Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Salmon Fishing Winding Down on the Miramichi

Fall salmon fishing is winding down for its last few days of fishing on the Miramichi River for 2012. Its been a season of many cast, and a season where every cast had to count. With one of the driest summers in years which kept many salmon from coming into our low and warm river.

Derek Munn of The Ledges Inn said water levels are perfect for the Doaktown area but the fish numbers just are not here for this time of year. We are hooking a few fish and most are salmon the ones we do hook. We have our wingshooters flushing very good numbers of both woodcock and grouse. So with the cast and blast the fishermen and hunters are doing not too bad.

Byron Coughlan of Country Haven said fishing was much slower than other years but anglers were picking up a few fish on the SW Miramichi, North West, Renous and the Cains. Overall the past week they did have 20 fish landed and all salmon with no grilse. Flies of choice were a mixture but best results were on the Red Francis and the Ally Shrimp.

Salmon fishing near Black Brook Salmon Club has slowed down considerably since last week. Many fish has seemed to move upstream or are holding to the bottom of the pools. Few anglers were hooking a few on the Green Slime.

Keith Wilson of Wilson's Sporting Camps said river conditions were good and has cleared up very good since the rise in water. There were a few leaves floating and anglers were hooking up on them. Anglers were hooking a few under the tough conditions. The ones that were showing themselves were real monsters.

Anglers in Quarryville were not seeing many fish and very few anglers were out over the past week at the mouth of Renous.

Numbers from the Miramichi Salmon Association were out on Tuesday which had a few fish through the counters. Nola Chiasson said numbers were up and down over the weekend at the Millerton and Cassilis traps. Millerton saw 31 salmon 22 grilse over the 4 day long weekend. And Cassilis saw 7 salmon and 3 grilse.

Not the numbers we were expecting to see to finish off the season. But there is still the weekend left and would be nice to hook up one more time. It was an honour again this year to send out my angling report to all my readers and for the help of many Lodges and anglers who gave their information on the section of the river they fish. At times it was very difficult finding something to report other than low water, too hot and no rain. But also the fishing was tough for you. I hope next year when I send out a report of the river that lines will be tight, and yes your lines on the river that is.

Until next season Tight Lines, Rodney Colford

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Autumn Salmon fishing on the Miramichi

Autumn Salmon fishing on the Miramichi, what more could we ask for. The nights are cool, river levels are now perfect, visibility is very good, a few leafs falling from the trees but nothing out of the ordinary. We are finally getting the odd fresh fish that is heading up stream. What more could we ask for. The salmon could take better one would suggest, but would we like it if they did. Many say no and most of you enjoy the mighty quest in trying to hook into the King of the Atlantic.

River conditions for the most part is still high on the lower stretch (Quarryville to Upper Blackville) of the Main SW Miramichi. Anglers are seeing a mixture of fresh and dark fish. Fall colours I like to say with nice looking hook-bills and huge fat hens.

Conditions from Upper Blackville on up stream are getting to be very good levels. Most pools are showing good structure and some fish jumping and rolling about throughout the area.

Cains River levels are also very good and a few salmon are showing themselves. Many of the fish holding in the Main River should be trying to head up the Cains in this raise in water. That is the ones that are Cains River fish.

Chris Edmonds of CE Salmon Flies and Guiding said the North West Miramichi was at a perfect height with very good visibility. Chris said he is hooking a few fish and also seeing fish in most pools. That is great news for anglers wanting to try the Nor-West.

Gloria Fraser with a fresh grilse
Salmon fishing in the Doaktown area at The Ledges Inn was very fair the past week. We had very good fishing before the rise in water Derek Munn said. Over the last week we landed 40 fish and most salmon with only 8 grilse. Dr. Scott Boley landed 7 salmon and lost a few more over the past week. Most of his fish were taken on his Mighty Mite number 16 double hook. Dr. Ed Baker landed a few nice salmon and his son Charlie Baker with a grilse. Bob Lauer landed mostly all salmon out of his 7 with only 1 grilse. David Wilson a grilse and a 14lb salmon. Gloria Fraser landed a fresh sea lice covered grilse. George Fraser landed 2 salmon. Flies of choice was a mixture of patterns and all sorts of colors.

Country Haven Lodge said fishing was good overall and they landed 27 fish last week. Byron Coughlan said there was a mixture of dark and fresh fish in the system. They were catching fish on the North West Miramichi, Cains River and most on the lower stretch of the Main Southwest Miramichi. He said water was high but dropping good.

Wilsons Sporting Camps said fishing conditions were good with great river temperatures. The river height was perfect for the section of the river and there high water pools were fishing good. The traditional fall patterns seem to be working best. The Upper Stretch of the Cains River from RT 123 to Duffy Brook levels were very good but know sightings of any salmon but salmon should be here very soon.

25 lb salmon Larry Vanperson
Anglers near the mouth of Cains River were having very good fishing just before the rise in water levels. Pool 66 picked up several big salmon some being very fresh. Larry VanPearson of Bangor landed a huge fish weighing about 25 lbs.

In the same area Black Brook Salmon Club was having an extraordinary week with a few days of 30 plus fish landed. Most fish were taking green slimes and dark flies.

The Miramichi Salmon Association (MSA) said numbers at the traps were low with only 2 salmon put through Millerton on Tuesday and 3 salmon and 2 grilse at Cassilis.  But some good news from the Millerton trap - Wednesday's catch in Millerton included 11 salmon and 17 grilse. There were also 90 bass so there was a big movement of fish last night. Cassilis remained steady with 2 salmon and 4 grilse being caught.

The barriers are still not showing big numbers but perhaps this week will make the difference. Click here to visit our website and view the barrier reports as of September 30th.

Here's a little visitor I had on Sunday fishing. Click here to view video.

With better fishing levels and not so bad a news on salmon fishing its great to finally be giving you some information you like to hear. Fishing conditions are very fishable and the only way to hook up is to have your fly in the water. Try using sink tips this time of year, just a little difference in water levels can find you thinking you're stuck on bottom but actually a whopper of a salmon has your fly. So just maybe a different level with the sink tip can attract the fish to your fly. Just a suggestion for you to try I hope it works.

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fresh fish arriving on the Miramichi

With only three weeks remaining here on the Miramichi, anglers still have hope a decent run will arrive in the river in time to hook up. And hope just might be here, as emails were sent out from the Miramichi Salmon Association about an increase in fish numbers this week.

Much better reports from the Miramichi Salmon Association for returns of salmon this week is giving fishermen hope. Nola Chiasson sent out back to back emails letting anglers know that an increase in numbers of fresh sea lice covered salmon were heading up river.

Monday numbers jumped from 0-3 fish to 7 salmon and 3 grilse. Tuesday they put another 8 salmon and 3 grilse at the Millerton counter on the Main South West Miramichi. Nola said it is estimated that 7% of the salmon heading up river go through the trap, which is around 140 fish each of the days.

The Cassilis trap on the North West Miramichi  was not as good as there was zero fish put through each of the days.

