Monday, June 22, 2009

Water rising on Miramichi River!

Colfords Miramichi Fishing Reports from the banks of the South West Miramichi River in New Brunswick Canada. Fishing is still a little slow for the month of June and we are still waiting for the big runs to start filling our rivers. Anglers are very anxious for the grilse runs to start after seeing a few salmon in the rivers.

This is a photo just before the rise in water at Salar Haven club in Upper Blackville.

Sorry for the late reports but not really much too report but slow conditions on most rivers. The last week there have been a few fish hooked. Just yesterday Marshal Arbeau of Upper Blackville hooked another twelve pound salmon, only a few minutes before I was telling him I saw a few salmon on a bar coming his way. He said I was just out of sight with my canoe when he hooked up. Damir Sehic raised a salmon just below the mouth of Cains River on a Blue Bomber and saw a few more. Ross Brophy was seeing a few fish the last couple days but had no takers look at his fly. Randell Connors of Upper Blackville and guide of Country Haven landed a grilse Saturday evening. Leonard Connors also from Upper Blackville reported seeing a couple fish but yet to hook one. Wades Fishing Club were seeing a few fish but said there were only a few showing.

An eagle watching over her young in the nest.

For the North West Miramichi
I was talking with Syd Matchett of Trout Brook Fly Shop last evening and he said they had about a 2 foot raise in water and it started to drop around 1:00pm on Sunday. He said there were a few fish being seen and a few guys hooking up but they were hitting short and most were lost. He also said the NW Miramichi should be good the next few days with the new moon and the high tides that are expected.
I was fishing Friday on the North West and saw an angler land a grilse on a yellow wing butterfly, he said there were a couple landed the night before too. A few other guys we were talking to had saw a few fish at McLaughlin Island Pool but they wouldn't take. Anglers were still getting a few trout in the 10 to 12 inch range.

Flies of choice are red butt moose hair, yellow wing butterfly and bombers that I am a where off.

I will be reporting starting next week with a more day to day reports as I will be more busy on the water. I look forward to giving you the most productive reports on the river from the Lower stretches of the Main South Miramichi, Cains River, Renous, and time to time the North West Miramichi.

Tight Lines,
Guide Rodney Colford