Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Water Rising on Miramichi

Miramichi Fishing Reports

The last few days we have had some great fishing on the lower stretches of the river. Anglers from all over NB, and non residents were catching fish and limiting out during there days fishing.

But with the heavy rains and warm weather the water has risen about 5 feet at dark this evening. There was lots of ice and debris floating from shore to shore. Some brooks were fishable at the mouths of them and the water was clear during the day. But as to the main river it was brown in color and will be unfishable for a day or two. Just a matter of waiting for the rain to stop and having it start to drop again. Also the water temperature was 37 F tonight.

Fly of choice on the lower section of the river for most was the Renous Special and the Green Maribu with lots of flash. Medium sinking lines seem to be working best up until now but would expect a fast sinker will produce after this rise in water.

Other Fishing Reports on the river the last few days:
Hey Rod,
Just want to thank you for the advice from last night...we headed over
to Quarryville today and boated 19...all on the Green Slime with lots of
crystal flash!

Thanks again!
A 'couple guys from Oromocto!" (supposed to be at work today)
Sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do to get fishing!!

Rodney, My father Alley and I was on the river late morning to till supper. we landed six in our boat and lost a few. Other people in the area had there limit in 2 hours. A great day on the river in Keenan's Siding.
Jamie Keenan

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