Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fishing going good on Miramichi

Well we got lots of water for fishing and canoeing on the Miramichi River after Hurricane Irene dumped heavy rains on the Miramichi and raising the river up several feet the first of the week. It is dropping off fast as it dropped about 4 feet on Tuesday night on the lower stretches of the Miramichi. The river is very clear but still spring high and very dangerous for wading, so be careful when you’re out there fishing.
If you’re trying to find a place to fish in the high water take advantage of the smaller rivers like the Renous, Dungarvon, Bartholomew and the Cains River where you can find places to fish and with the high water will make it good for fishing salmon.
The fish started taking again on Tuesday on different stretches of the river.
The Doaktown area of the Miramichi was starting to fish again on Tuesday. Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn said they were hooking some out of boats and the river had dropped about 2 feet. He also said this should bring some new fish in and gets the fall run coming. Bill Ensor hooked a few fish while at the Ledges and when I was fishing with him he hooked one on a number 4 stone fly. The Ledges Inn also done there web site over and it looks very good so check it out.
Wilsons Sporting Camps above Doaktown said the water was too high and looks like a bust for the week or so. Things should pick up by the first of the week.
The lower stretch near the Mouth of Cains River had been fishing very well just before the raise in water and now that the water dropped down it is starting to fish again. Some anglers are starting to hook up again on the lower stretches of the Cains too.
We had great fishing at pool 66 before the raise in water. My son Zachery Colford and myself hooked a few nice salmon. And Damir Sehic of Fredericton landed a salmon. John Vickery and Larry Vanpeurson both landed several salmon. All our fish were mostly hooked on bombers but a few were hooked on wets too.
The weather looks good until Sunday as it looks like another storm is going to hit us with more heavy rain. We don’t need any more rain at this time as fishing would be wiped out for several days if we get what there predicting and there predicting 40 to 70 ml over 3 days.
I am still looking for more reports on the different river areas everyone fishes. Please get the word out to anyone you know and email me the reports and I will gladly post them for you. Thanks again for the reports I received so far.
Tight lines,