Thursday, August 11, 2011

Miramichi River levels are good for August

River and Fly fishing conditions on the Miramichi the past week is still very good. Anglers are happy with the temperatures of the water and the fish they are seeing. Water temperatures are staying very good in the 60 degree (F) which is very good for salmon fishing. 
This is Zachery Colford with his first salmon of the season. This photo was taken about a month ago.

The level of the river also is very good for the middle and upper stretches of the Miramichi. The lower section is still on the high side as most of the pools need it to be low water for the fish to take better. But the majority of anglers are still hooking their share of fish throughout the river.

This is Brad Kersing
of  Austrailia

With high water on the lower stretch of the Miramichi it is making some anglers see how well Cains River fishes all summer. High water conditions this summer has made the Cains fish very well and reports of fish are being hooked or seen jumping in pools over the entire river.

Me holding Marc Bedards fish.
The North West Miramichi is still fishing very well. Heavy rains made the fish very active and one angler had some very good dry fly fishing. Marc Bedard of Moncton hooked 9 fish over 3 days. He said barbless bombers were his fly of choice. Marc said most of the fish were dark and no sign of them being fresh. This is a fish Marc got at the Ledges Inn back in July when I was fishing with him.

The Ledges Inn the past week has been still hooking a few fish. We have not seen very many new fish except for one day one of the guest landed 4 straight with the 4th one being very silver. We are fishing mostly dry flies and a few hooked on small wets. Derek Munn and his guest were hooking most fish in early mornings.

Celtic Beauty by
Gary Tanner

The next week is looking good for fishing for those who like the rain. The weather man 
is calling for rain and more rain the start of the week so put your swim suits away and get your rain gear out and get fishing. And for those who never fished before it’s never too late to start. I had an 82 year old lady start fishing this week and she enjoyed it very much. She said it was hard to fish with so much beauty around the Miramichi and NB as rainbows and eagles were in the sky.

And for another week of fly fishing on the Miramichi may your lines be tight and your reels be screeching.