Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stripe Bass on the Miramichi

Many anglers on the Miramichi River System have been out on the water the past couple of weeks fishing. Not for salmon or trout, but for the big talk on the river, Stripe Bass. Stripe Bass are everywhere on the lower stretch of the South West and North West Miramichi Rivers, eating everything in their path it seems.

Local anglers with their daily catch
Many anglers that have kept their limit cleaned their catch and have found salmon smolt and smelts in the stomach of their catch. Department of Fisheries and Oceans said they don't eat salmon, but the proof is here that they do. The season on the Bass closed yesterday, but many anglers are asking for an extension to the season and lengthen the size limit or to be able to keep more fish.
Picture of a Stripe Bass with 4 smolt inside.

It really doesn't matter if your fishing from boat, wading from shore or off the docks, young or old you can catch bass everywhere. By hitting the tides right some anglers are hooking 100 plus per day.  DFO thinks there is know amount of bass in the Miramichi system, well I would have to say they better start counting their numbers again. Because the Miramichier's have put the numbers on the lines of many rods, and have put up big numbers of fish to prove them wrong.
Heather with a nice one!
 The good side of the Bass is it has so many kids on the river fishing. DFO told me this week kids were having so much fun fishing everywhere they patrolled. DFO officers were very good explaining the rules to all ages with the learning and helping of catching bass on the Miramichi. Hats off to the the officers.
Zach with our daily limit
Local fishing stores in the Miramichi City area said business from hooks to lures have gone through the roof. Many stores have their order come in on Wednesday and within a couple hours are sold out. Rods and reels have also been the hot items. Restaurants in the area said they never saw so many anglers come in off the river for lunch.
Over looking the Miramichi at Black Brook
Spring Salmon fishing is over for another season and many anglers are waiting for an early arrival of the late May and June salmon runs for 2013. Many like to call this the in-between time, where the springers are going out to sea, and the bright's are coming in from the sea. Usually after the springers leave the river, we get the smelts in the system, which are here now. Then comes the Gaspereau, commercial fishermen are fishing for them now in the Miramichi City area. Then comes a run of sea trout, which could be here any-time. Not far off will be the American Shad, which puts up a good fight and very fun to catch on flies.
Look at the Mouth of Cains River where it
Joins the Miramichi
Then, what everybody waits for, the arrival of the Atlantic Salmon fresh from the sea. And if your fortunate enough to hook one in late May or early June and July you will have the most amazing stories to tell from your catch. Because it will be a Bar of Silver Leaping through the air while you look in amaze. Shocked as your wondering how much line you have on your reel before you start running down river to catch up to your salmon. So some lucky fishermen will be fortunate enough to hook up over the next couple of weeks.

The 25th Annual Big Tex Trout Derby is under-way this weekend May 17th, 18th and 19th on the North West Miramichi River. First prize is a new car, second prize is a boat and motor, third prize a canoe and many more cash prizes. Registration call or email at 506 836 6111 or email

Miramichi Fly Fishing and Sportsman Show 2013 will be held on May 24th and 25th. Admission is $5.00 per day and all profits go to support youth fly fishing programs. Fly fishing workshops and sportsman displays and demonstrations will on ongoing. This event is held at the Miramichi Curling Club 21 Cove Road, Miramichi (506)622-0735

Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters and Fly Casting School is hosting their single and double hand rod casting May 31st and June 1st in Blackville for those who are interested in attending. Norma Brennan said fishing was slow in the Blackville area but reports of a few trout were being hooked in the Quarryville area of the river.

Reports from Nola Chiasson from the Miramichi Salmon Association MSA reported that the river is full of bass from Miramichi City up past the Red Bank bridge. Many Bass were splashing in the water which could be a sign of spawning from the bass. But this was splashing for food as the bass was chasing smelts and even some reports of the smelts jumping out of the water and landing on shore.
Tyler Story at the trap net on the NW Miramichi with a nice brooky

Nola also reported large bass being caught everywhere and some weighing 20 plus pounds. One gentlemen told her that the fish he caught was so big the picture weighed 8 pounds, funny. For more on the Miramichi Salmon Association's report check their website out and get lots of information about the rivers.

Miramichi River conditions are very good for canoeing and boating. Anglers should have a very good weekend on the water. River temperatures are 12 degrees Celsius 54 degrees (F) which is perfect. I wish everyone luck on the Trout Derby and lets hope we get a extension on the Stripe Bass Season.

Please be safe on the water this weekend.
Until next week Tight Lines.