The rain we got over the weekend unfortunately only helped the lower stretch of the river and missed the upper parts of the river where we really needed it most. Most of the rain had fallen from the Doaktown area downward to Miramichi city.

Chris Edmunds of C E Guiding and Salmon Flies said most fish he was seeing on the North West had seemed to move with the last rise in water. He only saw a few fish on Wednesday night and normally the pools were having some action everyday.

Cains river was up about a foot or more and was very fish-able on Tuesday and Wednesday. I fished the Cains on Tuesday at Moores Pool but only got a trout about 16 inches and never saw a salmon. More rain was needed to keep the river level up.

Mountain Channel Lodge fished the lower stretch of the Cains and got a few salmon and saw more. Water conditions were very good but had dropped off very fast according to guide Wesley Curtis.

Wilsons Sporting Camps in McNamee said water was low but temperatures were good. They were hooking a few fish each day on a regular basics. They were even getting a few bright fish.

Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn said the water was still low in the Doaktown area and rain would be greatly accepted. Fishing was still not bad for the low water conditions and many guest were hooking fish each day. Doc Boley starting hooking a few fish on a number 16 double Mighty Mite fly. And after he gave the secret fly out several others starting hooking fish on his secret pattern.

Country Haven Fishing Lodge are still landing a few fish regularly. Gary Colford landed a fresh grilse on Monday covered with sea lice. Gary said water levels were good both on the Miramichi and Cains.

Fredericton Outfitters still has three spots available for there Fly Casting Clinic at the Ledges Inn this Sunday in Doaktown. April Vokey of the TV show Fly Nation will be putting on the Casting Clinic. For more information and to sign up please give the shop a call at 506 450 4044.

The weather on the river looks very promising for fishing as more rain is expected for Monday. And with a run of salmon on the way and a little more rain and high tides we could have an amazing end to the season.

Flies of choice for the week were a mixture of patterns ranging from number 2 to 16 in size. Almost worked well in small sizes, green butt bear hair in small sizes, shrimp patterns were very good, undertakers, GP'S and I even had a few that I tied that didn't have names that I got a couple on. Dry flies were still working well too.

So while were patiently awaiting on the Miramichi for a fresh run of salmon as the season gets close to the end, could our prayers finely be answered on the Miramichi. Only time will tell in the next few days as more fishermen get out on the water.

Until next week lets have tight lines and screaming reels as you hook that fish of a lifetime.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nice steady rain today on the Miramichi

We're getting a nice steady rain on the river today here in New Brunswick. Water temperature is 55 degrees (F) in the river.

Were still hooking a few fish in the Ledges Inn pools. But not seeing any fresh looking fish in the Doaktown area yet. Although down river they are getting a few bright fish everyday I am told from guides at Black Brook.

We are landing some nice fish in the 15 to 20 pound range the last few days. They are taking dry flies, while others are taking a mixture of patterns like green slimes , GP's, red francis and green widows.

I posted a photo of Scott Patrick Carr of Oromocto with his first ever salmon. Scott is new to the sport and was very excited to catch one he could keep. Way to go Scott and hope you catch many more.

Garry Tanner of Vermont landed a nice salmon up in Boistown. Garry has the blog The Rivers Course. I can't wait to read about his fishing trip on the Miramichi at Tuckaway. His fish is posted below too.

Now with the river up a little from the last rain, let's hope this boost it up a little more and get some fresh fish up river further in the system.

A little tip for the fall fishing is just try any fly in your box big or small! I do and it works.

I hope this quick update will help you out some and get your reels screaming out on the river.

Tight lines,

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A few fresh fish in the system

Your weekly angling report for the Miramichi river. Yesterday we finally got some more rain in the Miramichi river valley. Was it enough to get some fresh fish into the system, we will have to wait and see. 

 Nola Chiasson of the MSA (Miramichi Salmon Association) said even though there only putting a few fish through the trap, the ones they are putting through are fresh salmon from the bay with sea lice and not ones that have been laying about. 

There have been some bright fish hooked on the lower stretch of the river that have sea lice. And where the MSA only counts a small percentage of the fish that goes up the river each day. Perhaps a bit more fish are moving upstream than we all know about.

River temperatures are very good and seem to be averaging in the low 60's (F) and even down into the high 50's most days. River levels are still very low. Hopefully we get another raise in water from what rain we got yesterday. 

The lower stretch of the main SW Miramichi is at a pretty good level for fishing. The Middle and Upper stretches are low but with a little boost in water from this storm we should be fishing some pools that were not fish-able all season. 

Temperatures on the NW Miramichi are about the same degrees as the Main SW. Chris Edmunds of CE Salmon Flies and Guiding said he was hooking a few fish every trip out and most pools he fished had fish showing. Flies of choice were Same-thing Murray, peach bomber (crevette) and yellow wing butterfly.

Mountain Channel Fishing Lodge finally started seeing some fish this week. After a long run of only seeing a few fish weekly, they were seeing upwards of 15 to 20 fish per day. Boyd Curtis landed a grilse yesterday, but said it was a dark looking fish. Boyd said he saw a few fish jumping that were very silver looking and said they had to be fresh fish coming in from the bay.

Country Haven Lodge on the lower stretch of the SW Miramichi was having not bad fishing. The past few days they were seeing fish in most pools. Ken Vickers landed a 28lb salmon that was a bar of silver and covered with sea lice. It took a peach coloured bomber. Gary Colford was on the NW Miramichi and landed a salmon and saw a few more fish on Monday. Pete Randall caught a salmon on the Cains River and saw several more fish. Conditions were very low for the Cains and rain was badly needed.

For us at The Ledges Inn we are having a little luck. We only saw a couple fish that looked fresh. So know sign of any sea lice on a fish for us yet. We are hooking mostly salmon with the odd grilse the past week. We had a couple 20 lber's and many in the 15lb range. Hopefully this rain will give a little raise and get more fresh fish up from the bay. Flies of choice were christmas tree bombers, blue smurfs, green Widows and black ghost.

Sutters Salmon Club were also hooking a few fish this week in the Doaktown to Boistown area. Shawn Betts and clients were hooking many on dry flies. Daryl O'Donald and client hooked a 21lb salmon on a smurf pattern. Other flies that was working was christmas tree bombers, blue bomber and brown bombers.

Fishing near the Mouth of Cains River was also pretty good this week. Zachery Colford landed a grilse on a orange bomber. Merle Colford landed a huge salmon that had sea lice on the tail. Jamie Colford landed a grilse on a undertaker.

Donald Colford guide at Black Brook Salmon Club said fishing was not bad as some days they landed 9 fish. Many fish they were catching was high up in the pool and was a good sign that the fish were moving upstream. Donald said fish were taking many flies from big to small. Green slime patterns were working well as Dave Ledley hooked several on it. Many fall patterns were working and bombers of different styles. 

I expect after this rain we will see more fish coming into the system. Over the years we usually get a good fall run somewhere around the third week of September, so I'm thinking positive here and asking the fish Gods to bring them in. 

