Friday, April 2, 2010

Miramichi Looking Up For The Start Of The Season

Colfords Miramichi Fishing Reports for the lower section of the Main South West Miramichi River.

No worries for gravel bars today on the Main SW Miramichi River with water being very high and a beautiful day with a high of 17 C and makes you want to be on the water fishing.

These photos from Doaktown to Quarryville are over the last couple days. My last post said that the fish would be out of the river by the 15th? I meant that for the Cains River and not the Miramichi. And who says I no for sure if there going to be out of the river? As we all no that Atlantic Salmon have a mind of there own and what we think we no of them it can change the next time. Maybe what keeps us fishing them.

Here is a photo of the river in Doaktown today as you can see very little ice about eh! Don't forget to stop at W.W. Doak for supplies when in Doaktown for Sage products.

Looking up from the Upper Blackville bridge and feeling the pain of wanting to go out there fishing!!!! Taking that sinking line and casting or trolling and feeling that line tighten when it grabs your fly over the long winter months of not being able too! I'm sure you feel the same way.

This is a photo off the Howard Road looking at the river between Upper Blackville bridge and the Mouth of Cains River.

This photo looking at doctors Island yesterday and had plenty of ice in the river.

And here you can see lots of ice in the Quarryville area of the river.

As for salmon flies I still have lots available and still taking orders for more if you want them ready for what looks to be and could be one of the best seasons to come!!! I have talked to older guides like Pat Brophy and Malcolm McCormack and they said the fish will no when to get out of the river and usually when the 15th of April gets here is when they start to make there way down the river. And said the water will come up as high as the ice along the shore line and yes its up that far now!
And for any information you need please ask me anytime like Samuel Poirier with a photo of his first Atlantic Salmon ever last fall, he also asked for a few tips on fishing.
For more reports on the ice conditions along the river and tributaries else where check out Doug Underhills reports of the Miramichi and Keith Wilson on the upper stretches of the SW Miramichi river. And for the the Lowest Stretch on the Miramichi river check out Byron Coughlan reports of Country Haven.
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So until next time tight Lines,
Rodney Colford

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Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates