Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Wait Is Almost Over, Lets Fish!

One day remaining and it’s just like Christmas and watching the kids wait for Santa Claus, except this time were waiting for a strong Atlantic Salmon to hit our fly. Not as strong as when they’re running in from the sea but after such a long winter and just to have the opportunity to hook a salmon makes it well worth it for us kids and parents. And if your kids are like mine for the past week it’s all there talking about is getting out and hooking a fish.

Now for river conditions on the NW Miramichi up past the Wayerton Bridge. Outfitter Roger Sorel of Miramichi North West Lodge said ice was gone on down to Sunny Corner on Tuesday and without any flooding. River was starting to come up a bit from the rain and warm weather.

River conditions on the SW Miramichi improved very well. Warm weather and heavy rains on Monday got the water up and made boating a little easier for us to get around for opening day. And with high water comes lots of debris from the spring clean up of the river. Meaning be careful out on the water as ice and trees and debris from the shore lines will be making its way down stream.

Local outfitters on the river like Keith Wilson of Wilson Sporting Camps in the Doaktown area said the river was up on Tuesday. He also addressed being careful on the water. Keith will be fishing the Cains on the first couple days so let’s hope we get a good report back from him for next week for the river.

Local shops in the area are very well prepared for all anglers coming in to get there gear.

George Rutledge of George’s Fly Shop said he expects to see lots of fisherman in during the first week.

Curtis River Outfitters also are very well prepared to meet there customers needs and with well known fly tyer Cathy Colford on hand to help you out.

Doaks Fly Shop in Doaktown is always ready to help out and has many good products available from Sage to Simms gear.

In Miramichi Area, Miramichi City Surplus has lots of fly fishing supplies available. Also like I said last week drop into any of these places for updates of the river and they will help you out.

Anglers Awareness Night was held on the 7th and 12th in Boistown and Renous with very good topics from Mark Hambrook of the Miramichi salmon association and Debbie Norton president of the Miramichi Water Shed Committee. Bass was the biggest concern and if there was going to be a season to fish for them. The answer was NO there was not a season as of now and the numbers were too low, even though the NW Miramichi is being over whelmed with bass. Many anglers, guides and outfitters were very worried about the numbers of bass in the system and the effect they are having on our salmon. There were also talks about where they spawn and we were told that there spawning all took place on the North West and only the NW Miramichi.

Well a few anglers said the different and saw the strippers spawning in more or all of our rivers on the Miramichi system the past couple years. Mark agreed and said he also saw them spawning in the SW Miramichi and a few other rivers in the system. The awareness of what the bass were eating was also brought up and salmon smolt and lobster was a main food source in the system. DFO was not at this meeting so most that Mark could help with was good but it would have been nice to hear from Department and Fisheries and Oceans on the bass topic. A few prizes were given out last night and too name a few that won were some of our young anglers and or future guides of the river were Logan Brophy, Alex Hallihan and Zachery Colford. Other guides and Anglers that won were Gerald Hallihan, Aubrey Buggy, Duncan Manderville, Larry Munn, Eugene Donovan, Emery Brophy, Tracey Harris and Keith Gallon.

With many more topics to talk about I will let you get back to your fishing count down and opening day tomorrow. For more information on the bass check out the Miramichi Salmon Association web site.

And until next week let’s get those lines tight and the reels screeching on the Miramichi.

Tight Lines Rodney Colford