Friday, September 10, 2010

Fishing Improving on the Miramichi

Well fisherman and fisher-ladies get your waders and rods ready for some good fishing conditions on the famous Miramichi, as the heavy rains will get the fish moving. The water temperature is in the low 60's F and DFO said there are lots of fish in the estuary that should start running soon.

Fishing conditions have improved on the Miramichi and tributaries and holding pools are catching fish. No sign of fresh fish yet running but conditions are well on the way for a good fall. With heavy rains expected for the week there should be good levels for the upper parts of the river. The forecast is predicting 60 to 80 ml of rain from Tuesday to Friday this week, and with the rain from hurricane Earl we just received it should bring the levels up considerably and get the fresh fish moving up stream.

Monday and Tuesday I fished with Ken MacLeod and his buddy Jeff from NS on the lower section of the river. We started about noon on Monday and the pool was thrashing with fish like you wouldn't believe! The three of us landed 12 fish and lost another 6 fish using any fly you put on pretty much. Ken said its like putting the two hottest pools on the Humber river in NFL all in one pool. Tuesday we landed 8 more fish and Jeff landed a 25 lb plus salmon. Flies we were using was brown, black, white and green bombers, green muddler, black cosseboom, blue charms and green machines.

Other anglers the past week that landed fish were Mike Bonner and his brother landed a grilse each in the Grey Rapids using a green machine on Tuesday. James Vickers landed a grilse on a green machine on Sunday and I landed 3 using bombers also on Sunday. Steve Crandlemere of Sussex landed a 40 incher and his son Zane landed a grilse each. Merle Colford landed a grilse and lost another. John and Alex Colford landed a grilse each this week.

Black Brook Salmon Club had a wonderful week with many anglers limiting out each day. Doc 92 and his wife Sue Sheerer were having a great week after spending 3 long weeks on the river. Kim Smith and his wife Benny were also having a tremendous week with Benny limiting out on Tuesday and Kim landing three.

Trout Brook Fly Shop on the North West Miramichi said fishing has improved with the rain from Earl and anglers were picking up a fish here and there. There was good reports on the crown reserve stretches at the Elbow, Crawford and the Depot as fisherman landed seven fish in 1 1/2 days.

Wilson's Sporting Camps said they had a six inch rise in water and conditions were good. They had fish in there holding pools and with rain in the forecast things should improve for the fall run.

Let me know of that fish of your dreams caught on the beautiful Miramichi. So keep your rods high and your reels screeching until next week have tight lines.