Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August fishing is usually low and warm

Could conditions be much better for the month of August this summer for salmon fishing on the Miramichi.  All I can say is the fish are here and the water is too and what more can one ask for after June and July fishing was some of the best we have ever saw on the Miramichi. August fishing is usually low and warm and were complaining wishing we had water well it’s not the case this season.

It’s been a tough season for the lower stretch of the Main South West Miramichi where they need low water for best results. But anglers still have hooked their fair share of fish in the high water conditions. Many fish are still being hooked from the mouth of Cains River down to Quarryville this week.
With reports of a few fresh fish in the system and many old fish hanging around some pools most fisherman were saying. Ken Macloud and Rick Law had excellent fishing as the green and blue bombers seem to be the fly for them. Ken had one 18lber and saw some in the 25 to 30 pound range jumping. Steven Moody also was hooking a few fish on bombers. Lester Vickers was fishing with him and also had some luck.
In the Doaktown area local fisherman are hooking a few but are not seeing many fresh fish around.
The Ledges Inn is seeing a good number of fish in most all their pools. Water conditions are great with temperatures being in the low 60,s (F). After the good rise in water Tuesday and hooking 20 salmon later was a very good day. Wednesday morning was also very good yesterday morning as they hooked 12. Flies of choice were samething murray, green butt and coosebooms.
Cains River was fishing very well from Sabbies down to the mouth of Cains. I hooked 2 on GP,s and 1 on an Alley shrimp and several on dry.
Local fly shops in the area are always on top of the fish reports like WW.Doak & sons and ask for Matt or Bruce. Fredericton Outfitters are always in the scoop with conditions on all rivers in NB and the Miramichi. Curtis River outfitters and George Routledge at Georges Fly Shop will have the gear and advice you are looking for. And if your coming from Saint John and passing through Minto stop in and checkout Ralph Goodwin’s fly shop where he has all the gear too.
And if you’re looking to canoe, kayak or tube the Miramichi River there are several places to check out and to name a few like McCormack Outdoor Adventures if you’re close to Boistown area and in Doaktown there is O’Donnell’s Cottages that are very well known for their canoeing. And if you’re over on the North West area check out Stewarts Tubing on the Little South West Miramichi.
These pictures of our fish were landed on Wednesday.
River conditions should be very good for the weekend so get out of the office and grab your fishing gear and hook up this weekend.
Tight Lines, Rodney Colford