Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rain needed on the Miramichi

Slow times for salmon fishing on the Miramichi and surrounding tributaries for 2012. Hot weather and warm water seems to be the hottest topic this season as we are now into the month of August. With very little rain in the forecast for the coming week and the rain we got yesterday will not be enough to get the rivers back to a normal level and open up the closed pools. We would need a good two day rain to get our river back to normal conditions and get some fresh fish coming into the system again. The rivers are very low and very warm and many if not all fish are holding in cold water brooks to survive the heat wave we are having.

There are not many reports to tell you about on the river about fishermen catching fish. There have been the odd one hooked or landed throughout the river. Many anglers are only fishing early mornings and skipping the evening fish. Most are using barb-less hooks and not playing a salmon very long with the warm water conditions. The temperatures of the river is staying above 70 degrees (F) in the mornings and as high as 83 degrees (F) in the late afternoon.

Rain and lots of it is what we need to help improve the conditions. The last two years we had the water and we had the fish. This year we don't have the water and we don't have the fish. Rumours from the Atlantic Salmon Federation tell me the fish are in the bay waiting to come in but due to the warm conditions the fish are staying out in the cooler temperatures.

I am looking forward to seeing better conditions soon and have a better report for my readers in the coming week. My opinion is too keep an eye on the weather, rain and cool temperatures will help in time for salmon fishing just have a little more patients.

Until next week tight lines from the Miramichi.
Rodney Colford