Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fishing weather improving on the Miramichi

After a great weekend on the Miramichi, Salmon fishing was slow on the river Monday and Tuesday as hot weather drove river temps up into the 70's and fish were not taking very well.
Wednesday was much better as river conditions were back in the 60's (f).
This should keep fish coming into the system like they have been doing.
Salmon have already started to hold up in colder water pools at the mouth of brooks and streams.
A few anglers have been hooking up in the mornings, but the evening fishing was very slow the last few days.

Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn said fishing was very good the past week. They landed over 20 salmon. Conditions were good until the warm days heated the river up.

Keith Wilson of Wilson’s Sporting Camps said the weather warmed up a bit but conditions are still ideal for migrating salmon . We are seeing plenty of salmon on the move and plenty of smiles from anglers up and down the system .
Byron Coughlan of Country Haven Lodge said fishing was good the past week. A couple days were slow as the river warmed up. We are seeing lots of fish moving up stream maybe most we have ever saw for the month of June, even with the warm weather.
Miramichi City Surplus said anglers were seeing a good run of fish on the Sevogle River. Fly of choice was a silver grey.
The NW Miramichi is getting very low. Michael Mackinnon said fishing was great the past week but the catching was a little slow. Two rods only landed 5 fish, and saw very few fish moving.
Fly of choice for most of the river is the white tail green machine number 8 & 6's, Conrad's, and a few bombers of different colours.
The next week is looking good for fishing as the weather is calling for a mix of rain and cloudy weather, fishermen's weather. This should get the North West back to much better conditions.
As for the South West Miramichi, just cooler temperatures would be awesome to improve the fishing.
Until next time have tight lines on the river. Rodney Colford

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Grilse and Salmon running on the Miramichi

The Miramichi river had good runs of Salmon and Grilse this week.
15 year old Zachery Colford with a chrome beauty 

Fly fishing conditions were very good this week on the NW, LSW and Sevogle rivers. Temperatures were around 60' degrees (F) and crystal clear with great levels for fly fishing and canoeing.
Flies of choice for many anglers were green machines, butterflies, black ghost and glitter bears.
Zachery with his first salmon of the season
The main SW is still on the high-side for the lower stretch of the river but anglers are hooking very good numbers of salmon and a few grilse all week.

Doaktown area is improving to almost perfect levels and lots of fish being hooked.
Adam Murphy releasing a nice grilse
The upper stretch of the river is starting to see some salmon and grilse, and with great reports of large sea trout landed. Chris Legere landed a 7lb speckled on fly. Many other trout were landed in the 2 to 4 pound range. Conditions are very clear and temps are hovering around 60 degrees on the SW Miramichi.
Chris Legere and his huge trout 6 to 7 lbs in the head waters
Chris Legere again with his speckled trout

John Vickery with his first of the season
Tributaries like the Renous, dungarvan, bartholomew and Cains river are all at very good levels with salmon and grilse being hooked.
Tommy, Stanson & Rod with Renous Grilse
Stanson Donovan 

Tommy Hallihan

Picture of the Renous by Stanson Donovan
Flies of choice are green machines, butterflies, blue charms and undertakers. Dry flies were blue bombers and brown bombers.
Eric Smith releasing a grilse
Other reports on the river.

Derek Munn of The Ledges Inn said fishing was very good with lots of fish. We landed over 12 salmon this week and 3 Grilse. One salmon was close to 30lb landed by Malcolm Mackillop of Ontario on a green machine. Our trout lakes fished very good this week with a couple days having over 50 trout landed each day. Contact the Ledges Inn if your interested in fishing or find us on Facebook.
Malcolm Mackillop

Larry Van Pearson with a nice salmon on dry fly
My son fifteen year old Zachery Colford landed a 20lb salmon on a blue bomber and released two other nice salmon near the mouth of Cains River. Eric smith and Adam Murphy each landed a grilse. John Vickery landed a couple salmon. Larry Van Pearson landed a couple salmon. Steven moody landed a 15lb salmon.
Another pic of Zachs salmon

Keith Wilson of Wilson’s Sporting Camps brings you good news all around . He said the river is in superb shape with higher than normal water, and cool temps . And best of all they are hearing good reports from anglers up and down the river of good fishing . Last week it was mostly larger salmon but this week there is a good mix of grilse showing up . Green machine and Bonnie Bell seem to be the fly of choice .
Bonnie Bell

So with a great week on the river and early into the season things are looking very good for the 2013season. If the salmon keeps coming like the past week and with the river dropping we should see very good fishing this weekend and into the next week.
Zach holding my salmon on the Miramichi
For more cool pictures and reports visit W.W.Doaks Miramichi Salmon Gallery & Reports by local fishermen. Or visit there shop at

Tight lines and may your reels be screaming on the river.

Rodney Colford

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Miramichi River Salmon Fishing Improving

Salmon fishing is picking up on the Miramichi and all the tributaries have fish in the system.

