Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Atlantic's Have A Mind Of There Own

Colfords Atlantic Salmon Fishing Reports from the banks of the South West Miramichi River. Fishing the past week has picked up some from the mouth of Cains River down and also some pools in the Doaktown & Blissfield area.

Last week was very tough fishing with a group from New Hampshire. We tried everything in the box and could not hook up. The water temperature was at a perfect temperature but very low. And as everyone knows these Atlantic's have a mind of there own and one never can tell what there next move is.

I landed a nice female salmon Saturday with sea lice so some are making there way up stream even in the low water conditions. This my daughter Laura releasing the salmon back. I hooked it on a undertaker #10 single hook.

My son Zachery 11 landed 2 of three salmon on a Apache Shrimp.
This photo of the fly is from the web site Danish Fly Designs This is a great site for the shrimp fly fisherman. Zachery also landed fish the previous couple days.

Zachery and Laura at the home pool in front of the camp.

Other fisherman that caught fish were John Colford, Troy Adams, Marilyn Mallet in the photo with the salmon with John Colford. This fish was hooked on a bomber as seen in the photo. Also the Hershey Club had a salmon the past week. They saw several fish but they were not taking.

Marilyn removing the hook from the fish while John Colford holding it.

Troy landing his salmon at pool 66 on the SW Miramichi.

This fish was about 8 to 10 pounds and hooked on a brown bomber.

This is guide Eddy Colford at Black Brook pool on the SW Miramichi River. This pool is holding a couple thousand fish waiting for high water to get over the upper bar for the main Miramichi and also some waiting for a rise in water to get up from the mouth of Cains River. The mouth of Cains is very low and has been like this for years in low water since they put a temporary bridge in and the gravel from the bridge was never removed. Perhaps someday they will dig it out and most of these fish will be fishable on there resident pools in the upper parts of the river..

The weather is looking not so bad the next few days with some rain in the forecast, maybe 10ml over the next couple days and cloudy periods. Then in a couple days maybe more rain of another 10ml's. With air temperatures from 15 to 22 C and night time lows of 5C to 12C.
In this photo is Clarence Colford, Dave Ledlie and Emery Brophy watching Ted land a salmon on the opposite bank, you can see the line stretching in the photo.

The water temperature has been down to 51F and for the most of the days staying in the low 60's. Perfect Miramichi temperatures for the salmon, but why are they taking so badly?
On Saturday some fish were hooked with sea lice so some fish are making there way up stream. My father Gary Colford guiding this week for Country Haven landed a few fish and one of them at Moores Pool on the Cains. A couple others at the Crawford Pool across from the Nash Bar.

Flies of choice are None Of Your Business!! yes that is the name of the fly! Black Marabou's, GP"s, Brown Bombers, Apache Shrimp and small black flies down too 12 & 14 in size.

I also had some very interesting fisherman fishing with me this past week from Department of Tourism and Parks NB. Marketing director for Colfords Atlantic Salmon Fishing Greg Davidson was in charge of putting them in the right places for taking some great photos of our beautiful province of NB and its famous river the Miramichi. Doug Wilson www.dougwilsonphoto.com and Steve Bly of www.blyphoto.com.
This is a selection of some of the photos that Doug is putting together.

So if your on the water the next few days and into the weekend it is looking better with rain in the forecast. So get away from the vise and stretch your line on a Miramichi salmon. We all know these Atlantic's will make us work to hook them and even though the water is low it is cold and they will one way or another start moving soon if not already!

Back in a couple days with hopefully better results.

Tight Lines,
Rodney Colford