Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Salmon fishing slowing down on Miramichi

Salmon fishing on the Miramichi is starting to slow down for the spring salmon season. Many anglers are only picking up 1 or 2 fish a day and some not getting anything. Water conditions are dropping fast but with rain expected it should put it up and get some fish coming into the system.

Anglers on the North West said water conditions were getting down closer to summer heights, again with rain in the forecast it will put it up quite fast. There were rumours of some big trout starting to make there way into the NW Miramichi.

Tuesday myself, Andrew Anthony, Derek Munn and Shawn Betts sailed from The Ledges Inn in Doaktown to the park in Blackville and landed 4 salmon and 6 trout. The trout were all around 10 to 12 inch range. We saw a few fish laying about but not near as many as 3 or 4 days before. Fish were all hooked on a cast with different patterns such as Marabou's, Buck Tail and Rabbit Strips streamers.

There are reports from Jerome Molloy that two Bright salmon landed on the Restigouche River this week and fish size were over 25lbs. It will not be long now for the Miramichi system as things seem to be starting early.

Up river at Wilsons Sporting Camps Keith said water was warming up quickly and the fish were moving out of the upper part of the river very fast. Anglers are fishing the middle section of the river using floating lines with long leaders.

The Ledges Inn said fishing was still good in the area but we are starting to enter the in between time when we are waiting for the springers to move out and the bright trout and salmon to move in. Head Derek Munn said they were catching most fish with sink tips and flies were Marabous and Rabbit Strip patterns.

Local fly fishing shop in Blackville Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters have a new web site up and running at so go give it a look.

I will keep you posted through the week on my blog at for fresh trout and salmon that are coming in. Tight Lines from the banks of the Miramichi.