Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Warm June Taking Its Toll On Miramichi Salmon Fishing

Rod, Ernie & Andrew of the Ledges Inn
photo taken by Rick Whorwood.
Salmon fishing on the Miramichi is just not in the way we would like to see it for the month of June. I would love to say fishermen's reels are screeching out into the backing. And thirty pound Chrome Bumpers of Salmon that are so silver they are Leaping through the air. But warm weather is taking its toll on the river as river temperatures hit over 21 degrees Celsius (70.F) this week.
Looking up river from the Bridge Pool in Ludlow.
Some fishermen that hooked up this week:
 A few salmon and grilse that are in the river are already starting to lay at the mouth's of cold brooks to get out of the warmer river conditions from midday to late evenings. Some fish that were laying in certain pools during the day moved upstream by the next morning. So it seems they are travelling more at night to beat this heat and to get over the shallow gravel bars.

Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn said his guest Galen Knowles landed a grilse and lost one, Nate Holyoke hooked and lost one at Mountain Channel Pool.
Miramichi Salmon Club hooked a few salmon in the Blissfield area this week.
Looking down river at the Bridge Pool.
Damir Sehic landed a 15lb salmon using a black bomber. Chris Edmonds reported hooking a 10 to 12lb salmon with one of his clients. John Colford hooked a salmon at the mouth of Cains River on Tuesday.

Miramichi and surrounding tributaries are in need of rain and cooler temperatures to improve the fishing. Many anglers are already complaining about the late run of salmon to the river and now with this heat anglers are getting very discouraged. One thing to look at is maybe the salmon knew something we didn't, and being late to arrive this summer may be a good thing with the warm water conditions we are having. Lets hope they are waiting in the estuary for a change in the system and big schools of fish ready to run into our rivers.

At the trout lakes having dinner.
There have been a few small runs of fish make there way in so far this season and a few lucky anglers hooked up. But it has been a slow start to the season and with the warm dry conditions we are having, anglers will have to be patient and wait for the rain to come to cool the rivers down.

The weekend is starting to look better for the fish and the fishermen as some rain is in the forecast and cooler weather for next week. Thunder showers for Friday and Saturday and rain Monday and Tuesday are expected and will be nice to see for the Atlantic Salmon Fishing.

Fishing at the trout lakes at the Ledges Inn.
Reports are low and warm on all the tributaries and anglers should practice safe fishing for the fish. When river conditions are warm try fishing early mornings. In these conditions in warm weather get out on the river early and beat the heat and you may be rewarded. Also remember to drink lots of water and have sunscreen lotion on, or get raccoon eyes like mine and a few other guides I know.

Lets hope we get some rain and the weather stays cooler next week for fishing salmon not only on the Miramichi but all of New Brunswick rivers.
Boats at the lake.

Tight Lines from the banks of the Miramichi.
Rodney Colford

Salmon fishing picking up

Salmon fishing is picking up on the Main South West Miramichi River as many fishermen have been hooking up. There are good reports from Quarryville area of the river to Boistown area. There have also been reports of salmon up in the juniper area of the river.

Most fish that are being hooked seem to be in the 15lb range and the odd few in there twenties. There is also the odd grilse being landed too. There is still the odd trout being caught on the river from 10 to 14 inch range.

River conditions are getting very low both on the North West and South West Miramichi. The lower stretch from the mouth of Cains River to Quarryville is almost at a perfect level right now. But from the mouth of Cains River on up the Miramichi is starting to get very low and could use some rain to get the level up.
Temperatures this week were in the mid 60's (F) which is very good for the Miramichi.

On Monday Andrew Anthony of the Ledges Inn hooked a salmon and lost it in the morning and then landed another in the evening. Derek Munn landed a nice salmon about 16lbs the same evening. Both fish were landed at the Harris Ledge Pool. Tuesday evening I landed a 15lb salmon at The Mountain Channel Pool on a Samething Murray, and also lost another salmon and grilse. I saw several fish both Monday and Tuesday which was a good sign. There seems to be a good run on of fish but not the greatest yet.

Some other fishermen that hooked up this week were Steven Moody who lost a grilse on a bomber pattern.

Bruce Waugh of W.W.Doaks in Doaktown said there were a few local anglers picking up the odd salmon and the lucky grilse.

Chris Munn of Fredericton Outfitters had a great turn out with the Fly Casting Course as Rick Whorwood's Fly Casting School held courses Friday evening at Fredericton Outfitters and again Saturday and Sunday at the Ledges Inn.

Fishermen looking to get out for the weekend to throw a line should try early mornings and late evenings if the weather stays warm. With a chance of a shower today and a little over cast should help the fishing for this evening.

Until next week tight lines.
This is one I landed last Thursday of 3 salmon.