Many anglers are hooking or seeing fish on the river and though we have high water conditions, fishermen are managing the river levels very good.

Dan Depres of Fredericton Outfitters

In the Blissfield area of the Miramichi at the Miramichi Salmon Club Evelock Gilks landed his first of the season. Myles Woods of Ludlow landed his first of the season. Merle Colford of Blackville landed a salmon around the mouth of Cains river area. Peter Doiron landed a salmon on a yellow wing butterfly below the Cains River.

Evelock Gilks

Derek Munn of Ledges Inn in Doaktown got into a few fish the past week. Andrew Anthony landed a nice hookbill on the Dungarvan river. Barry Storey landed a grilse and saw a few more fish.

Derek Munn on the Dungarvan this week

Keith Wilson of Wilson Sporting Camps said the river is still higher than normal with cool air temperatures and all good for fishing. Great reports up and down the river.

Myles Woods of Ludlow

Renous river and its tributaries have produced several salmon over the past week. Levels are still on the high side though. Dick Tucker said he was hooking a few and saw lots of fish moving through the river.

Bartholomew and Cains river is high and with no reports of any salmon hooked or landed doesn't mean there not there. There is good reports of trout on the Cains. Peter Clark landed several trout on the lower stretch of the Cains in the 2-4 pound range.

Byron Coughlan of Country Haven Lodge said water was high but were still catching some nice fish from the river bank. Two salmon and a grilse were landed.

The NW Miramichi is starting to get down to a good level again. Anglers are still landing fish from miners bridge down and a few reports of grilse hooked. I tailed a nice salmon on the NW for Ray Whittle last Thursday, he was using a black ghost.

Scott Cormier with number 6 of the season, WTG!

Friday I landed this salmon below and Tiger Jeans lost a salmon and a grilse. And Gordon Holloway lost his salmon after a great battle of having his line untie from the backing. I yelled for Tiger to grab the line which he did, after a charge through the fast water to grab it! (which he did). I told Gordon to put the line through the guides which he did, and I retied it on. Mean while the fish was still jumping while I was holding the line. Gordon and Tiger both laughed and said they would have never believed that this could happen if they didn't see it first hand. We had the salmon almost to the net before he won the battle and got away.

Tiger Jeans and myself on the NW Friday

Gordon Holloway and the one that got away

The Little SW and Sevogle river should be at a good level by the weekend. There is reports of salmon landed on the Little Sw the past week. And this is the time of year these two rivers start fishing so expect good reports over the next week.

The NW Miramichi the past week

River temperatures are very good for the mornings in the high 50's and the later time of day in the low 60's. The conditions are very clear on the river. Looking forward to seeing more of the great pictures of salmon over the next week.

Tight lines Rodney Colford

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Salmon being landed on the NW Miramichi

Despite the high water on the Miramichi anglers are hooking into some chromer's with a little extra work. Heavy thunder showers over the past week kept the river up very high, but anglers kept fishing and the lucky few that did got rewarded.
Shawn Betts

The North West Miramichi as of yesterday was still a little high but fish are being hooked in many different pools. And by the weekend it should be at a very good level and much better for wading.

Trout Brook Fly Shop on the north west said there have been over 12 to 15 fish landed that they have heard of. Owner Sydney Matchette said anglers were hooking most fish on yellow wing butter flies and black ghost. He said conditions were high all week but is looking very good by Friday.

Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn in Doaktown said fishing was slow for him on the Main South West and he was fishing the North West Miramichi. Derek said he saw a grilse landed at a pool while canoeing and saw two more fish on his run on Tuesday. He said there was reports of several fish landed over the last few days on the NW.
Derek Munn & Andrew Anthony on the NW
Keith Wilson of Wilsons Sporting Camps said the river was still high after severe thunder storms. Keith also said there were reports of a few rocky brook salmon landed and still a few trout. Shawn Betts of Doaktown landed a nice salmon this week in the Doaktown area.

Wilson's are also taking reservations for Fathers Day. Their dining room will be open with settings at 4pm, 6pm and 8pm. For more information please contact Karl at (506) 365-0095 or Bonnie at (506) 365-0032 0r (506) 365 7519.
Ribs at Wilson's

Country Haven Fishing Lodge said fishing was slow there but reports of a few fishermen hooking some bright fish on the South West and North West Miramichi.

 Flies of choice for the weekend are black ghost, yellow wing butterflies, green machines and shady ladies. Water temperatures are in the mid 50's (F) and visibility is very clear. Rain is also expected for the weekend but should not effect the river level until the later part of the weekend, it should be at a good level to hook up.

Natalie with a trout  

I was fishing with Bonnie Wright and Sylvie Malo-Clark on Monday and we had a very good day but conditions were a little high. We practised with some Spey Casting (double hand) which they done a very good job.
Lunch Time on the river with Bonnie & Sylvie

Sylvie Malo-Clark

Bonnie Wright

My hat with a couple killers

Peter Clark with some art he finished

Until next week tight lines. Rodney Colford