Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall fishing is starting

Fall fishing is starting to be fun and very colourful once again on the Miramichi and tributaries. As the river is starting to get back to normal levels and temperatures perfect for salmon fishing, the fish are still not very interested in taking the fly on the perfect cast. Every now and then one manages to hook a fish or roll a few but there has yet to be any great fall run of salmon for the month of September. One has to think that just maybe after such a great season they all have come in already or let’s hope there late for the fall season perhaps.
The North West Miramichi River is still having some good fishing as water and temperatures are great. Anglers are hooking a few big hook-bills and some grilse. Flies of choice are ally shrimps, GP’s and LT Specials.
The past week on the Sevogle Troy Adams of Dieppe had very good fishing as he released 6 grilse at Squirrel Falls. He hooked them on some bombers he got from me he told me, and some wet flies like the blue smurf pattern.
Renous River is still fishing well too as guide Gary Colford of Country Haven landed a grilse and lost a salmon in the middle stretch of the Renous River. Flies of choice were the shady ladies and Red Francis.
Cains River is very low as it did not get the big raise in water like the Miramichi did. Cains was fishing very good the last week as we had very good luck at Moores Pool. There were days we would hook 6 fish and land 3 while other days land only 1. Most days we did not see many fish but as most fishermen know about the Cains is you usually don’t see them until they hit your fly and run you out into your backing. My father Gary Colford landed several fish this week on the Cains the same fly the shady lady.
The lower stretches of the Miramichi is still a little slow but there is a few fish being caught in pools like the public areas like Grey Rapids and Mods Pool. There are a lot of fish near the Mouth of Cains and Black Brook area but seem to be old fish that have been around for awhile as they are very dark in color. Pool 66 fishermen are landing the odd one and having some fish roll for their flies.
In the Middle Stretches of the River around Doaktown fishermen are hooking the odd one. At the Ledges Inn we are only hooking a few per day and not seeing many fish the past week since the big raise in water. I lost 2 in our Home Pool and raised several more while the water was up on a green machine with white tail. Irishman Terry Coleman landed a 20lb salmon the past week with us. He also landed a few more and some were on tube flies such as the Willy Gun pattern. Andrew Anthony and his client broke our camp record with their 18lb salmon putting us at the time to 797 fish landed this season. The same day head guide Derek Munn and his clients had very good fishing on the Cains. The flies we were using the past week were Green Butt Bear Hair with jungle cock eyes, Undertakers, Red Francis, GP’S, Comet Tube Fly and a Orange Bug that looks like the Green machine.
Upstream a bit near Sutters Salmon Club head Guide Shawn Betts and clients were also hooking a few fish. They had a few spey casters in and were enjoying their day on the river.
So the past week of fishing was not so bad on our Great River. The color of the trees on the hill sides is very beautiful while fishing and to be fishing in the frosty mornings with the fog lifting from the water is Priceless. So get out on the water somewhere before the season ends on October 15th and give it a try you will be shocked of the scenery in your back yard of New Brunswick Rivers.
You can leave me a comment on my blog at and send me your photos of your great salmon catch. Until next week tight lines.