Monday, May 11, 2009

Colfords Miramichi Fishing Report

Monday May 11th 2009,

River conditions for the SW Miramichi River lower stretches from Quarryville to Doaktown. Water levels are perfect on the lower stretches of the river. We are still seeing fish jumping so there is still time to get out and catch a few for you guys that are thinking its to late, its not. With smelts still hanging around salmon are feeding along the shores on the smelts and are taking the fly very poorly. In front of the camp tonight we saw a salmon scoot right in along the shore feeding on the smelts. I expect a few days when the smelts are gone the fish will take a bit better.

The weather for the next few days looks very good with highs of 12C to 19C with some rain in the forecast on Friday. Maybe with the warm days we will get some better fiddle head picking for the weekend.

Anglers are picking up a few black trout and some reports of them being around the 1 to 2 pound range in the tide water and also around the Blackville area.

My grandfather Malcolm McCormack in this first photo and long time guide of Wades Fishing Lodge fished last night at the Mouth of Cains River. He saw a few fish but only had a few hits and nothing hooked up.

My cousin & guide Nick Keenan who also was fishing with granddad last night and hooked a nice trout well over a pound and it managed to wiggle its way back in the water before getting his hands on it. Nick it would off been good for breakfast! Next time eh.

Also other guides on the river said there only catching a couple salmon a day and are saying the smelts are surely the cause of them not taking the fly near the Blackville area. They are hoping for the smelts to turn and head out again.

I will keep you posted on the smelt situation over the next few days. As for the fresh sea run trout I am thinking it will be more close to the end of the month before they make there way up the river. Usually that is the time they arrive and then the shad seems to get here around the beginning of the second week of June.

Back in a couple days with the Miramichi Fishing Reports by Guide Rodney Colford.