fly boxes to rods and reels. So stop in and enter for a chance to win.

Jerry Doak of W.W.Doaks and Sons Ltd. in Doaktown said angling was slow and not many fishermen fishing. He said he saw many boats on the river boating but not much sign of fishing. He said their would have to be a few salmon sneaking by in this high water. Jerry said fishing should start to pick up by the weekend. Doaks fly shop has Sage, Hardy, Orvis, Simms Gear and much more to choose from.

Tyler StoreysThe Glitter Tot

Last weekend I attended the Miramichi Fly Fishing Show in Miramichi. This show was to help raise money for youth fly fishing programs that have started in our schools. They had a very good student turnout and was it ever fun to watch the kids from all ages participate in fly casting, archery and fly tying. Ashley Hallihan is the guy that made this all happen and a big thank you for a job well done to him and his crew for putting on a great show for our kids. For more information on these outdoor pursuits contact Ashley Hallihan.

And if your fishing the Miramichi this weekend and catch your limit of fish, head out too the Tall Ships in Miramichi City. Miramichi will be the only Maritime port for the ships this year, so you will not want to miss them. May 31st to June 2nd you can see the beautiful sailing ships.

I can tell you what flies were used this past week but the easier way to tell you is. What should you have for flies on the Miramichi fishing. Well last week the majority of fish were taken on a green machine. So put a green machine on with a white tail, perhaps a bigger one in this higher water, number 4 or 2 will work. And for that second fly make sure you have another white tail green machine for a spare, that's just how good they are on the Miramichi River.

Until next week Tight Lines for now Rodney Colford

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bright fish running on the Miramichi

Despite the rainy weather were getting on the Miramichi River I would be out on the water this weekend as there is lots of action in the river. Lots of fresh trout in the system, reports of fresh salmon on the North West Miramichi being hooked and loads of Bass also on the North West Miramichi to hook.

On the Lower stretch of the SW Miramichi River many fishermen are hooking trout around Quarryville. I fished there this week and landed several trout on many types of flies. Trout from 10 to 12 inches and many from the 2 to 3 pound range are being hooked. I weighed one this week that was over 6 lbs for a fishermen. 

Yesterday I also landed this salmon weighing about 15lbs on the North West Miramichi River.

Country Haven Lodge in the White Rapids area are hooking a few trout and bass. Byron Coughlan said there is was know sign of any bright salmon yet and river levels were a bit high but great to have the water for the fish.

Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn said fishing was in the in-between time. Rumours of a bright salmon was hooked in Quarryville but nothing has been hooked in the Doaktown area of the river yet. There are reports of some sea trout in the river and some were rolling in front of the lodge yesterday. 

Keith Wilson of Wilsons Sporting Camps said they are enjoying the rain and cool weather and how it is keeping the river in superb conditions. Keith also said he caught his first sea run brook trout on Monday as there was a Mayfly hatch on the water. He said there were know sign of any monster trout but should be in the area soon.

Chris Edmonds of C.E Salmon Flies and Guiding said fishing is picking up on the North West Miramichi. There was a bright salmon hooked and released yesterday along with many trout. Sunday he landed a 18.5 incher weighing about 3 lbs.

Nola Chaisson of Miramichi Salmon Assciation reported that a number of bright salmon were caught in the Gaspereau nets by the Anderson Bridge. She also said an angler landed a grilse and kept it. She has also heard rumours of others being caught on the North West. 

Miramichi Fly Fishing and Sportsman Show 2013 is this weekend Friday and Saturday at The Miramichi Curling Club. Lots of fun activities on hand so get out with the family and friends. 

Despite the weather forecast with mix of rain and periods of rain for the rest of the week and weekend, You really should get out on the water with salmon and trout on the move. I know I will be out trying to hook up. 

River levels are not too bad, and visibility is very good for trout and salmon, with temperatures around the mid 50's degree F if you get out on the river. There have been a good hatch on for trout and many fish are taking small dry flies. Salmon flies of choice is the shady lady and green machines. 

Good luck and tight lines Rodney

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stripe Bass on the Miramichi

Many anglers on the Miramichi River System have been out on the water the past couple of weeks fishing. Not for salmon or trout, but for the big talk on the river, Stripe Bass. Stripe Bass are everywhere on the lower stretch of the South West and North West Miramichi Rivers, eating everything in their path it seems.

Local anglers with their daily catch
Many anglers that have kept their limit cleaned their catch and have found salmon smolt and smelts in the stomach of their catch. Department of Fisheries and Oceans said they don't eat salmon, but the proof is here that they do. The season on the Bass closed yesterday, but many anglers are asking for an extension to the season and lengthen the size limit or to be able to keep more fish.
Picture of a Stripe Bass with 4 smolt inside.

