Friday, May 28, 2010

Salmon in the River

Miramichi Fishing Reports for the past week in New Brunswick, Canada. Last weekend was hot but it did not stop a beautiful silver salmon from taking my number 6 green machine with white tail. I hooked the fish on the North West at the Allison pool. Water was low and the river temperature was almost 70 F. There were lots of anglers fishing and a few were hooking some trout as my buddy Damir Sahic landed one about 12 inches and the colors on the trout were amazing.
Other anglers were saying they were only catching small trout but down river near the tide there was a trout tournament going on and they said there was a lot of trout taking, and some in the 2 to 3 pound range. There was a report of another salmon which had been landed near the Wayerton Bridge pool.

I fished all day yesterday with Maurice , Gerard and Jean Francois Mallet from Dieppe on the Main SW Miramichi. We traveled by boat all the way up to the Stop Sign pool and never saw a a single fish move.
Water was very low and we scraped the bottom several times with the boat going up and down river. I saw a few shad scooting from under the boat, but not in big numbers yet like they normally do. The water temperature was in the low 60's and the wind was making it almost impossible to cast a good line. I even had my 15 foot Loop Spey Rod with me and it was tuff to cast as well. So we decided to take a break and let the wind calm down for awhile.

After a short break we decided to give the Cains River a try. The wind was much better and the fishing was the same as the morning! We saw no fish around except for a few small trout and managed to pick up three.
We talked to a couple other fisherman on the Cains that were staying at the 6 mile camp. Bill Gumble said he had not saw any trout for the week or so they have been fishing. They said reports said there was no sea trout last week but this week that they were gone through? So there it is with some fisherman wondering are the sea trout here yet or have they all gone through? Any suggestions on this are more than welcome.
This is a photo of a couple trout I got a week ago Thursday 1 of which was 2 pounds and both hooked on a small green bomber with orange hackle. Karry Harris also landed a couple down stream on the same fly.

A few nights ago Pat Colford and Kenny Vickers stopped in and got a few shad flies from me and decided to giver a try! they fished a couple evenings and only hooked one but said there was lots of shad and they were just not taking or the flies they got were just no darn good! I laughed as there were tied by me lol!!

As the weekend approaches us and your heading out on the water have fun and bring lots of fly repellent as the bugs are very bad. Lets hope for some wet weather to improve the fishing conditions for the next week and bring in more of those beautiful Silver salmon. I am looking forward to doing fishing reports for the rest of the season and hope that you all enjoy my reports and send all your stories & photos you can and I will try my best to post them for you if you like.

Until next time.
Tight Loops,
Rodney Colford