Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Success in tough conditions

Atlantic salmon fishing is a cold water sport by far. And over the past week old Mother Nature has thrown lots of great weather too us, but the odd few of us are salmon fishermen and we like cloudy damp days 75% of the time. So if she could cool off a bit would be awesome to get the fish moving again.

Over the past week at the Ledges Inn where I guide some of the finest fishermen, in some of the finest pools on the Miramichi. We were fortunate to hook an above average amount of fish in these warm conditions.

Fishing early mornings were key to our guides success to having our clients hook up.

Mentioning a few names that were lucky to hook salmon were: Len Lockhart with a grilse taken on a Almost fly, Wes Armour with a grilse, Deni Losier landed a grilse and lost a salmon on a shady lady, Sandy Kitchen and Earl Brewer of Fredericton hooked 7 and landed 3 using an Almost and blue bombers, Jaques Penet landed a grilse on a Butterfly, Andrew Anthony's guest landed a 40 incher on one of my irresistible Adams patterns. Derek Muun and Dr. Boley have been landing a few each day.

Country Haven Fishing Lodge are also hooking a few according to guide Gary Colford. Pools on the Miramichi and Cains river have been successful for many guest.

Keith Wilson of wilson sporting camps said angling is slow over the past 4 days. The river level is good in the area of MacNamee just the temperatures are bad.

River temperatures are still ranging from 56 to 60 degrees in brooks in morning to night and up to 70 - 75 degrees out in the runs morning until night.

With very little rain expected in the forecast over the next week anglers are already starting to worry about the river shutting down.

So lets hope for a change in weather and cool nights to keep things fishable.

Pictured below is Sandy Kitchen with two nice salmon. And Len Lockhart with a grilse.

Until next week may you reels be screaming on the Miramichi.

Rodney Colford

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