This page is dedicated to the great fisherman I have had the privilege to fish with

I highly recommend Rodney Colford for your guide service on the Miramichi river. Rodney is an outstanding guide with knowledge of the river and fish movements, instruction on casting and presentation and will give you as much or as little help as you might need in your quest for the elusive Atlantic salmon. He also enjoys his work and is a pleasure to fish with. Our party arrived during the heat wave of 2010 and for a while it looked as though our trip would be a bust, but Rodney worked with us and we waited to fish until the weather broke and the fish started moving. Now that’s outstanding service! His flies work real well too - including the infamous green machine. We ended our trip with 12 fish landed in about 19 hooked and several more rises which we didn’t hook up with in 3 days of actual fishing. I look forward to returning in the near future for more great fishing. Thanks Rodney!
Bob Rebmann
Kingsport, TN, USA

After having fished for many types of fish all over the world it is truely a magical experience to fish the Miramichi river. Your reports are smack on and we did need that rain. After hooking 5 salmon I am not sure how I am supposed to sleep without thinking of my next trip.There were some absolutely huge salmon for this time of year and all very healthy. Thank you for your top notch knowledge and hospitality. Rods secret pool is quite something to see.Out of 10 people fishing to all get fish is incredible. Two of them being 7 and 9 years of age. Expect a phone call soon. With the water up work will have to wait. Thanks again Rodney.

Rob Strange
Location: Fredericton N.B

My father fished the Cains River and the Main Southwest Miramichi River back
in the late 1940's with Bill Colford as his guide. Bill was the one who
helped my dad find the camp on the Cains River that is still in our family.
Today I and my children share the excitement of Atlantic Salmon fishing with
Gary and Rodney Colford. It would be tough to find more knowledgeable guides
than the Colfords.

Yours truly,
Hi Rodney and Gary,

Being a guide myself, I was very impressed by your ability to find us salmon
under the difficult conditions last year. When we stopped into the fly
shop, everyone was complaining that there were no fish in the high water. I
felt almost guilty saying that I had had the best day of Salmon fishing
ever!!!! I have learned so much from you guys, pretty soon you won't be
able to throw up your hands in mock disgust; " Oh, a trout fisherman!!!" We
had a blast and can't wait until next year!!!

Thanks again,

Jim Serio

Colford Guides

Since 1984 I have spent at least one week year fishing on the Miramichi with a Colford at my side.  I have now been chasing Salmon on this great river system for over 20 years and I can say without any reservation that all of my education, learning and success is attributed to the knowledge, patience, and good natured humor of Rodney and Gary Colford.

Gary began teaching me how to fish for the Salmon at Wade’s camp in the early 80’s.  He was very good because I caught 3 fish in three days back when the river was averaging 1 fish every 3 rod days.  At the same time Rodney was a young boy, but that did not keep him from out catching and out casting everyone on the river.  

Over the course of many years my partners Jim McLaren and Bruce Morgan would trek to the Miramichi in late September and have Gary help us chase the Salmon.  I can say with great pride that we took fish every year.  The last three years we were at Wades fishing with Gary we were the high rods in camp.  Gary was always willing to try new water, fish later, and always working with us to try another fly, learning to read the lays, and trying a different drift in a spot he know to hold a Salmon.

As the years went by Rodney began to join our group as a guide and a friend.  We had fun, we caught fish, and most important we continued to learn new approaches to catching this very elusive fish.  We have grown very close to the Colford family and our twice yearly trips to the river are now more of a social event.  I do not think of Rodney or Gary as my guides but rather as trusted salmon advisors and friends.  Jim and I have over 200 salmon in our log over the past 20 years due to the expertise of the Colford's and that is why we will continue to fish with them as they start their new enterprise.

Several years ago Jim McLaren and I were sitting in Wades Lodge having dinner after an especially good September day where we had hooked 10 salmon and or grilse.  Gary had been our guide and Rodney had joined us in the afternoon after working in the woods.  Jim and I are very competitive so Gary took me and Rodney took Jim and the competition was on.  It was a fantastic day.  The rest of the camp had not had nearly as much success which happens in Salmon fishing.  This happened to be the third day in a row where Jim and I had done well which really irritated one of the other guests who thought of himself as a world class salmon fisherman.  We could see his frustration building as people came by the table and asked us how we had done.  This guy was complaining about the selection of water, the flies chosen, and most especially his guide who both Jim and I knew very well and was one of the best known Guides on the river.  I mean this guides knowledge was legendary and he had been instrumental is some of our early education.

We had listened to this dolt carp on for about 15 minutes when he finally turned to us and asked how we had done so well.  We told him that we had been fishing the same water that he had and that we were not the world class salmon fisherman that he was.  As such we had done what the guide said, when the guide said it, every single time we were told to do something and that is how we caught fish.  We said that as a World Class Salmon Fisherman we assumed he had done the same thing. We knew from conversations with his guide that this guy refused to take any advice because, after all, he was a world class salmon fisherman (and a world class heal).  He left the table and was not heard carping again the rest of our trip.  Jim and I continued to catch fish.

Last year I traveled to the Miramichi in Mid June with well know Delaware River Guide Jim Serio as my fishing partner right as the river went into flood.  We were there as the river was coming up and it was as high as I had ever seen it.  While it was rising it was staying clear and Rodney said he thought we could catch fish.  I was actually of a mind to go home but trusting the Colford’s we stayed and fished.  We were there 6 days and three were un-fishable because of the high water…… the other three days provided my partner and I with the best June fishing we had ever had.!!  All we did was what the guide said, when the guide said it, every time he said it and we had success.

Colford and Sons sounds more like a consultant firm then a fishing guides company and that is just how I think of Rodney, Gary, Malcolm and the gang.  There is over 100 years of salmon fishing experience in this firm and I will continue to trust them as both friends and advisors with my investment in salmon fishing.

John J. Conley
Vice President Publishing

Hi Rodney;
Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed our little fishing trip last week. I needed the break and I don't know when I've enjoyed my fishing trips as much as I enjoyed that one. The Guide was great, the food was great, the company was great and the fishing was great too. I don't think I've ever had as much water to fish over in one trip as I had this time, thanks to you.
Pass on my thanks to Joel too. He was so generous with his camp, his garage, his boat and his fishing savy.
Best regards and many thanks, Bill McCurdy (Farmer Bill)

Hi Rod,
Your "Renous Special" caught me 2 Trout & 2 Grilse [missed a 3rd.
Grilse] on Tuesday AM. I wish that I had it to use all week. Send me
an email next spring before we come up and I will order 2 more from you,
exactly the same!
Best wishes for a great season,
Barry Holst

"I have fished the Cains and the Miramichi Rivers for 20 years with the help of Rodney and Gary Colford. As guide for me for most of that time,Rodney has demonstrated his vast knowledge of the rivers and a devotion to catching fish, while both Rodney and Gary have helped me improve my fishing skills. I look forward to many more trips with the Colfords."
Ron Falusy

I have fished all over this globe, and no guide compares to Rodney. For over 20 years his friendship and expert guiding has brought me back to this great river. He is a honorable person and knowledgeable about every turn in the river. With access to many pools my days only end when the fish are no longer there. 
Iron Mike Levine, New York City

"Rodney Colford is one of the best guides - and one of the best fly-fisherman - that I have had to fish with. My brief October trip with Rodney gave me four excellent salmon averaging 20 pounds and was a lovely time to be on the banks of the Miramichi."
Matt Harris
London England