For those of you that are waiting for the season to turn around maybe this is the time to get back on the water. Be optimistic and catch some fish. There might not be as many as last year or the year before, but there is fish about in the rivers if your on the water fishing them. 
So with a much better report than previous weeks for you, tight lines from the Miramichi River.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Temperatures drop and fish start to take on the Miramichi

Sunset on the SW Miramichi River
Fishing is starting to improve on the Miramichi as the river temperatures drop. Many fishermen are taking advantage of the action as the fish move upstream or out into the pools.

Guide Andrew Anthony and Trudy McBrine-Cox with her 20lber
The temperatures at nights have fallen to single digits and dropping the river temperatures to the low 60's (15.6) to high 50's (10.0) degrees and have got the fish taking again. The river raised about 6 inches near the first of the week but is almost back to where it was again now.

Reports starting with the South West Miramichi River.

Here at The Ledges Inn this past week we have had very good fishing. Mostly salmon and some grilse with a few hitting the 20 pound mark. All the fish we are hooking are dark fish that have moved out from the brooks. We have yet to hook or see any sign of a fresh run salmon this fall.
Terry Cox with one of his salmon.

 Terry and Trudy McBrine-Cox were the hot rods the past few days landing mostly salmon on there catches. Trudy landed a 19 and 20lb salmon while Terry wasn't far behind with fish from 15 to 19lbs.

Jim Brennan with a 15lber 

Durck Dewinter of Sussex landed 2 salmon and a grilse on Tuesday. While Peter Brennan landed 1salmon and a grilse. Jim Brennan landed a 15lb salmon and a grilse. Larry Doggan landed a grilse and lost a salmon. Bud Maclillen both landed a grilse.
Guide Lloyd Lyons & Miguelle Goguen  releasing a grilse! 

Flies of choice for us for the week were Ally Shrimps and Tippet Shrimps, Blue, brown and christmas tree bombers, green butt bear hairs, glitter bears, carters bug and butterflies.

Guide Kenny Vickers & Nigel Blackley of Macllesfield, England
Country Haven Lodge had hooked several fish this week mostly on christmas tree bombers and whiskers. 17 salmon and one grilse. They landed 4 that had sea lice fresh from the bay. Guide Kenny Vickers with client landed a 20lb salmon. They were also seeing some fish on the Cains River. Guide Gary Colford said they were also hooking a few on the North West Miramichi.

Guide Jeremy Vickers & Graham Birnie, Scotland
 Anglers around the mouth of Cains River are picking up a few fish and some very fresh. Small red butt bear hairs were the fly of choice for a few locals.

Black Brook Pool
Black Brook Salmon Club were still seeing lots of fish and hooking a few too. Bombers, small black flies and green machines seem to be the answer for most sports. Some fish were well over 20lbs and a few with sea lice. David Ledlie of main was throwing tight loops on his cast and hooking a few as I watched from across the river.

Cains river is still very low but there are a few pools on the lower stretch that have fish about. There was a lady came in for dinner at the Ledges Inn yesterday and said she landed a salmon and said it was very bright looking fish at salmon brook.

Renous River in Pineville
Renous River also very low with a few fish being seen in the middle section of the river.

Jim Brennan of Halifax releasing a grilse.
The North West Miramichi. I am having a tough time getting reports from the NW Miramichi. If anyone would like to help me out with information weekly I could add your name and business for you if you like in my report. I am looking for river temperatures and levels for the most part and your catch would be great too. I do not need the pools names unless you want to give it. You can contact me at Thanks.

 Miramichi Salmon Association (MSA) said counts at NW Cassilis and SW Millerton are between 0 and 2 fish per day coming in. Nola Chiasson said she is being flooded by calls wondering if the fall run has arrived.

This is Joan Wulff tying a fly on.
The 2012 Annual Salmon Hall of Fame Dinner at the Atlantic Salmon Museum is this weekend Saturday September 15th. If you need tickets please call 506 365 7787 or email. The 2012 inductees are Joan and Lee Wulff, Clinton and Daisy Norrad, Renate Bullock and Debbie Norton.

With some fish being hooked on the river this should get you in the spirit to knock of early and head to the river this weekend. And don't forget to support the local fly shops in the area as they are always eager to point you in the right direction to catch a fish.

Tight Lines,
Rodney Colford

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pools to reopen on the September 3rd


Moncton – August 31, 2012 - Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) today announces that the following salmon fishing pools will reopen to angling on Saturday, September 3, 2012:

Confluence of Salmon Brook and Cains River, and the waters of Salmon Brook upstream from its confluence with the Cains River to South Cains River Road;
Confluence of Otter Brook and Cains River, an area locally known as Brophy’s Place;
Confluence of Butty's Brook and Renous River, and the waters of Butty’s Brook from its confluence with the Renous River to South Renous Road, an area locally known as Duffy’s Brook;
Waters of the Renous River surrounding the pump house located at N 46.86483, W 65.67698 (WGS 84);
Confluence of Gray Rapids Brook and Southwest Miramichi River, and the waters of Gray Rapids upstream from its confluence with the Southwest Miramichi River to Route 118, an area locally known as Pete’s Brook;
Confluence of Morse Brook and Southwest Miramichi River, and the waters of Morse Brook upstream from its confluence with the Southwest Miramichi River to Howard Road;
Confluence of Black Brook and Southwest Miramichi River, and the waters of Black Brook upstream from its confluence with the Southwest Miramichi River to South Cains River Road;
Confluence of Donnelly Brook and Southwest Miramichi River, and the waters of Donnelly Brook upstream from its confluence with the Southwest Miramichi River to the South Road Bridge;
Confluence of Betts Mills Brook and Southwest Miramichi River, and the waters of Betts Mills Brook upstream from its confluence with the Southwest Miramichi River to Highway # 8;
Confluence of Porcupine Brook and Southwest Miramichi River, and the waters of Porcupine Brook upstream from its confluence with the Southwest Miramichi River to Story Town Road;
Confluence of Big Hole Brook and Southwest Miramichi River;
Confluence of Mill Brook and Southwest Miramichi River.
Please note the following salmon fishing pools will remain closed for the remainder of the 2012 angling season;

Confluence of Sutherland Brook and Northwest Miramichi River, and Sutherland Brook upstream to the Highway 420;
Waters of the Southwest Miramichi River in Quarryville, 300 m upstream and 300 m downstream of the Quarryville Bridge, including Indian Town Brook from its confluence with the Southwest Miramichi River, upstream to Highway 108 bridge;
Confluence of Wilson Brook and Southwest Miramichi River, including the waters of Wilson Brook upstream 100 m of its mouth, an area locally known as the Bear Den.
Please refer to Gulf Variation Orders 2012-069 and 2012-070 for further details. The Fishery Closures / Variation Orders Registry is available online at:

Orders Registry

For more information please contact your local DFO office.

Tight lines
Rodney Colford

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cool Mornings Starting On The Miramichi

Cool mornings have started here on the Miramichi and we are also seeing some trees changing colours along the river which shows the signs of fall on the way. The cool weather is great, but we really need rain and lots of it to help improve our fishing on the river. 

