Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fish on the run for the Miramichi River

Miramichi Fishing Reports for the Main South West Miramichi and Tributaries.

Happy Independence Day too all my readers that follow my reports for Atlantic Salmon Fishing from the US.

The Miramichi lost a great fisherman and good friend yesterday of Black Brook Salmon Club DR. Adrien Bomb. Adrien fished at Black Brook for over 20 plus years and was a avid dry fisherman! The bomber caught him many huge fish. Adrien was originally from Holland, He moved to the US many years ago. He was from Worcester Massachusetts. Adrien will be missed by many fisherman and friends here on the Miramichi River. Tight Lines Adrien! He always said that to me when he was heading back to camp after his morning or evening fish.

For the lower stretches of the river the last couple days from Doaktown too Quarryville. The water temperature is 61F this morning again and just about perfect for Atlantic Salmon fishing. The water is high but very clear in color for fishing wets or dry flies. The high tides for today, tonight and tomorrow are 5.49 PM ADT / 0.60 m , 5:13 AM ADT / 1.48 m on Sunday morning , 6:45 PM ADT / 0.61 m for the evening on Sunday.

We are finally starting to see some fish, and more numbers of fish as they are running up stream. Yesterday around 10:00am there was a lot of grilse (small salmon) jumping in the lower section of the river by Upper Blackville and Howard. It was like something just turned on and the fish were around. One fisherman had a salmon on and lost another just before we passed through the pool. And a little further down Stan Trozp of Salar Haven Club said he saw a few fish and lost a salmon. There was 4 fish hooked by the mouth of Cains River. Speaking of the Cains River anglers saw fish jumping up in the Cains, so there is a few heading up the Cains it appears. The lower section of the Cains may be the place to try.

Today there was also some fish showing on the Miramichi. Rick Colford hooked a salmon and lost it. Damir Sahic lost a grilse and raised it twice before he took a number 4 white tail green machine. He said it came for the fly the first cast and the third time it hooked on. Ashley Hallihan saw a few fish this morning at Wades Fishing Club. I saw a half dozen fish jumping which were a mix of salmon and grilse.

The North West Miramichi is also reporting fish around. One anglers today from the USA said he hooked 7 fish yesterday and landed a couple. I also had reports of other fish being hooked. Wes Ward of Fredericton fished the Sevogle this week and only saw one fish checking out his buddies fly. A big difference from last season he reported.

The water is still very high but was dropping a bit by noon today on the Main South West Miramichi. With reports of fish being seen in the lower stretches like Quarryville, Blackville, Upper Blackville, Howards and the Rapids things are starting to improve on the river. Lets hope all the rain is over and the weather stays cool and we will start hooking some fish. It would be also nice to have some pictures of some salmon to show you.

Back in a couple days with better reports of fish being caught! well I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for them results! Tight lines.

Rodney Colford