Sunday, July 26, 2009

Justen Charron Lands His first Atlantic Salmon On Miramichi

Miramichi Fishing Reports

Atlantic Salmon Fishing on the South West Miramichi River. With heavy rains the last couple days the water was starting to raise last evening. The temperature was very good at 63F and still fairly clear to fish. There was starting to be some grass and branches floating down stream as we were fishing though and I expect it will be very difficult to wade in most places on the lower stretches of the river in the morning.

There was lots of fish showing today as well on the lower stretches of the main south west Miramichi river. Justin and Charles Charron of St. George NB fished with me yesterday. They raised a few the night before at Hogan's Bar but did not hook up. The next morning we hit the river around 7:30 and canoed 4 miles up stream to our first pool of the morning. The water was good for this first pool but we did not see a fish move. As we were heading down stream to another pool we saw Stan Tropze of Salar Haven fishing club landing a salmon. I shut down my engine on the canoe as we drifted slowly by trying not too disturb Stan's fish that Mark Madore was netting for him, I asked him what he hooked it on and he said a green machine. Another mile down stream there was a fisherman fishing at a public pool and he said he had hooked one and rolled a couple more. We decided to stop behind my house at pool 66 and give it a try, there was know one around fishing except for a few guys at the mouth of Cains River. There were lots of fish rolling and jumping all through out the pool and as far as the eye could see down stream. We saw Jason & Jennifer Curtis fishing out in front of the Wades and Jennifer landed two salmon on a dry fly and Jason one grilse.

After seeing them land there fish I saw Justen roll one on a green machine! Charles and I was above Justen working on another salmon rolling about 30 feet from us. It was not long before we heard the reel scream and Justen yell out! I got one! I ran for the net and this fish was jumping like crazy! Justen all most had the fish in, about 20 feet from the net or so and he said it's just there? I could not see the fish in the dark water and did not want to take any chances on him loosing this salmon, And I knew this was only the second salmon he had on and lost his first one a previous year fishing. I said to Justen that this salmon could take you out into the backing yet, even though it was close to the net! lol! And I was right on the money and before we knew it he was way out in the backing and we were chasing him down stream. Justen said he did not even know he had a third color of backing on his reel that is how far he took off. Justen got it under control and I netted his first ever Atlantic Salmon weighing 15 pounds on a green butt green machine that he tied himself.

Rick Colford landed a grilse and rolled a few more on a number 4 green machine. Joel Kitchen rolled a few he said but did not get one to hook up. Judy Berrasi of Maine landed a grilse on our Vickers bar Pool. Lenard Connors of Upper Blackville had rolled a few but no hook ups.

The weather is looking like rain again for Sunday evening and into Monday with more amounts of 20ml to raise the river even more. Then they are saying sunny with showers the rest of the week. We will not be complaining about no water no time soon one would think.

Back in a few days to let you know how the levels and conditions of the river will be for the weekend.

Tight Lines,
Rodney Colford