With the colour change and cooler temperatures starting to take place we should start seeing some different selections of flies on the river being used. 

A good place to find Fall salmon fly patterns for the Miramichi and other rivers is at the NB Flytyers page on Facebook managed by world renowned fly tyer Jerome Malloy of Saint John, NB. There you will find many world class tyers and patterns.

And with the fall fishing approaching us very fast will we finally get some fresh fish in the river. Well according to the Mark Hambrook of the Miramichi Salmon Association it should happen if we get a raise in water.

 Fish numbers are way down from last year and numbers at the daily counting stations are 0-3 fish per day. The Miramichi Salmon Association has also heard that DFO is thinking about opening the cold water pools back up if all goes well by Monday September 3rd and get fishing back to a normal day everywhere on the river.  

 The 17th Annual Fredericton Conservation Dinner will be held at the Fredericton Inn on Wednesday, September 19th, 2012. It is expected that another capacity crowd of 500+ will be welcomed at a 5:30 reception, with dinner to follow at 7:00 PM.  The evening will end with a Grand Auction of exclusive fishing trips, fishing equipment, works of art and other exciting items.  You can get tickets by calling Jo-Anne Linton 506-457-2220 or Nola Chiasson 506-622-4000.

Beer and Releasing Atlantic Salmon-they go together.
The Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation has made arrangements with Picaroons to create a special beer to be available in NB Liquor stores by August 27th. Check out to see the bold label of the brew that celebrates the Atlantic Salmon and in what has been a very tough season for the species. Also enter the Live Release Contest on the site.

The past week at the Ledges Inn we have had very slow fishing. Water is very low in the Doaktown area and rain is badly needed to improve the river conditions. Temperatures should start being better over the weekend with cool nights starting. River temperatures the past week have ranged from 63 F (17.2) C to 75 F (23.9) C depending on how hot the day got. 

Fishing near the Mouth of Cains River at Black Brook Salmon Club conditions are also low but with a few cool nights they managed to hook a few fish the past week. Guides at the lodge said mast fish were still held at the mouth of the brook which is still off limits to fish. 

Mountain Channel Lodge in the Blackville area said the water raised about 3 inches from the rain but fishing was still very slow. They saw a few fish on Tuesday and hooked 1. River temperatures were 66 on Wednesday. 

The reports from the North West Miramichi is there were a few fish caught over the past week but low water and warm conditions are still the big topic on the river and not many anglers fishing. 

The Little South West, Cains River, Renous River and many more tributaries are all still very low. Canoeing and Tubing are very tough going on these rivers at the moment. 

If you like salmon fishing you will like this one time opportunity. The Dieppe Fly Tying Club has organized a trip to the biggest Fly Fishing Show in the world in Somerset, New Jersey, USA. They have a bus taking 55 passengers to the show leaving Thursday January 24th, 2013 and returning Sunday January 27th. For more information on price and lodging please contact Jacques Heroux at 
Perhaps we will be lucky enough to get some rain from Isaac. Or maybe we will get the rain we need in the next week. According to the weather we are suppose to receive lots of rain next month. Well its soon approaching. 

Lets hope our lines will be very tight on the Miramichi soon. 

Rodney Colford 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

“Morning-Only” Restriction Expected to be Lifted by Weekend
A variation order is expected to be issued today or tomorrow lifting the “morning-only” restriction on the Miramichi River. With cooler water temperatures anglers may be enjoying full day dishing by Saturday. The cold water pools that were closed earlier will remain closed however. When we receive the variation order we will post it here. If you would like to receive this and other news on the Miramichi send your e-mail address to and I will add you to our mailing list.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Not much change on the Miramichi

Salmon fishing on the Miramichi has not changed much again over the past week. We managed to get a little raise in water but conditions stayed warm which keep the river temperatures up. 

There is still no change to the schedule from 5am to 10am morning fishing. So it looks like we need cooler nights or more rain to get the regular fishing back on track. 

At the Ledges Inn this past week we landed a grilse and raised a few more but conditions were very slow overall. We are still hooking a few trout at the lakes on small flies. 

Wilson's Sporting Camps reported the height of the river is not the problem as much as the heat in the afternoons and evenings. And at the moment the morning fishing is still the best option with the temperatures being high. Keith Wilson also said for anglers to be patient as the river can change very fast and with the rumours from the estuary having lots of fish holding it could be amazing fishing this fall.

Black Brook Salmon Club at the Mouth of Cain's River said fishing slowed down more this week than last. They did get 4 salmon last week and saw fish moving in the upper part of there pool. This week there was not much moving and all seemed to be holding in the brook.

Chris Edmonds hooked and rolled a few fish this week on the North West Miramichi River. He said conditions were good and water temperatures were in the 60's (F). He said he could not wait for it too get back to a full day of fishing.
On the positive note we are getting closer to fall fishing. The conditions are changing very slowly, maybe slower than we like but are changing. River levels are up a bit from previous weeks and a few fish are moving out from cold water pools slowly. 

I saw a few fish this week at the Upper Blackville Bridge and some where huge. One in the group was massive and looked well over 30 plus pounds. Just a few days before when I checked out the same section of the river I saw nothing holding there, so some fish are making a move. 

I know many of you are waiting for good fishing to start and so am I. Many of us are sharing different salmon fly patterns and very eager to give them a try. So please be a bit more patient and with lots of luck we will have a good fall season and hook many salmon on the Miramichi. It's not the first time we had a spell like this (maybe not this long) and won't be the last. And like Keith Wilson said our river can change very quickly and have great fishing.

Tight Lines. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Miramichi finally getting some rain

The Miramichi got some rain a few days ago and with that we got a little raise in water. The Main South West came up about a foot, but due to warm weather and warm nights the temperatures still is remaining very high. The North West Miramichi also got a raise in water, but just the same conditions are very warm which is holding river temperatures very high. Temperatures are ranging from 68 to 72 in early mornings and by late evenings up in the high 70’s (F). Yesterday it did get up to over 80 (F) near the mouth of Cain’s River.

With thunder storms expected today and into the weekend for many parts of the Province. Let’s hope we get enough rain from them to change the conditions for the fishing to full days.

Many anglers are missing there fishing and many have a couple hour or more drive to fish when they do go fishing. So it’s makes it very hard for the away angler to get there time at the river under these conditions.

So with a time limit still on the fishing from 5am to 10am in the mornings some fisherman are starting to get very upset with the delay in fishing. Many understand and with the high temperatures there is really not much since of fishing after that point in the day anyway.
Many take the afternoons to explore our river by canoeing and tubing or Kayaking. There are several places to rent any of these activities on the river. A few such places are O’Donnell’s in Doaktown, McCormacks Tubing in Boistown, Curtis Fly Shop, Stewarts Tubing in Sillickers on the Little SW Miramichi.

There haven’t been any sign of new fish for a while into the river except for the odd straggler brave enough to explore the warm water. Miramichi Salmon Association also is saying that both trap nets are very quiet. They did tell me that fish were seen jumping in the bay, which is very good news to hear.

DFO has indicated that there will be no immediate change to the fishery restrictions on the Miramichi. The current morning only fishery and pool closures will remain in effect at least until the end of the week. You can check back with the Miramichi Salmon Association on Friday as they will post any changes as soon as they receive notification.

So with this report coming to an end for the week let’s think to a more positive note. The weather is changing with some rain, which is more than we had been receiving all summer pretty much. Starting the first of the week we may or be close to an opening of the river to normal fishing days. And for the next week and a half the weather is predicting rain and showers with cooler temperatures in the low 20’s and some nights going down to 5 degrees Celsius.

With this being said bring on the fish Miramichi. Tight lines and please keep up the rain dance as it is greatly needed for the fishing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pulling all the tricks on the Miramichi

As a fishermen and salmon fishing guide on the Miramichi River sometimes it can be very hard to hook into a salmon. Many times we try pulling all the tricks we have to succeed in having our clients catch or hook into a salmon. Or for some a dream come true on there trip of a lifetime fishing our famous Miramichi River. 

The last couple or more years we have been very blessed in having great conditions for salmon fishing with high water due to more frequent rain storms and milder temperatures. I don`t think many will forget last season fishing the Miramichi with such great runs of salmon. I really think many will not forget this season. I sure know it`s one too remember in my book of days fishing the Miramichi. One can`t recall having so much heat to keep our rivers in such a hot temperature for so long. 

The past month of fishing reports on conditions have been pretty poor or very boring so to speak from my point of view. I wish I had better reports for you, but mother nature has all the say when it comes to conditions of the weather. 

Due to low water and warm temperatures the pool closures in certain areas of the river has many anglers being very challenged where to fish or even to see fish where they are fishing. More recently this past week the river closures have been cut even shorter for the fishing. The only time to fish is from 5am to 10am in the mornings until river levels come up and get cooler.  

Will mother nature help us out over the next few days. The weather is looking much more like fishing weather as 20 to 40ml of rain is in the forecast and cooler temperatures over the next week. The river temperatures are hovering around 70 (F) in the mornings and up into the 80 degree (F) area by end of the day. So it`s been very hard on the fish in this heat as well as the angler. 

Many anglers the past week have turned too tubing or canoeing to get through the day after fishing. A few places to try are McCormacks Tubing and Adventures located in Boistown on the Main South West Miramichi and you can phone 506-365-0803 or 506-365-5743. And located on the Little South West Miramichi is Stewart`s Tubing in Sillikers route 420, phone 506-836-7436.

I expect with a raise in water and cooler temperatures from some rain we will see a good turn out from the salmon in the next few weeks. Lets hope they are still waiting in the estuary to come in and haven't gone fishing somewhere else. Tight Lines.

Friday, August 3, 2012



Moncton – August 3, 2012 - Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) today announces that angling for all species on the Miramichi River system will be prohibited every day from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. the next day, starting Sunday August 5, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. This closure is implemented in order to provide relief to the salmon during the current high water temperatures and low water levels that the system is experiencing. This restriction applies to all scheduled (salmon) waters in the Miramichi system including the Crown Reserves.

Pools and areas previously closed to angling (see notice to fish harvesters dated July 27, 2012) will remain closed for all species during the entire day.

Please refer to Gulf Variation Order 2012-061 for further details. The Fishery Closures / Variation Orders Registry are available online at:

Orders Registrya-

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rain needed on the Miramichi

Slow times for salmon fishing on the Miramichi and surrounding tributaries for 2012. Hot weather and warm water seems to be the hottest topic this season as we are now into the month of August. With very little rain in the forecast for the coming week and the rain we got yesterday will not be enough to get the rivers back to a normal level and open up the closed pools. We would need a good two day rain to get our river back to normal conditions and get some fresh fish coming into the system again. The rivers are very low and very warm and many if not all fish are holding in cold water brooks to survive the heat wave we are having.

There are not many reports to tell you about on the river about fishermen catching fish. There have been the odd one hooked or landed throughout the river. Many anglers are only fishing early mornings and skipping the evening fish. Most are using barb-less hooks and not playing a salmon very long with the warm water conditions. The temperatures of the river is staying above 70 degrees (F) in the mornings and as high as 83 degrees (F) in the late afternoon.

Rain and lots of it is what we need to help improve the conditions. The last two years we had the water and we had the fish. This year we don't have the water and we don't have the fish. Rumours from the Atlantic Salmon Federation tell me the fish are in the bay waiting to come in but due to the warm conditions the fish are staying out in the cooler temperatures.

I am looking forward to seeing better conditions soon and have a better report for my readers in the coming week. My opinion is too keep an eye on the weather, rain and cool temperatures will help in time for salmon fishing just have a little more patients.

Until next week tight lines from the Miramichi.
Rodney Colford

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rain was a blessing for the Miramichi rivr

After a long hot week on the Miramichi and warm water temperatures, the little rain we received was a blessing for the fish. The Main SW Miramichi River raised about 6 inches Wednesday morning and there were a few fish more active in some pools along the river. The North West should be in better shape too as the upper stretches got dumped with 47.8 mm of rain on Tuesday.

Keith Wilson of Wilson Sporting Camps at McNamee said the water was up Wednesday morning app. 3 inches and has cooled down really nice. We had good fishing last night and the boy’s saw more fish on the move. The water is very clear so if you are fishing wet it will have to be on long leaders and tiny flys, one fish was taken last night on a #12 black-bear, another fish was hooked on a large split wing bomber.

Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn said the river is getting down to a very low level and the warm weather has the temperatures up into the high 70′s and as a result DFO has decided to close some of the cold water pools. We did have some cool nights on the weekend and that got the water temperature down in the low 60′s and started the fish moving around. We had very good fishing on Friday and Saturday morning landing over 20 fish. For the most part the majority of the fish caught are MSW salmon in the 16-22 lb range, we are averaging about 3 salmon to every grilse. Anglers who hooked up with us were Premier David Alward and his wife Rhonda, Wes Armour, Lawson Lush, Jacgue Pinet, Earl and Sandy Brewer, Denis Losier, Claude Mingeau, Guylaine Leduc, Marcel Comeau and Laurent St.Peirre.

Up and down the river there are still sections that are closed to fishing due to warm and low water. Hopefully the river will cool down and with some more rain get all these sections of the river fish-able again. River temperatures are still not too bad for the mornings but late afternoons have the river getting over 70 degrees (F).

Flies of choice for the past week have been for wet flies number 8 smurf with white tail, green machine with white tail, shady ladies with a belly and for dries brown and blue bombers.

