Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Not much change on the Miramichi

Salmon fishing on the Miramichi has not changed much again over the past week. We managed to get a little raise in water but conditions stayed warm which keep the river temperatures up. 

There is still no change to the schedule from 5am to 10am morning fishing. So it looks like we need cooler nights or more rain to get the regular fishing back on track. 

At the Ledges Inn this past week we landed a grilse and raised a few more but conditions were very slow overall. We are still hooking a few trout at the lakes on small flies. 

Wilson's Sporting Camps reported the height of the river is not the problem as much as the heat in the afternoons and evenings. And at the moment the morning fishing is still the best option with the temperatures being high. Keith Wilson also said for anglers to be patient as the river can change very fast and with the rumours from the estuary having lots of fish holding it could be amazing fishing this fall.

Black Brook Salmon Club at the Mouth of Cain's River said fishing slowed down more this week than last. They did get 4 salmon last week and saw fish moving in the upper part of there pool. This week there was not much moving and all seemed to be holding in the brook.

Chris Edmonds hooked and rolled a few fish this week on the North West Miramichi River. He said conditions were good and water temperatures were in the 60's (F). He said he could not wait for it too get back to a full day of fishing.
On the positive note we are getting closer to fall fishing. The conditions are changing very slowly, maybe slower than we like but are changing. River levels are up a bit from previous weeks and a few fish are moving out from cold water pools slowly. 

I saw a few fish this week at the Upper Blackville Bridge and some where huge. One in the group was massive and looked well over 30 plus pounds. Just a few days before when I checked out the same section of the river I saw nothing holding there, so some fish are making a move. 

I know many of you are waiting for good fishing to start and so am I. Many of us are sharing different salmon fly patterns and very eager to give them a try. So please be a bit more patient and with lots of luck we will have a good fall season and hook many salmon on the Miramichi. It's not the first time we had a spell like this (maybe not this long) and won't be the last. And like Keith Wilson said our river can change very quickly and have great fishing.

Tight Lines.