Monday, April 6, 2009

High water on the Miramichi

High Water On The Miramichi River

I can almost here the engines roaring from the Miramichi river boats as the river is rising and the ice is moving and starting its routine of breaking up. Next thing you will hear is your buddy or sport saying lets try that spot where we got them last year, you no that spot? We all have them lucky spots that we know we will here that reel screech for the first time out fishing. Get ready its almost here!

The Miramichi has been rising over the past few days and with the rise we are seeing some changes with the ice conditions. The river must be up 5 to 6 feet from where it was last week and ice is starting to break up or crack. Looks like we should have a opening day for the 15th of April.

First photo looking out the camp window which looks high in front of the camp.

Second photo looking up river from the camp.Third photo and a view of the Hershey Camp across the way.
Fourth looking up at Doctors Island.
5th photo looking downriver from the Blackville bridge towards the mouth of Bartholomew River.
6th photo looking up from the Upper Blackville bridge.
7th photo looking down from the Upper Blackville Bridge.
8th photo looking at the Miramichi from the Howard Road of the Moorhouse front.
9th photo from the Howard Road and looking down river from the 8th photo.
I will be back in the next day or two for another update of the ice out conditions plus a report of the Cains River conditions.
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