Friday, June 26, 2009

Salmon Landed on the Miramichi

Miramichi Fishing Reports for the South West Miramichi River for Colfords Guiding. The last three days we saw a few fish in all our pools. But with the hard hitting heat it has really slowed things down. Water temperatures were 70 degrees and fish were not showing very well.

I fished Renous river this morning and did not see anything move in the pool. The water level looked very good and the temperature was 67 degrees F. This evening I fished the Brophy Pool on the Main SW Miramichi and still did not see a thing, and the water was 70 degrees. While canoeing back to camp we saw several fisherman and they said they were not seeing much. A few anglers had saw a few this morning around the mouth of Cain's River.

Fish Hooked
Yesterday Roger Savage hooked and landed a 15 pound salmon at the mouth of Cains River in Howard. And not far up river Sonny Christian landed a grilse and saw a few more. Ian Fortune of Blackville hooked a salmon and lost it on a bomber. He also said someone had hooked a grilse in the Blackville Pool. There was a salmon landed today at the Upper Blackville bridge Pool, not sure who it was or the fly pattern. Luther Peterson was seeing a few fish over the last couple days but did not hook any. Black Brook guys were seeing a few fish but none landed to date. There were a few fish being hooked in Quarryville Pool some anglers had said. There was also a couple hooked up in the Mcgraw Brook area on the Renous the last couple days.

The weather looks very good for the next week with cooler temperatures and some rain. Temps from 13 C to 21 C and 15 to 20 ml of rain expected in the forecast. Hopefully it will cool things down and the fish will start pounding all your flies! and my bombers!

Well that's salmon fishing! Good today and bad tomorrow! Should of been here yesterday? Well its not all about the catching sometimes, its just nice to be out on the water with friends, and just seeing some fish roll or jump keeps you very excited too throw that next cast! and hope he takes the fly! And if he does not there's always tomorrow.

Tight Lines,
Rodney colford