Saturday, March 20, 2010

Miramichi Ice Conditions March 21st

Miramichi River Report for March 21st 2010.

These first two photos are pictures of a couple of guides boats getting ready for spring fishing. The first boat belongs to John Colford of Howard.

This 2nd boat belongs to Donnie Colford of Howard. Also you can still see some snow that will make its way to the river.

You will see from these photos I added, the river is breaking up in places and also very very low water conditions. There is a jam between the mouth of Cains River and Blackville.

With the Cains River ice being gone so early the fish may completely be out of the river by April 15th. Also trying to boat on the Cains will be very difficult or pretty much impossible to motor up and down the river without breaking the motor. You can see from photo 5 that the ice is gone out of the Cains.

The Main Miramichi will have the same troubles with low water. The lower stretches is not so bad but when you get to the Middle Stretches of the river there are so many gravel bars that will make it hard to get over for the flat bottom boats.

Some of these photos the river is almost summer low! With very little snow in the woods we really need the big rains that are in the forecast. Only problem with getting the rains it will get the ice moving and raise the water which is good. But for the fisherman that believe the fish will start dropping back out to sea it is not good. Lets hope that the fish do stay in until the smelts make there run in and the salmon follow them out. And if this is what they do your into some good fishing on the Miramichi. The salmon feed on the smelts after a long hard winter under the ice and too help them get some strength back on there travels back to Greenland. You will even see them swim into towards shore after them if you watch closely and be lucky enough to be in the right spot at the time of feeding. I have caught them with smelts in there mouth and still take the fly.

Advantages to low water conditions will be having a guide that knows the lies of the river. Knowing how to get over the gravel bars with his boat. Telling you with type of line you should be using such as a sinking tip perhaps? Fly selection will make a difference aswell like the size of the flies. A few top flies will be Renous Special, Miramichi Smelt, Black Ghost, Golden Eagle and Christmas Tree.

These conditions are not something to get over excited about and cancel your trip! If you are the addicted fly fisherman you will know that there are so many different things about fly fishing that can change the way that a salmon will act. Just think of this season as another way to fish these wonderful fish.

Forecast for the Miramichi area this week is rain. We are suppose to get 3 days of rain starting Tuesday March 23rd 20mm, Wednesday 24th 10mm and Thursday a little more. Rumors were saying 50 mm before it is all said and done the next few days.

Photos 1 to 12 are, the first two are the boats, the 3rd & 4th is just a mile below the mouth of the Cains. 5,6 & 7 are at or around the mouth of Cains River, 8 is looking up towards Doctors Island off the Blackville bridge going to south Cains, 9 is looking down river off the Doaktown bridge, 10 is looking up river off the Upper Blackville bridge on the Miramichi, 11 is looking down of the Upper Blackville bridge and 12 is looking up river on the Doaktown bridge.

Hopefully everyone enjoys my reports! I by no means am no writer but I do enjoy giving you the reports of the river. I'd rather be fishing!! Perhaps the next few days I will have better reports for you for in planning your trip to the famous river The Miramichi.

I would like to thank everyone who emailed me with there thoughts for my fishing reports. I would like anyone that does have comments to please email me anytime. And if I can give you an answer I will or try my best in finding one.

I also have a good blog of the Miramichi for you too read and its at read more: You will see some nice fishing from this winter and more.

Also don't forget about the Dieppe Fly Fishing Show in Moncton next weekend for those who are close enough to go. There is some great deals at the show and good prizes.

Tight lines from the Miramichi,
Rod Colford

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ice Conditions

Colfords Miramichi River Reports for March 17th 2010. First off, A Happy New Year to all and hope you enjoy the reports for another season. With fishing season less than a month away and anglers getting excited for the first cast, everyone is wondering how the ice conditions are on the Miramichi River. I have a few photo's for you from around the area of Blackville.

This is at the Upper Blackville Bridge

The ice does not look like it is very thick in these photos. The mild weather were having appears that the ice may be out sooner than we would want for fishing season. The river is very low and boating may be very hard to get to places this spring as well.

Just a reminder does everyone have there boaters operating card?

This is at the Blackville Bridge.

This is looking up towards Doctors Island.

Salmon Flies: I have several spring & Summer salmon patterns tied if anyone wants an order please email me and I will get them done for you. I have Renous Special, Golden Eagles, Black Ghost, Elmer Specials, Christmas Trees, Red & Green Eagles and Blue Smelts for spring flies.

I will be back tomorrow with more photos and an update of the ice out conditions.

Tight Lines, Rodney Colford