Friday, May 8, 2009

Weekend Looking Good for Miramichi River

Colfords Miramichi Salmon Fishing Reports from the South west Miramichi River by guide Rodney Colford. The last few days we are still seeing a lot of fish in the lower stretches of the river from Upper Blackville to Quarryville. Chances are very good for the weekend if your looking to hook up with a Atlantic Salmon.

Weather & Water Levels
Water levels are very good for this section of the river and very clear despite a little raise. The temperature is at 46 F and the barometric pressure is holding at 100. kpa for the last 10 to 12 hours. The weather for the next few days is from 8C to 22C for the Miramichi area.

There are reports of smelts up as far as the Blackville area. But I have yet to see them near the mouth of Cains River. Salmon are jumping all over the river from shore to shore on this section of the river, nice to see so many fish still in the system. Also some reports of trout being hooked near Quarryville but anglers said they appear to be black trout on there way out.

Long time friend and Marketing director Greg Davidson for Colfords Atlantic Salmon Fishing Ltd. and son Adam had a great day fishing with me on the lower stretches of Miramichi river by the Mouth of Cains.

Adam landed his first ever Atlantic Salmon using a golden eagle and said it was a little stronger than a brookie. Way to go Adam! Greg was trailing behind and the pressure was building to catch one!

Then I hooked one on a black ghost! and we were really making him sweat to catch one. We had a couple each before he finally got this beauty on a blue smelt pattern. Way to go Greg! but it was fun for Adam and myself to put the first few in the boat!!

We ended the morning with 9 fish and had several more hits.
All our fish were hooked trolling and full sinking lines out to the backing.

This is my son Zachery fishing trout at Black Brook Falls and his first time using a spin cast rod.

This is where Zach & Laura had no idea about fishing trout with bait. They said dad it would be much more easier fishing with the fly rod!! It may have been better with the fly rod? we never even had a strike with worms. They had a fun time and looking forward to the next time again.

To all the Fisher-Ladies that read my fishing reports Happy Mothers Day and tighter lines in the coming days fishing.

From the Banks of the Famous Miramichi River this is Guide Rodney Colford.

Quote of the week
“A fishing pole is a stick with a hook at one end and a fool on the other”
Quote by Samuel Johnson