Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Making Memories Fishing The Miramichi

Having a laugh at the Ledges Inn with the Campbell group 
Many memories are made salmon fishing on the Miramichi river, and fall salmon fishing is a time when many are made. So many of those memories are not from catching several fish, as it is to that particular fish that may have caused a heart stopping moment that you'll never forget for the rest of your life. For many, just to be there on such a beautiful river, watching the foliage change, perhaps seeing a deer or a moose come down to the rivers edge for a drink, having a beaver swim only a few feet from you, before slapping his tail to say this is my turf. All this and more is part of Atlantic salmon fishing on the Miramichi river.
Ledges Real Time Monitoring 

Keith Wilson of Wilson's Sporting Camps said they saw a few older fish and catching a few too, but know sign of any fall run. Keith said they usually see the fall run any-time from mid to late September and with all the high water hoping a bit sooner.

Martin Depuis and myself on the Cains Wednesday

The past week at The Ledges Inn was very slow with lots of rain and high water. We had a couple days that we were blown out and decided not to even fish. We started seeing a few fish on Monday, but was Tuesday before Veteran Guide Lloyd Lyons broke the ice when his client landed a grilse on a Yellow Ally Shrimp at the Car Pool. Guide Andrew Anthony ran the Cain's with a couple guest but had no hook-ups but saw several fish. Andrew said there we're many anglers fishing the Cains around Sabbies River and Salmon Brook. Notice the picture above from the Real Time Monitoring System. Normal conditions this is high in dry on land. Please check this site out at Miramichi River Environmental Assessment Committee if you haven't already.
Fishing Moores Pool Wednesday on the Cains
Country Haven Lodge on the lower stretch of the Miramichi said fishing was slow with the raise in water. They started hooking a few fish on Monday and a few more on Tuesday. Cains was treating them very good with a few fishermen.

Linda Warren of Princeton, MA
Dan Bullock of Bullock's Lodge in Boistown said angling was very challenging the past week. Dan said they had some success before the raise in water hooking a few fish and rolling many on Glitter Bears. Dan also said a monster male hook-bill 38 inches in length was landed by Linda Warren of Princeton, MA. Linda may have won her battle with this monster salmon, but her Sage Z-Axis was not so lucky, and may need to have some warranty work done on it. Fly of choice for Linda was created and dressed by her husband Bob Warren called the Cuttysark. That's a great memory Linda WTG! Dan also said he hopes we received our quota of rain for the season and expects good fishing in the coming days.

Fishing around the Mouth of Cain's River area is very slow with very high conditions. Anglers are picking up a few and seeing a few fish but conditions was very slow overall. River levels are at least 3 feet above normal conditions for this area of the river.

Remember back in July when we asked for more water to work with, when our river was low and warm. Well we got that wish since late July and that is a memory that will be with us for awhile to come.
Miramichi river levels were very high over the weekend again and looked more like spring fishing than fall fishing conditions. Conditions have improved and looks very promising heading into the weekend. There are a few fish around and may be even a few that have been hanging around in some pools way to long. Temperatures are awesome hoovering in the 50's (F).

So what excuses do we have this time salmon fishing, we can't say if the water was lower we could work with it. We could have more fish in the system for sure, but there are fish around to hook. Time is running out for 2013 salmon season and with know more time for excuses, it's time to get your lines tight.

Rodney Colford