Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Windy conditions and cold weather on the Miramichi

Windy conditions and cold weather was a big factor this week in the slow fishing on the Miramichi River. While there are reports of salmon being landed or leaping about on both the NW and SW Miramichi River. You will have to fish very hard to get your hooks into one. It seems like just another normal June and before we know it the salmon and grilse will arrive, lets hope before long.

I fished several times this week and only saw a couple fish in the area I fished. Landed a few small trout 10 to 12 inches in length. Another fisherman in my area lost a nice salmon after a couple jumps and it was chrome coloured when it jumped he said. I also heard of another salmon landed at the Bridge Pool in Upper Blackville by a local angler from there. This week the river conditions stayed very good with temperatures in the low 50's (F).

Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn in Doaktown reported a couple salmon landed in the area. One by Shawn Betts weighing 12lbs and another by Colin Gilks also weighing about 12lbs. Derek fished the North West on Tuesday and didn't see any fish. He said the river was the lowest he can remember seeing it for this early in June, could use a good rise to help improve conditions. He also stopped and fished Mountain Channel and with same results no fish but water levels were almost perfect but could still use a bit of a drop.

Keith Wilson of Wilson Sporting Camps near McNamee said water levels remain normal for this time of year and the cool weather is looking like we are setting up to have an early June run. He said they are hearing reports of an earlier than normal run of sea trout and salmon so its looks good.

Places to check out are WW Doaks in Doaktown, Salmon Museum in Doaktown, Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters in Blackville, Herb's Fly Shop in Blackville, Georges Fly Shop in Renous, Miramichi City Surplus in Miramichi on route 108 Derby Junction, Trout Brook Fly Shop in Trout Brook on the North West Miramichi. And on your way from Fredericton stop in at Fredericton Outfitters and Anglers. Bryant Freeman of Eskape Anglers in the Riverview always knows the fishing news. If I forgot your fishing shop just give me a shout and I will gladly add it for you with my reports each week.

See you next week and hopefully a better report on salmon fishing.

Until next week keep your lines tight and reels screeching on the Miramichi River.