I expect the fishing to start getting better over the next week so long as the heat stays reduced. Would be nice to have more rain for the river to get the fish coming in from the estuary. Be back next week with hopefully a much better report on the river and fish counts. Tight Lines.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Miramichi River slowed down the past week

Jim Colbertt of Sussex NB with a Miramichi salmon.
Salmon fishing on the Miramichi River slowed down the past week as river conditions were med to high 60's and surged to 78 (F) in the late day. Many fishermen on the river are fishing early mornings and late evenings hitting the cooler temperatures. The salmon have also slowed up as many started holding in the cold water brooks and deeper water. We are seeing very few if any dead salmon in the river, which is always nice to see when we get this heat. Seems like every summer we get this heat wave and slows the fishing up one time or another for a week or so. So anglers be patient and hopefully there will be a change soon.

Eugene Poirier with 15 lb salmon

At the Ledges Inn in the Doaktown area the past week we have had some good fishing and some bad fishing. But the weather played the big part in both. Early mornings were very good while late evenings were slow and warm. The advantage was we have some cold water pools that the fish stayed very active in the mornings and we managed to hook up some clients to some nice salmon. Barry and Chris Gordon landed a few from grilse to an 18lb salmon yesterday. Dr. Boley went 13 days straight landing a fish or more with guide Derek Munn.

Wilsons Sporting Camps near MacNamee said the water came up about 1 inch on Tuesday .With this little rise and cooler air temps fishing turned on a bit Tuesday morning. Only one grilse landed but they saw fish in parts of the pools that indicate they were moving around a bit again. It looks like a decent amount of rain from now till later Wed and cooler temperatures so maybe this will kick things back in gear again.

Moon Shadow Cottage Rentals in Boistown said they landed a few fish over the past week but conditions were slow and warm. The rain was a much appreciated down pour for the river. They also said with all the dry weather the fish were moving but far and few between.

Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters said things were very slow and water was warm for most parts. There was the odd fishermen in that got a fish but all in all fishing was slow.

Country Haven Lodge also had a slow week and only picked up a few fish  over the past week. Rain or cooler nights was needed to hook up.

Last week we had the honour at the Ledges Inn of guiding some of the finest fisher-ladies from all over North America that are members of the International Women Fly Fishers Organization. This was their first time a group of 7 members came to Eastern Canada to fish for Atlantic Salmon on the Miramichi. The organizer for the group was Sylvie Malo-Clark. Moirajeanne Fitzgerald landed a nice Atlantic salmon weighing 18 pounds with me which is pictured here in this photo. 

The lady anglers visited many of the fly shops in the area and also took in the Atlantic Salmon Museum in Doaktown. The ladies also hoped to return to the Miramichi again. Members of the group were standing left to right Lyne Trudeau, Peggy Brenner, Hazel Maltais, Moirajeanne Fitzgerald, Sylvie Malo-Clark, Elizabeth Shapiro and Vicki Green. If your interested in checking the group out you can go to

Add caption

The results of the 8th Annual Monte Farrell Memorial Shad Tournament from Ralph Goodwins Fly Shop went as follows by overall weight: 1st place Mike Boudreau 3.25 kg, 2nd Ralph Goodwin 3.10 kg,  3rd Emery Vienneau 3.05 kg, 4th Robert Daigle 2.90 kg, 5th place George Collette 2.55 kg. Goodwins Fly Shop is located in Minto and is a suppler of TFO Fly rods and reels

The weather for the next few days looks like cooler temperatures during the day and nights so fishing should change for the better this week.
Until next week have tight lines.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Salmon fishing on the Miramichi had it ups and downs the past week as warm weather during the day heated the rivers up. The up side was the nights stayed cool and allowed many anglers to hook into some nice fresh salmon and grilse in the mornings. There is starting to be a good run on and very fresh as they have sea lice on many of the fish.

Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn had very good fishing the past week as many men and women were catching some nice fish. We had a group of women from the (IWFFF) International Womens Fly Fishing Federation for a couple days fishing and they hooked into some of there very first Atlantic Salmon. I would think they will also be hooked on salmon fishing now too. Flies of choice seemed to be White Tail Green Macine, Smurf, Shady Ladies.

Keith Wilson of Wilsons Sporting Camps said fishing was superb for this week and river was at a perfect level. They are landing salmon and grilse and some as big as 40 inches in length. He said they are looking forward to the big July Run.

Country Haven Lodge on the lower stretch of the Main South West said they are hooking some salmon and grilse but are not landing many. They were seeing several fish jumping but seemed to be heading one way and that was up stream. Green Machines seem to be the fly of choice.

Anglers' on the North West were still seeing a few fish and more grilse were starting to be caught. River conditions were very good the past week. Anglers fishing the Little SW Miramichi were hooking a few fish and were seeing better numbers on Monday and Tuesday and also starting to see more grilse coming in. Many fish in the NW and Little SW were very fresh fish.

Conditions on all the tributaries were very good this past week as the water level decreased. Temperatures stayed cool in the mornings around the mid to low 60's F and evenings it raised to the high 60's to the low 70's. The odd day we had the river temperature around 73 degrees where it can be very hard to hook into a salmon. Temperatures seem to rise very fast in the hot sun but cools very fast in the evening.

Local fly shop in Doaktown W.W.Doak said fishing was very good as many anglers were landing and seeing fish. Flies were green machines, belly dancers and undertakers.

Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters said fishing was also starting to pick up as many anglers in the shop were excited to be getting fish. Fly of choice seem to be the White Tail Green Machine and a few bombers.

The outlook for the next week is we are starting to get a lot of fresh fish in the river to fish for. The down side on this is were are also going to be getting a heat wave that will keep the river temperatures up. So the best advice will to be to get out on the water very early in the mornings to beat the heat. Try smaller flies and lighter tippets to try and hook up. A good reminder when the water is 70 degrees or more not to play the fish very long as it is very hard to revive them in the warmer water. It's a great time to be practicing pinching your barbs on your flies to help release your catch without harming it.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fresh Atlantic Salmon runs are arriving on the Miramichi River

Fresh Atlantic Salmon runs are arriving on the Miramichi River as many fishermen are hooking up. Reports of salmon and grilse over the past week have been landed on the North West Miramichi, Little South West Miramichi, Sevogle, Renous and Cains River. Sunday started off slow on the Main South West Miramichi and then more and more fish were seen jumping through out the river as the week went on. Wednesday had runs of fish coming in covered with sea lice straight from the sea.

River conditions were very high for the past week but is starting to get back to a fish-able level. Depending on the area of the river you fish water levels are different. The lower stretch from Quarryville to Cains River is still very high. The middle lower stretch from the mouth of Cains River up to Blissfield has a few pools very fish-able. The middle stretch from Blissfield to Boistown is starting to get very fish-able and should be in perfect condition by the weekend. The upper stretch of the river is in perfect condition from Boistown to Juniper. 

Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn in Doaktown said the water is slowly dropping and are seeing more and more fish daily. Water has cleared up a great deal and the fish are on the move. Derek said most of his guest are landing fish with some being grilse and salmon. Average size is around 12 to 15lbs. 
Guides Andrew Anthony and sports landed a salmon 17lbs and a grilse on Tuesday and Wednesday using an Ally Cascade. Myself and Marc Bedard and Steven Palmer landed a 15lb salmon and 2 grilse. Dr. Bolie limit out on Tuesday with 4 grilse. Lloyd Lyons and sport landed a couple grilse and a salmon. Guide Vembrose Watson sports landed 2 grilse and lost a salmon.   

