Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Miramichi Fishing Report

With just one sleep away from the opening day of the Atlantic Salmon season on the Miramichi River and tributaries, we are seeing 75% of the river still jammed up with ice on several locations.

The lower stretch of Main South West Miramichi River is open from the mouth of Cains River down to the lower end of the White Rapids.
This is a picture of some boats on the water today below the Mouth of Cains River on the Miramichi in front of Colfords Guiding.

Quarryville still has ice frozen but there is some breaking below the bridge. And with the Renous River being still jammed up, it is not helping with the break up in Quarryville section of the river.

Also above the Mouth of Cains River on the Miramichi to Boistown we are seeing several ice jams with open stretches here and there.

As you can see in the below picture taken by the Upper Blackville bridge today this stretch is open down to the turn. But above the bridge you will see lots of ice breaking up and making its way to becoming ice jams.

And with these ice jams also comes some dangerous fishing over the next few days! That's why its good to have a experienced Guide or Fisherman with you on the water until the ice jams clear out of the rivers. Give a call or email if you need a guides.

While fishing take that extra eye watching up river when your anchored. And when you see the ice jams coming have your buddy help you get out of the river and out of its way until it clears up.

If your fishing by the Mouth of Cains River you will be able to pull up in the Cains and be safe. Also down by the Bartholomew River will give you a chance to get out of the way where these rivers are clear of ice jams already.

This photo is above the Upper Blackville Bridge.

With the ice out of the Cains River we are seeing some damage to the Cains River road in by the School House Pool up to the ford at Moores Pool. With over a mile of ice piled up on the road it will take a bulldozer to remove these massive ice cakes of 2 feet thick or more piled some 3 to 6 feet high.

Besides the fact that the ice is piled up on the shores it does seem that if your looking for that spot tomorrow to be safe on the water it will be the Cains River for that number 1 place to be. So if your in the Miramichi River area check out the Cains River its the place to be fishing.

With loads of fish that went up last year you will have no problem hooking into fish on the Cains. The water is clear and at a perfect height to be motoring on the lower stretches of this river.

With weather staying cold over the next week it does look like we will be dodging ice on the Miramichi. And the temperatures will not make it to double digits according to the weather forecast. 4C to 7C for the highs until next Tuesday, so bundle up out there.

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With my ups and downs for this report please fish safe if your planning on being on the water the next few days. I will be out there tomorrow trying to hook up on a few or just one would be good for starters after a long winter. And I will be on the Cains River playing it safe with a Golden Eagle or a Maribu. I also have openings for spring days and more for summer fishing if your interested give a shout anytime.

Tight Lines,
Rodney Colford
Colfords Atlantic Salmon Fishing Ltd.
Web Site: www.colfordsguiding.com