Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pulling all the tricks on the Miramichi

As a fishermen and salmon fishing guide on the Miramichi River sometimes it can be very hard to hook into a salmon. Many times we try pulling all the tricks we have to succeed in having our clients catch or hook into a salmon. Or for some a dream come true on there trip of a lifetime fishing our famous Miramichi River. 

The last couple or more years we have been very blessed in having great conditions for salmon fishing with high water due to more frequent rain storms and milder temperatures. I don`t think many will forget last season fishing the Miramichi with such great runs of salmon. I really think many will not forget this season. I sure know it`s one too remember in my book of days fishing the Miramichi. One can`t recall having so much heat to keep our rivers in such a hot temperature for so long. 

The past month of fishing reports on conditions have been pretty poor or very boring so to speak from my point of view. I wish I had better reports for you, but mother nature has all the say when it comes to conditions of the weather. 

Due to low water and warm temperatures the pool closures in certain areas of the river has many anglers being very challenged where to fish or even to see fish where they are fishing. More recently this past week the river closures have been cut even shorter for the fishing. The only time to fish is from 5am to 10am in the mornings until river levels come up and get cooler.  

Will mother nature help us out over the next few days. The weather is looking much more like fishing weather as 20 to 40ml of rain is in the forecast and cooler temperatures over the next week. The river temperatures are hovering around 70 (F) in the mornings and up into the 80 degree (F) area by end of the day. So it`s been very hard on the fish in this heat as well as the angler. 

Many anglers the past week have turned too tubing or canoeing to get through the day after fishing. A few places to try are McCormacks Tubing and Adventures located in Boistown on the Main South West Miramichi and you can phone 506-365-0803 or 506-365-5743. And located on the Little South West Miramichi is Stewart`s Tubing in Sillikers route 420, phone 506-836-7436.

I expect with a raise in water and cooler temperatures from some rain we will see a good turn out from the salmon in the next few weeks. Lets hope they are still waiting in the estuary to come in and haven't gone fishing somewhere else. Tight Lines.