Thursday, August 20, 2009

Miramichi Expecting Rain Sunday and Cooler Temperatures

From the Lower Stretches of the South West Miramichi River for Colfords Atlantic Salmon Fishing. Warm weather the past week has kept the water temperatures in the lower 70 degree F to a high of 80F. This is very dangerous conditions for the salmon as most fish are held up at the mouths of brooks and small streams.

The mouth of Cains River area alone has about a 1500 fish holding and other places like the mouth of Bartholomew has a couple hundred. Some fish are holding tight to a few shore lines at some of our pools on the lower stretches, where some big rocks lye in the pools and springs flow in from above.

The weather the next few days is more heat until Sunday! But then we are expected too get heavy rains from 30 to 40ml on Sunday and that should turn the river on! and with all the fish laying around they should be on the move & in the taking mood and hopefully you will hook into some great fishing. Temperatures look good from Sunday on from the low 20's and down into the teens for Wednesday, Thursday will be 14C for the daily high expected. Maybe this Hurricane Bill will help the fish get some better conditions on the rivers of New Brunswick.

I have not been fishing the past few days in these warm conditions but some anglers have been trying there luck. Most guys I have talked too have not had much luck, and most have not had a fish for the past 3 days. The water is almost at a perfect height for the lower stretches. I will keep you posted over the weekend for changes on the river for the beginning of the week.

Tight Lines,
Guide Rodney Colford