Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A few fresh fish in the system

Your weekly angling report for the Miramichi river. Yesterday we finally got some more rain in the Miramichi river valley. Was it enough to get some fresh fish into the system, we will have to wait and see. 

 Nola Chiasson of the MSA (Miramichi Salmon Association) said even though there only putting a few fish through the trap, the ones they are putting through are fresh salmon from the bay with sea lice and not ones that have been laying about. 

There have been some bright fish hooked on the lower stretch of the river that have sea lice. And where the MSA only counts a small percentage of the fish that goes up the river each day. Perhaps a bit more fish are moving upstream than we all know about.

River temperatures are very good and seem to be averaging in the low 60's (F) and even down into the high 50's most days. River levels are still very low. Hopefully we get another raise in water from what rain we got yesterday. 

The lower stretch of the main SW Miramichi is at a pretty good level for fishing. The Middle and Upper stretches are low but with a little boost in water from this storm we should be fishing some pools that were not fish-able all season. 

Temperatures on the NW Miramichi are about the same degrees as the Main SW. Chris Edmunds of CE Salmon Flies and Guiding said he was hooking a few fish every trip out and most pools he fished had fish showing. Flies of choice were Same-thing Murray, peach bomber (crevette) and yellow wing butterfly.

Mountain Channel Fishing Lodge finally started seeing some fish this week. After a long run of only seeing a few fish weekly, they were seeing upwards of 15 to 20 fish per day. Boyd Curtis landed a grilse yesterday, but said it was a dark looking fish. Boyd said he saw a few fish jumping that were very silver looking and said they had to be fresh fish coming in from the bay.

Country Haven Lodge on the lower stretch of the SW Miramichi was having not bad fishing. The past few days they were seeing fish in most pools. Ken Vickers landed a 28lb salmon that was a bar of silver and covered with sea lice. It took a peach coloured bomber. Gary Colford was on the NW Miramichi and landed a salmon and saw a few more fish on Monday. Pete Randall caught a salmon on the Cains River and saw several more fish. Conditions were very low for the Cains and rain was badly needed.

For us at The Ledges Inn we are having a little luck. We only saw a couple fish that looked fresh. So know sign of any sea lice on a fish for us yet. We are hooking mostly salmon with the odd grilse the past week. We had a couple 20 lber's and many in the 15lb range. Hopefully this rain will give a little raise and get more fresh fish up from the bay. Flies of choice were christmas tree bombers, blue smurfs, green Widows and black ghost.

Sutters Salmon Club were also hooking a few fish this week in the Doaktown to Boistown area. Shawn Betts and clients were hooking many on dry flies. Daryl O'Donald and client hooked a 21lb salmon on a smurf pattern. Other flies that was working was christmas tree bombers, blue bomber and brown bombers.

Fishing near the Mouth of Cains River was also pretty good this week. Zachery Colford landed a grilse on a orange bomber. Merle Colford landed a huge salmon that had sea lice on the tail. Jamie Colford landed a grilse on a undertaker.

Donald Colford guide at Black Brook Salmon Club said fishing was not bad as some days they landed 9 fish. Many fish they were catching was high up in the pool and was a good sign that the fish were moving upstream. Donald said fish were taking many flies from big to small. Green slime patterns were working well as Dave Ledley hooked several on it. Many fall patterns were working and bombers of different styles. 

I expect after this rain we will see more fish coming into the system. Over the years we usually get a good fall run somewhere around the third week of September, so I'm thinking positive here and asking the fish Gods to bring them in. 

For those of you that are waiting for the season to turn around maybe this is the time to get back on the water. Be optimistic and catch some fish. There might not be as many as last year or the year before, but there is fish about in the rivers if your on the water fishing them. 
So with a much better report than previous weeks for you, tight lines from the Miramichi River.