Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Miramichi Fishing Reports

Miramichi Fishing Reports for Colfords Atlantic Salmon Fishing by guide Rod Colford. River conditions are still high from all the rain over the past few weeks. But all in all if you want to fish I think we will just have to consider that the river is going to stay high for a while. The temperature of the water was 61F yesterday and the color was tinted or a stain color which was very good for the fisherman.

Over the last few days there has not been a lot of fish showing and leaving most anglers shocked that they have not saw any fish moving in the river. But do not be discouraged if you are not seeing them and that they are still moving through the pools you are fishing. Anglers up and down the river are wondering just where they are?

With these high water conditions it is not the best time to be seeing fish and most times you may not see them until you raise or hook him. So keep patient and get out there and when you think about trying that other spot you may be quitting to soon.

Fishing conditions the past couple days have been almost excellent! The last two evenings we were into fish landing one each night and hooking five others.

Doc Baker and Son Charlie with guide Gary Colford started out slow Sunday evening and Monday morning not seeing a single fish on the river. Not knowing if there was fish running or not, and trying many spots on the river. Monday evening was another evening to remember for the Bakers. After raising a few fish and knowing they were onto some fish they hooked a grilse. Doc had a jumper on for sure and four or five jumps later he had his grilse in the net. Charlie had also had several takes but it was just not his night for a hook up. They hooked the fish and had several takes on my Green Machine that they borrowed from my rod on the rack! They figured if I was using it, it had to be a fly to try in such hard conditions. I was glad he borrowed my fly and hooked up. The next morning they had not saw a single fish in the same spot.

So after Doc Baker left the lodge Joel and myself decided to take the trip to the same section on the river where Doc was. We fished down through the pool with the same flies and had not saw a fish. We were taking a break and having a beer Tuesday evening when I heard the splash below us! There they were a run of fish had appeared and up on our feet we were. It was like two kids running for ice cream for sure! I worked my way down the pool too almost the end of the beat, when I hooked a fish! and I thought for sure this was it! when it was just a trout. This trout had to be starving for sure, it had a salmon par in its mouth and still took my double 4 green machine. I decided to keep the trout and save a few salmon par from it. After throwing him back I continued down a little further and hooked a salmon in the same spot that the one jumped earlier. I lost him within seconds and the next cast within ten feet behind me! I saw a grilse roll. I then turned with my 15 foot spey rod and only ten feet away, casted in and bang if he did not take the fly. My first landed fish for myself of the season.

Earlier in the day before Doc Baker left to go home and saying his good byes he said to Joel that the lord works in mysteries ways and you may land four fish tonight in the same place he was fishing! Well he was almost right? after I landed the grilse Joel grabbed my rod and started casting where I hooked the fish. And within a cast or two he hooked up and lost his first fish of the evening. The next cast he hooked another fish, the third cast he hooked another fish and the fourth cast again! he hooked a fish. If I had not been there I would of not beleaved it. He lost four fish on four cast! not landed but still fun for sure. He then hooked two more and one of them casting in towards shore the way I hooked the grilse.

I was into the fly shop at W.W.Doak's and they said anglers were not getting any fish and were not seeing any. Also on the river Jamie Keenan was out fishing tonight and rolled one, John Keenan and Donald Keenan both got fish today near Blackville, they hooked 2 and landed one grilse. Philis Drier got a grilse today as well in Blackville. Joel Kitchen was out until dark and saw several fish but did not raise a fish, but said he will be out again tomorrow.

I also heard some reports from the Sevogle that Jim Steeves had hooked some on Monday. He thought the North West Miramichi was still a bit high as well.

I hope the next few days off nice weather will put the water down to better levels for wading on the lower stretches of the river. I will be back in a day or so with more reports on the Main South west Miramichi River for you and until then tight lines from the Miramichi.

Rod Colford
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