Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Temperatures drop and fish start to take on the Miramichi

Sunset on the SW Miramichi River
Fishing is starting to improve on the Miramichi as the river temperatures drop. Many fishermen are taking advantage of the action as the fish move upstream or out into the pools.

Guide Andrew Anthony and Trudy McBrine-Cox with her 20lber
The temperatures at nights have fallen to single digits and dropping the river temperatures to the low 60's (15.6) to high 50's (10.0) degrees and have got the fish taking again. The river raised about 6 inches near the first of the week but is almost back to where it was again now.

Reports starting with the South West Miramichi River.

Here at The Ledges Inn this past week we have had very good fishing. Mostly salmon and some grilse with a few hitting the 20 pound mark. All the fish we are hooking are dark fish that have moved out from the brooks. We have yet to hook or see any sign of a fresh run salmon this fall.
Terry Cox with one of his salmon.

 Terry and Trudy McBrine-Cox were the hot rods the past few days landing mostly salmon on there catches. Trudy landed a 19 and 20lb salmon while Terry wasn't far behind with fish from 15 to 19lbs.

Jim Brennan with a 15lber 

Durck Dewinter of Sussex landed 2 salmon and a grilse on Tuesday. While Peter Brennan landed 1salmon and a grilse. Jim Brennan landed a 15lb salmon and a grilse. Larry Doggan landed a grilse and lost a salmon. Bud Maclillen both landed a grilse.
Guide Lloyd Lyons & Miguelle Goguen  releasing a grilse! 

Flies of choice for us for the week were Ally Shrimps and Tippet Shrimps, Blue, brown and christmas tree bombers, green butt bear hairs, glitter bears, carters bug and butterflies.

Guide Kenny Vickers & Nigel Blackley of Macllesfield, England
Country Haven Lodge had hooked several fish this week mostly on christmas tree bombers and whiskers. 17 salmon and one grilse. They landed 4 that had sea lice fresh from the bay. Guide Kenny Vickers with client landed a 20lb salmon. They were also seeing some fish on the Cains River. Guide Gary Colford said they were also hooking a few on the North West Miramichi.

Guide Jeremy Vickers & Graham Birnie, Scotland
 Anglers around the mouth of Cains River are picking up a few fish and some very fresh. Small red butt bear hairs were the fly of choice for a few locals.

Black Brook Pool
Black Brook Salmon Club were still seeing lots of fish and hooking a few too. Bombers, small black flies and green machines seem to be the answer for most sports. Some fish were well over 20lbs and a few with sea lice. David Ledlie of main was throwing tight loops on his cast and hooking a few as I watched from across the river.

Cains river is still very low but there are a few pools on the lower stretch that have fish about. There was a lady came in for dinner at the Ledges Inn yesterday and said she landed a salmon and said it was very bright looking fish at salmon brook.

Renous River in Pineville
Renous River also very low with a few fish being seen in the middle section of the river.

Jim Brennan of Halifax releasing a grilse.
The North West Miramichi. I am having a tough time getting reports from the NW Miramichi. If anyone would like to help me out with information weekly I could add your name and business for you if you like in my report. I am looking for river temperatures and levels for the most part and your catch would be great too. I do not need the pools names unless you want to give it. You can contact me at Thanks.

 Miramichi Salmon Association (MSA) said counts at NW Cassilis and SW Millerton are between 0 and 2 fish per day coming in. Nola Chiasson said she is being flooded by calls wondering if the fall run has arrived.

This is Joan Wulff tying a fly on.
The 2012 Annual Salmon Hall of Fame Dinner at the Atlantic Salmon Museum is this weekend Saturday September 15th. If you need tickets please call 506 365 7787 or email. The 2012 inductees are Joan and Lee Wulff, Clinton and Daisy Norrad, Renate Bullock and Debbie Norton.

With some fish being hooked on the river this should get you in the spirit to knock of early and head to the river this weekend. And don't forget to support the local fly shops in the area as they are always eager to point you in the right direction to catch a fish.

Tight Lines,
Rodney Colford