Thursday, September 8, 2011

Heavy rains hit the river

Fishing on the Miramichi River over the past week has gotten to be a challenge on many parts of the river. Heavy rains are becoming to be a well mentioned topic on my river reports as once again we were hit by lots of rain to raise the water to like spring levels. And with a 2 to 3 foot rise in water on top of which was high water to begin with really put the pressure on guides and fisherman to hook up with the king of sport fish “The Atlantic Salmon”.
Many fishermen were turning to larger flies and sinking tips, many have to use boats as most pools are just too high to wade at this height with so much water. Fishermen are also starting to use a mixture of patterns and the fall patterns are being mentioned more and more.
Up around Doaktown at the Ledges Inn we are starting to hook a few fish again. Tuesday was a bad day as we did not hook a fish. Yesterday Wednesday we fished again from boats and landed a few. I was guiding Steven and Tami Gross from Atlanta and they hooked their 3rd grilse using a night hawk. Head guide Derek Munn hooked his 2 salmon on a GP. Before the raise in water we were having very good fishing landing in double digits on some days.
Canoe Missing: This time a 18 foot cranberry red chestnut poling canoe. If anyone has saw the canoe please contact the Ledges Inn at 506 365 0168.
Fishing is starting to pick up again in the Blackville area as a few fish were hooked near the mouth of Cains River and Pool 66.
Cains River is starting to fish again with a few fresh fish moving through. We have landed a few at Moores Pool up near Shinnick Burn on the Cains. There were also a few landed at the Brophy Pool on the lower end of the Cains.
The next week is looking good for fishing with a little less rain in the forecast. Be safe fishing in the high water this fall.
Tight Lines,