Country Haven Lodge are also hooking fish through out the river. Salmon and grilse are also being caught and pretty much the same sizes from 10 to 15lbs. They also hooked a salmon on the Cains at Salmon Brook. 

Wilsons Camps in McNamee said the river is still a foot above normal but the salmon and grilse are here and with the cool nights the river should stay very good. They are catching a few in the 30 to 34 inch range.

Black Brook Salmon Club near the Mouth of Cains River are also hooking a few fish. Guide Donald Colford said water is still very high and they are fishing from boats and wading. 

Fishermen should have a good weekend as many fish are running from the high tides we are having. One thing that always seems to play a good factor is the full moon in July always seems to bring a nice run of fish in. 

Flies for the week seems to be the old faithful  White Tail Green Machine, Undertakers, Glitter Bears and Alley Cascade and also a few bombers. Black and green flies are most popular this time of the season but always try a fly that just maybe will catch you that fish of your dreams. 

Until next week have Tight Lines.
Rodney Colford

Thursday, June 28, 2012

High Water on the Miramichi

What a change from last week on the Miramichi River as we went from low and very warm water levels to high spring like levels. River temperatures have reduced and is now in the lower 60 degree levels which is much better for the fishing. River had stayed very clear with the raise in water and fishing conditions improved a little for the better.

Mack Giffin just ten minutes ago (Wednesday) at Kelly's pool with guide Rodney Colford of the Ledges Inn. The grilse was covered in sea lice and landed on a grey marabou pattern.
There have been a few anglers hooking up on different stretches of the river from Quarryville to Boistown. Scott Cormier landed a nice salmon on the lower stretch of the River on a green machine pattern and also a 24 inch grilse. Peter Squires landed a couple nice salmon and his buddy a grilse.

The Ledges Inn said they are finally getting the much needed rain we all have been praying for. Salmon fishing picked up some as they landed a few at Mountain Channel Pool and a couple salmon and a grilse at the Ledges Pools.

A nice grilse landed Tuesday evening by Sam ingram at mill brook with guide Rodney Colford.
Wilson Sporting Camps said fly fishing conditions on the Miramichi near McNamee can breath a sigh of relief now that the water is up a fair amount. They had a grilse landed after the raise but fishing was still very slow.

This is a photo from the Wayerton Bridge taken by Chris Edmonds.
Country Haven in the Blackville area had some luck this week after the rise in water as guide Gary Colford landed a salmon with his clients and raised a few more. Byron Couglhan  also said they were landed lots of Stripped Bass and some as far up as Upper Blackville.

There were also a few fish landed in the Mouth of Cains River area and two salmon reported at Black Brook Pool being landed with sea lice.

Lets see after all this rain if our salmon runs will improve, lets hope this rain and higher river levels brings them in. The levels will be very high after all the rain the head waters got so be very careful this weekend on the river. There have been over 90 ml of rain on Tuesday alone in the head of the river so the Main River and a few of the tributaries should rise into today.

Tight Lines.
Rodney Colford

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Warm June Taking Its Toll On Miramichi Salmon Fishing

Rod, Ernie & Andrew of the Ledges Inn
photo taken by Rick Whorwood.
Salmon fishing on the Miramichi is just not in the way we would like to see it for the month of June. I would love to say fishermen's reels are screeching out into the backing. And thirty pound Chrome Bumpers of Salmon that are so silver they are Leaping through the air. But warm weather is taking its toll on the river as river temperatures hit over 21 degrees Celsius (70.F) this week.
Looking up river from the Bridge Pool in Ludlow.
Some fishermen that hooked up this week:
 A few salmon and grilse that are in the river are already starting to lay at the mouth's of cold brooks to get out of the warmer river conditions from midday to late evenings. Some fish that were laying in certain pools during the day moved upstream by the next morning. So it seems they are travelling more at night to beat this heat and to get over the shallow gravel bars.

Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn said his guest Galen Knowles landed a grilse and lost one, Nate Holyoke hooked and lost one at Mountain Channel Pool.
Miramichi Salmon Club hooked a few salmon in the Blissfield area this week.
Looking down river at the Bridge Pool.
Damir Sehic landed a 15lb salmon using a black bomber. Chris Edmonds reported hooking a 10 to 12lb salmon with one of his clients. John Colford hooked a salmon at the mouth of Cains River on Tuesday.

Miramichi and surrounding tributaries are in need of rain and cooler temperatures to improve the fishing. Many anglers are already complaining about the late run of salmon to the river and now with this heat anglers are getting very discouraged. One thing to look at is maybe the salmon knew something we didn't, and being late to arrive this summer may be a good thing with the warm water conditions we are having. Lets hope they are waiting in the estuary for a change in the system and big schools of fish ready to run into our rivers.

At the trout lakes having dinner.
There have been a few small runs of fish make there way in so far this season and a few lucky anglers hooked up. But it has been a slow start to the season and with the warm dry conditions we are having, anglers will have to be patient and wait for the rain to come to cool the rivers down.

The weekend is starting to look better for the fish and the fishermen as some rain is in the forecast and cooler weather for next week. Thunder showers for Friday and Saturday and rain Monday and Tuesday are expected and will be nice to see for the Atlantic Salmon Fishing.

Fishing at the trout lakes at the Ledges Inn.
Reports are low and warm on all the tributaries and anglers should practice safe fishing for the fish. When river conditions are warm try fishing early mornings. In these conditions in warm weather get out on the river early and beat the heat and you may be rewarded. Also remember to drink lots of water and have sunscreen lotion on, or get raccoon eyes like mine and a few other guides I know.

Lets hope we get some rain and the weather stays cooler next week for fishing salmon not only on the Miramichi but all of New Brunswick rivers.
Boats at the lake.

Tight Lines from the banks of the Miramichi.
Rodney Colford

Salmon fishing picking up

Salmon fishing is picking up on the Main South West Miramichi River as many fishermen have been hooking up. There are good reports from Quarryville area of the river to Boistown area. There have also been reports of salmon up in the juniper area of the river.

Most fish that are being hooked seem to be in the 15lb range and the odd few in there twenties. There is also the odd grilse being landed too. There is still the odd trout being caught on the river from 10 to 14 inch range.

River conditions are getting very low both on the North West and South West Miramichi. The lower stretch from the mouth of Cains River to Quarryville is almost at a perfect level right now. But from the mouth of Cains River on up the Miramichi is starting to get very low and could use some rain to get the level up.
Temperatures this week were in the mid 60's (F) which is very good for the Miramichi.

On Monday Andrew Anthony of the Ledges Inn hooked a salmon and lost it in the morning and then landed another in the evening. Derek Munn landed a nice salmon about 16lbs the same evening. Both fish were landed at the Harris Ledge Pool. Tuesday evening I landed a 15lb salmon at The Mountain Channel Pool on a Samething Murray, and also lost another salmon and grilse. I saw several fish both Monday and Tuesday which was a good sign. There seems to be a good run on of fish but not the greatest yet.

