Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall pattern's working on the Cain's River

River Report for October 13th 2008 by Guide Rodney Colford. The fishing for yesterday the 12th was a little slow for us on the main SW Miramichi in the morning. We canoed up to Turtle Island and fished our way back to the Lodge by 2:00PM. The canoe trip was great but the fishing was very slow. We fished several pools back to camp and saw a few salmon at the Sweat Pool, Pool 66 and the secret pool? Guide Gary Colford fished the Cain’s and managed to hook up with a grilse using a Marabou Pattern. There were a lot of fish showing in the pool at Moore’s. As the evening fishing approached we decided to head back to the Cain’s again. I tied up a GP on a #2 partridge hook, and some crystal flash and monofilament eyes. And did it work? Yes, the first trip down the pool Christian Stathis landed a beautiful grilse and rolled two more. Guide Gary Colford and Bill Moore landed two more using the Marabou Pattern at Moore’s Pool.
Today the 13th we fished the Cain’s all day and landed a grilse at Hanna’s bend. Joel Kitchen was using a LT Special #1/0 hook. Bill Moore landed a grilse using a Marabou at Moore's Pool. We saw a lot of fish at Moore's Pool and only 6 at Hanna's Bend. The water temperature was 52F this morning and the baromtetric pressure was holding steady. The Cain's is still falling a couple inches a day and the Miramichi is dropping 5 or 6 inches or better a day. The water is clear on both rivers. All for today.
Tight Lines Rodney Colford