It really doesn't matter if your fishing from boat, wading from shore or off the docks, young or old you can catch bass everywhere. By hitting the tides right some anglers are hooking 100 plus per day.  DFO thinks there is know amount of bass in the Miramichi system, well I would have to say they better start counting their numbers again. Because the Miramichier's have put the numbers on the lines of many rods, and have put up big numbers of fish to prove them wrong.
Heather with a nice one!
 The good side of the Bass is it has so many kids on the river fishing. DFO told me this week kids were having so much fun fishing everywhere they patrolled. DFO officers were very good explaining the rules to all ages with the learning and helping of catching bass on the Miramichi. Hats off to the the officers.
Zach with our daily limit
Local fishing stores in the Miramichi City area said business from hooks to lures have gone through the roof. Many stores have their order come in on Wednesday and within a couple hours are sold out. Rods and reels have also been the hot items. Restaurants in the area said they never saw so many anglers come in off the river for lunch.
Over looking the Miramichi at Black Brook
Spring Salmon fishing is over for another season and many anglers are waiting for an early arrival of the late May and June salmon runs for 2013. Many like to call this the in-between time, where the springers are going out to sea, and the bright's are coming in from the sea. Usually after the springers leave the river, we get the smelts in the system, which are here now. Then comes the Gaspereau, commercial fishermen are fishing for them now in the Miramichi City area. Then comes a run of sea trout, which could be here any-time. Not far off will be the American Shad, which puts up a good fight and very fun to catch on flies.
Look at the Mouth of Cains River where it
Joins the Miramichi
Then, what everybody waits for, the arrival of the Atlantic Salmon fresh from the sea. And if your fortunate enough to hook one in late May or early June and July you will have the most amazing stories to tell from your catch. Because it will be a Bar of Silver Leaping through the air while you look in amaze. Shocked as your wondering how much line you have on your reel before you start running down river to catch up to your salmon. So some lucky fishermen will be fortunate enough to hook up over the next couple of weeks.

The 25th Annual Big Tex Trout Derby is under-way this weekend May 17th, 18th and 19th on the North West Miramichi River. First prize is a new car, second prize is a boat and motor, third prize a canoe and many more cash prizes. Registration call or email at 506 836 6111 or email

Miramichi Fly Fishing and Sportsman Show 2013 will be held on May 24th and 25th. Admission is $5.00 per day and all profits go to support youth fly fishing programs. Fly fishing workshops and sportsman displays and demonstrations will on ongoing. This event is held at the Miramichi Curling Club 21 Cove Road, Miramichi (506)622-0735

Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters and Fly Casting School is hosting their single and double hand rod casting May 31st and June 1st in Blackville for those who are interested in attending. Norma Brennan said fishing was slow in the Blackville area but reports of a few trout were being hooked in the Quarryville area of the river.

Reports from Nola Chiasson from the Miramichi Salmon Association MSA reported that the river is full of bass from Miramichi City up past the Red Bank bridge. Many Bass were splashing in the water which could be a sign of spawning from the bass. But this was splashing for food as the bass was chasing smelts and even some reports of the smelts jumping out of the water and landing on shore.
Tyler Story at the trap net on the NW Miramichi with a nice brooky

Nola also reported large bass being caught everywhere and some weighing 20 plus pounds. One gentlemen told her that the fish he caught was so big the picture weighed 8 pounds, funny. For more on the Miramichi Salmon Association's report check their website out and get lots of information about the rivers.

Miramichi River conditions are very good for canoeing and boating. Anglers should have a very good weekend on the water. River temperatures are 12 degrees Celsius 54 degrees (F) which is perfect. I wish everyone luck on the Trout Derby and lets hope we get a extension on the Stripe Bass Season.

Please be safe on the water this weekend.
Until next week Tight Lines.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Conditions on the Miramichi River is slowing down

Conditions on the Miramichi River is slowing down as the spring salmon are rapidly moving out of the river. There are still a few around but getting very hard to hook. Anglers are using smaller flies and even starting to use full floating lines to hook up with an Atlantic Salmon. 

As conditions the last week was great for boating, canoeing and kayayers with wonderful weather and highs of 27 degrees Celcuis. The avid fishermen will like the coming week much more with rain and cloud cover expected for the next 5 days. 

We have had some smelts in the river up far as Quarryville area. There are some black trout around some in the 1 to 4 pound range if your lucky to find them. The bright trout should start running over the next couple of weeks, but you never know when until there here. 

Stripe Bass is the big talk on the river as there are many of them in the tide waters of both the NW and SW Miramichi. Anglers are hooking and landing the limit of one very easy and releasing as many as 50 or 60 per day. Some are 15lbs plus and are putting up a great fight on a fly or spinning gear. Lure of choice seems to be a small fish the size of a smelt or salmon smolt. 

I took my kids fishing on Tuesday for Strippers and we had a triple on twice and several doubles. We kept following the areas where seagulls were flying over. We landed over 30 fish in two hours. Was great fun but, they must have a huge impact on our salmon smolt and trout in the river. 

MSA News: Nola Chiasson reported the Striped Bass were reported up as far as Sillikers on the Little South West. There biologist fished on Tuesday and caught 10 in a half hour but had trouble getting 3 the limit size of 55 to 65 cm. For more on the Miramichi Salmon Association go to there web site at and get there full report.

Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn and guide Andrew Anthony landed several stripe bass and lost count to how many they landed this week in the tide waters. Greg Amos of Doaktown landed a 22 inch brookie in the tide water using a fly while fishing with the Ledges Inn crew. In the Doaktown area there are still a few salmon around. We are seeing a few jumping and rolling. 

Keith Wilson of Wilsons Sporting Camps said conditions were perfect in the MacNamee Area of the river and fishermen were hooking a couple salmon each day along with a few black trout. They are still using sink tips but smaller flies.

Country Haven Lodge in the White Rapids are still hooking a few salmon and the odd trout. Conditions are very good and levels are normal for this time of year. They are having a few anglers for day adventures in and starting to do some canoeing. 

Flies of choice are Marabou Patterns, Rabbit Strips, Black Ghost, Magot Smelts and Renous. Fly Shops in the area are W.W Doak in Doaktown, Trout Brook Fly Shop in Trout Brook on the North West, Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters, Georges Fly Shop Renous. If your looking for lures for Bass in the area you can check out Miramichi Electronics in Miramichi, Miramichi Surplus in Lower Derby, Pro Nature in Chatham by the airport. 

The Miramichi Fly Fishing Expo 2013 is in Miramichi City on the river. Dates are Friday May 24th and Saturday 25th at the Miramichi Curling Club. Don't miss out on a great event being put on for our youth anglers.

I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks fishing and hooking into some fresh trout and an early Silver Salmon that can follow in late May. Good luck on the water and please practice river editcacy to your fellow angler while out on the water.

Tight Lines
Rodney Colford

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Miramchi Salmon still around going into 3rd week

Spring salmon are leaping high on the river going into the 3rd week of the season. Many fish are being hooked with a small percent being grilse. Salmon starts moving more as the river is warming up into the mid to high 40 degrees (F) around 5 degrees Celsius. We are seeing some fish jump and even some rolling to the surface. The River levels are still very good but another rain wouldn't hurt to keep the levels up where they are now.

I was out fishing with Peter Beardsworth and Aaron Bourque of Riverview on Sunday. I would have to say Aarons salmon was the biggest weighing about 12lbs and Peters just under 12lbs. Both fish put up a great fight and were very silver for this time of year. Both salmon took a variation of the Green Slime which Peter tied, I must say.

Guide Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn said fishing is still very good with anglers hooking 6 to 12 fish per day. Water levels are still very good for the Doaktown area. Flies of choice were Marabous and Rabbit Strip's and all on the cast.

Keith Wilson of Wilson's Sporting Camps is also having very good fishing with lots of fish around. Many anglers that can cast good have an upper hand he said and are hooking some nice salmon. Sinking tips seem to be the line of the week as all fish were on the cast.

Country Haven Fishing Lodge is still having very good success on the lower stretch of the SW Miramichi River. Fishermen are hooking anywhere from 4 to 10 fish per day. Most fish are being hooked trolling with sinking lines. They are fishing from The Mouth of Cains River to the Renous area and seeing lots of fish.

In the Quarryville Area Chris Edmonds of C E Salmon Flies and Guiding said conditions have improved. River levels for the area are very good and have the salmon and the odd trout taking the fly.

The NW Miramichi River still has some fish around and many anglers are hooking up. River levels are still good but again could use a little rain to keep the levels where it is now. Some anglers are hooking some small trout from the 8 to 12 inch range.

Some very good news on the river as DFO finally opened a Bass season yesterday. Anglers can keep 1 bass per day or hook and release as many as they can catch. The size you can keep is 55 to 65 cm and it is measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. Single barb-less hooks and if using bait use circle hooks. The season will last two weeks from May 1st to May 15th with hook and release to follow.

Flies of choice for salmon on the river are Green Slimes, Black Rabbit Strips, Renous Specials, Mogot Smelts, Grey and Black Ghost along with many Marabou patterns. Size of hooks seem to vary from 1/0 to 5/0 single barb-less.

With the opening day of trout season yesterday, things are very active here on the river. I will keep you posted on the trout over the next few weeks also as we hook up.

With all this beautiful weather we are having, and great river conditions it is a very good time to be Canoeing, Kayaking or Fishing. So if your in need of any gear for these activities you can contact the local fly shops in the Miramichi River area. To name a few for you by starting in Miramichi City is Miramichi Electronics that has fishing gear in the city centre, Miramichi City Surplus in Derby, Georges Fly Shop Renous, Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters Blackville, W.W.Doak in Doaktown area, and if your on the North West Miramichi drop into Trout Brook Fly Shop. Most of these places will give you a river report daily if you drop in.

And if anyone has any reports on Salmon, Trout or Bass for the Miramichi area you would like to have posted please forward your information to me at and I`ll try my best to include it. I do not need to know your hot spots just a description of the fish and which river if you like to include that you have fished. I am always looking for more reports for my readers.

Until next week have a great week on the water and tight lines. Rodney Colford