Some other fishermen that hooked up this week were Steven Moody who lost a grilse on a bomber pattern.

Bruce Waugh of W.W.Doaks in Doaktown said there were a few local anglers picking up the odd salmon and the lucky grilse.

Chris Munn of Fredericton Outfitters had a great turn out with the Fly Casting Course as Rick Whorwood's Fly Casting School held courses Friday evening at Fredericton Outfitters and again Saturday and Sunday at the Ledges Inn.

Fishermen looking to get out for the weekend to throw a line should try early mornings and late evenings if the weather stays warm. With a chance of a shower today and a little over cast should help the fishing for this evening.

Until next week tight lines.
This is one I landed last Thursday of 3 salmon.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Windy conditions and cold weather on the Miramichi

Windy conditions and cold weather was a big factor this week in the slow fishing on the Miramichi River. While there are reports of salmon being landed or leaping about on both the NW and SW Miramichi River. You will have to fish very hard to get your hooks into one. It seems like just another normal June and before we know it the salmon and grilse will arrive, lets hope before long.

I fished several times this week and only saw a couple fish in the area I fished. Landed a few small trout 10 to 12 inches in length. Another fisherman in my area lost a nice salmon after a couple jumps and it was chrome coloured when it jumped he said. I also heard of another salmon landed at the Bridge Pool in Upper Blackville by a local angler from there. This week the river conditions stayed very good with temperatures in the low 50's (F).

Derek Munn of the Ledges Inn in Doaktown reported a couple salmon landed in the area. One by Shawn Betts weighing 12lbs and another by Colin Gilks also weighing about 12lbs. Derek fished the North West on Tuesday and didn't see any fish. He said the river was the lowest he can remember seeing it for this early in June, could use a good rise to help improve conditions. He also stopped and fished Mountain Channel and with same results no fish but water levels were almost perfect but could still use a bit of a drop.

Keith Wilson of Wilson Sporting Camps near McNamee said water levels remain normal for this time of year and the cool weather is looking like we are setting up to have an early June run. He said they are hearing reports of an earlier than normal run of sea trout and salmon so its looks good.

Places to check out are WW Doaks in Doaktown, Salmon Museum in Doaktown, Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters in Blackville, Herb's Fly Shop in Blackville, Georges Fly Shop in Renous, Miramichi City Surplus in Miramichi on route 108 Derby Junction, Trout Brook Fly Shop in Trout Brook on the North West Miramichi. And on your way from Fredericton stop in at Fredericton Outfitters and Anglers. Bryant Freeman of Eskape Anglers in the Riverview always knows the fishing news. If I forgot your fishing shop just give me a shout and I will gladly add it for you with my reports each week.

See you next week and hopefully a better report on salmon fishing.

Until next week keep your lines tight and reels screeching on the Miramichi River.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just like clock work a few salmon have arrived on the Miramichi

  Just like clock work a few salmon have arrived on the Miramichi. And still many fisherman are on the look out for more shiny chrome salmon to arrive and get their reels screeching for the Summer Bright's which we call it here on the Miramichi, of the 2012 season.

There have been a few reports over the last week of fish being landed in some tributaries of the Miramichi River. Most salmon seem to be on the North West Miramichi area of the river, which is not uncommon for earlier runs this time of the year to appear. There have been also reports of a few salmon hooked on the Little South West Miramichi River aswell. The Main South West Miramichi River has also had some salmon reports from Quarryville, Mouth of Renous River, Upper Blackville, Doaktown and all the way to Boistown area.

Sea Run Trout seemed to have gone through the lower stretches of the Miramichi as reports have trout up on the Upper Stretches of the Cains River and on the Upper Stretches of the North West Miramichi River. Last weekend for a couple days there were trout on the move as fishermen were getting them on the lower stretch of the SW Miramichi. I have heard that trout from 2 to 5 lb range have been hooked and released on the lower to the middle section of the Cains River the past week. Lets hope there is still some hanging around or more yet to come in.

I talked to a guy from Grand Manan that caught a 10lb salmon on Friday on the upper stretch of the North West Miramichi. There was also a report of a local angler landing a salmon at the Bridge Pool in Upper Blackville on a green butt moose hair pattern.

I fished with my brother Ryan and son Zachary on Sunday morning for awhile on the NW Miramichi but never saw anything. I fished Sunday evening on the Main SW Miramichi and rolled a salmon 5 times before he touched the fly and that was the end of the fun. I also landed a stripe bass about 4 lbs at the mouth of Cains River the same evening and must off saw 10 more bass splash the water around the same time. If it had been later in the evening I would of just thought they were Shad splashing. Speaking of Shad there are starting to be a few Shad in the river now and should be more and more over the next week. Local Guide Vaughan Arbeau of Upper Blackville once told me the Shad are most plentiful buy June 10th most years and he is usually right on the money each year as I always remember. I also remember he ties a pretty good Shad Fly too.

Chris Edmonds of CE Salmon Flies & Guiding had some luck rolling a few fish on the North West and Sevogle but nothing landed for salmon or grilse yet. He has been hooking a few trout in the 10 to 14 inch range. Flies of choice for Chris is Echo Beach and WT Green Machines.

In Doaktown at the Ledges Inn Head Guide Derek Munn said fishing was still slow for the most part. He rolled one and then struck him 3 cast later which he thought by the look of the take was a salmon. He also saw some Shad in the Doaktown area this week. Great news for the Shad fishermen in the area.

River temperatures have cooled down to 54 to 55 degrees ( F) on Tuesday evening and with lots of rain in the forecast for the Miramichi River System we should have great conditions in the coming week. The high tide for this week with a full moon on the 4th is High tide -1.71m at 6:17 am and on the 5th High tide-1.74m at 7:10 am. Lets hope some fish will make there way in with these tides this week.

 As of Tuesday the lower section of the Main Miramichi was still high and could use a bit of a drop in water to improve conditions. The upper stretches in the Doaktown to Boistown area was in very good condition as is. The North West Miramichi was low and could use a bit of a raise to improve the fishing. Cain's River was in good condition and salmon and trout could possible be in the river early again this June like last season on the lower stretch of the river. Sevolge River was very low and could use a raise to improve the fishing. Renous River was in pretty good condition as is.

Also don't forget to check with your local fly shops and guides in the area if your planning on fishing and want some fish gossip, as they know what's going on in their area of the river and can point you in the right direction to fishing and of course some new gear in the shop which we all like. Places to check out are WW Doaks in Doaktown, Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters in Blackville, Herb's Fly Shop in Blackville, Georges Fly Shop in Renous, Miramichi City Surplus in Miramichi on route 108 Derby Junction, Trout Brook Fly Shop in Trout Brook on the North West Miramichi. And on your way from Fredericton stop in at Fredericton Outfitters and Anglers. If I forgot your shop just give me a shout and I will gladly add it for you with my reports each week.

Until next week keep your lines tight and reels screeching on the Miramichi River.