Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ice Out 2012 On The Miramichi

Ice out conditions for Thursday March 22nd 2012. Early ice out conditions are underway and many anglers are very curious if the salmon will still be around by April 15th for the start of the season.

Yesterday the river ice started coming out of the Cains River and also got the lower section of the Main SW Miramichi River running. Ice was piling up along the shores and very loud noise was heard from the breaking and moving of the ice.
took some photos of a beaver who was struggling to maneuver through the ice flows. At one point he decided to climb on top of a floating ice junk and try walking up stream but only to find out he was not getting anywhere and lost more distance than he made up.                                                                                               

 In Doaktown ice was still in according to Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn. He thought with all the warm weather we were having that ice should be breaking up very soon. He also said fishing should be very good after having such a good season last year. Well Derek was right and the ice did get underway.
As to the ice going out early or late there always seems to be fish around for the opening day. I saw years where the ice went out in February and salmon were still around on opening day. The biggest concern may be how high will the river be with all this early melting we are having? All I know it will be nice to get back on the water and throw a line after a long winter of waiting.

If your looking to get out on the water this season give us a call or go online and check us out at or phone 506-365-1820. And if you're in Moncton this weekend we will be at the New Brunswick Sportsman Show being held at the NB Boat Show this year at the Coliseum.

I will be back in a couple days with a more up to date report for ice out on the Miramichi.
Tight Lines,
Rodney Colford